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King introduces bill criminalizing sanctuary city obstruction of federal immigration enforcement efforts

Steve King
(CNN photo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, announces that he has introduced legislation targeting state and local officials in Sanctuary Cities who act to obstruct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to enforce federal immigration laws. King’s bill, HR 5884- the “Mayor Libby Schaaf Act of 2018,” is named after the infamous Mayor of Oakland who recently tipped off illegal aliens about impending ICE raids in her city. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan has stated that 800 criminal aliens were able to avoid capture because of the public warning she gave. Homan has also compared Mayor Schaaf’s actions to those of a “gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood.” President Trump has recently suggested that Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute Mayor Schaaf for her actions.

“Sanctuary politicians are placing the lives of citizens and law enforcement officers in jeopardy by giving illegal aliens warnings about impending ICE actions in local jurisdictions,” said King. “This is obstruction of justice, and Americans do not have to put up with it. Under my bill, government officials who tip off illegal aliens about imminent federal immigration enforcement efforts could face up to 5 years in prison. I want lawless, Sanctuary City politicians to hear this message clearly: if you obstruct ICE, you are going to end up in the cooler.”

Although many have expressed outrage over the actions of lawless Sanctuary City politicians like Mayor Libby Schaaf, there is some debate in the legal community as to whether the existing federal code effectively criminalizes the obstructionist behavior in which these individuals willfully and selfishly engage. Passage of King’s “Mayor Libby Schaaf Act of 2018” will remove all doubt as to the criminality of the underlying conduct in these cases.

Mayor Schaaf has previously proclaimed her willingness to go to jail for her actions. The time has come to ensure the federal government has the tools it needs to call her virtue signaling bluff.

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twentyfive to life for libby!

Not a big fan of Kings style but this is a great bill. People like Libby schaaf belongs in Federal penitentiary, we should pass laws that make it easy for prosecutors to send them there.

Asta Laviga BABY – Get your trespassing azz outta here -and take your 24 illegal relatives with you.

Super Psycho!

I take it you don’t think immigration laws should be enforced. What laws do you think should be enforced? Do you think 18 USC
793 should be enforced? Was Bodacious your school teacher?

I think ALL our laws should be enforced, just not a fan of King. IMO he make Iowans look like fools for electing him and I think he is a bit psycho and a grand stander,just my opinion
Yes I am Republican and have never voted for him.


Dumbass! bwaahaaa
^ ^

Republican my ass! A liar is more like it.

May 22, 2018 at 1:03 pm

By your comment you do not sound very educated.

Whiny Little Bitch must be a DAMORAT!

Republican my ass! A liar is more like it.

By your comment you do not sound very educated.

That comment is from L.V.S. He got his education off the back of a Cracker Jack Box & only gotta D-

Have you noticed how King has suddenly started submitting bills? This one and the ridiculous one about tv in airports a couple of weeks ago? He’d only submitted 5 in his whole legislative career before then, and none of them went anywhere. He misses 90+% of committee meetings, 70+% of votes, and barely sets foot in the chamber because he’s too busy playing tv star. He knows he’s going to get beat this time, which is why he was sucking up to Fox notnews so hard with the airport tv bill. He wants a paid position with them after he gets tossed out of the legislature. He has no interest in the job he was elected to do, and can’t stand the thought of not being Stevie The TV Star.


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