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Ames bank robbed Wednesday morning

AMES, IOWA – An Ames bank was robbed Wednesday morning and police are investigating the armed robbery, seeking three suspects.

On July 3, 2019, at 9:20 AM, the Ames Police Department responded to a report of an armed robbery at US Bank, 2615 Grand Avenue. According to bank employees, three suspects entered the bank and displayed handguns. The suspects demanded money and exited the bank with an undisclosed amount of money. The suspects left the area in a dark colored 4 door truck and were last seen driving northbound through the North Grand Mall parking lot. No one was injured during the robbery.
Witnesses gave the following description of the suspects:

Suspect #1- Black male adult wearing dark clothing with sunglasses and mask

Suspect #2- Male adult wearing gray coat, dark jeans with sunglasses and mask

Suspect #3- Male adult wearing red hoodie, light colored jeans with sunglasses and mask

Investigation into this incident continues by the Ames Police Department. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Ames Police Department at 239-5133 or the anonymous tip line 239-5533.

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dont know why you all care about the banks money. bank robbery carries a surprisingly low sentence. its not like the movies. anyway, three dindu’s? with guns? and money? this problem isnt over. now we have three monkeys who just got a bunch of dope money are armed unafraid to point guns at people and think they are the shit right now. what could go wrong?

rochester ames and fort dodge all within a small time span? im not investigator or detective……. i did just watch a redford movie called old man with a gun so maybe im fantasizing. is it just slightly possible one guy is out here robbing multiple banks?

All registered demorats.

you honestly think most nigs vote? you guys gotta stop pigeon holing people anyway. all leftists dont look and act a certain way and all rightist dont either. you have nuance in this thing. i know lesbians that are in their twenties and are pro 2a anti illegal immigration dont give a damn about trans rights. i know women who realize there isnt a pay gap between men and women, women who HATE femminists and prefer a man over a boy with a bun. i know black people who hate blm and think ghetto people are scum. not everyone agrees with the party line either. some of us are not left or right and see that both sides are to stubborn and think each issue is a chance to further distance and divide. how can you really just accept one side or the other and agree a hundred percent? some of what the left wants is actually positive most of it is insane, some of what the right wants is positive and alot of it is totally insane. the two party system is broken and if we keep acting like its not its going to break the country. check it out. god isnt real. abortions are ok. guns arent scary and theres no need for bans, some drugs should be totally legal and most pharmacutical chemicals should be banned. illegal immigration is wrong and dangerous and legal immigration should be well controlled and limited to a certain number each year. thats a real human being thinking.not a robot picking a party line.

Very well said and I believe most people are independent and think for themselves. Unfortunately the guy you are responding to drinks red Kool-Aid by the gallon and will never change his tune.

I black – 3 multicultural – dark peekup – movie coming soon. Get Rich In America !

illegals from Africa, lets build a wall out in the ocean to stop them from coming here

On a serious note, I hope all three die in a shootout with the PO-LEESE. There is no shortage of stupid hood-rats.

thats non sense. im sure the navy and marines love sitting on boats with long range weaponry and picking little dirt bags off from several hundred yards. its their job and they are good at it. remember those smoalian pieces of shit that jacked the yacht and got shot by our service men with high power rifles from several hundred yards away? the footage was most pleasant and humorous!

*Witnesses in Panama claim that a massive surge of illegal aliens is marching through the country on their way to the United States. The 35,000 illegals are made up primarily of Africans and people from the Middle East, possibly carrying diseases and terrorists among their numbers. There have been many migrants coming in from the Congo, a hotbed of Ebola. If you think that is a good thing, thank a Democrat. This is what their open border policies spawn. Consider this. Just one person with Ebola can set off a pandemic. What could 35,000 do? It’s too frightening to think about.

ya, itd be pretty easy for americas enemys to turn these people into dirty bombs and we would never know til its to late. liberals dont care. they dont think that way it doesnt occur to them that different countries have different disease some of us have beaten most things and alot of the people coming in are savages whos undeveloped countries are lucky to have aspirin or malaria drugs no less actually innoculate children for all the basic crap we dont even think about anymore. black islamic extremists? yaya. cant wait. pretty much go up to minneapolis find the dirtiest somali skid you can and multiply that by 12. what i dont get is why they all wanna come to the midwest and ruin our little piece of ever eroding heaven.

People don’t realize how rural a place like Iowa is. The living is easy and inexpensive. Des Monies is about the size of a good size suburb attached to a really big city. These foreigners coming to places like Minneapolis are no good. Arabic men are pissed at the world and that goes for those coming out of Africa too. These shrewd bad guys are gaming the system in a big way. Like the Russians they are into crime aka f**K America and it’s people. One thing these countries do is beat down women. And as they multiple the beat down will continue to grow. Uncle Sam and his laws can’t lock them all up..or can he? Trump is so right on blocking the border weather you like him or not. Hate ain’t going to solve this disaster in the making. And Iowa is broke…

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