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King introduces American Future Healthcare Act

Steve King, speaking in Mason City back in 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing his American Future Healthcare Act, that would give Americans back the rightful control over their own healthcare decisions:

“The American people have rejected, as they have done for the past 6 years, the President’s failed healthcare law, asking both Congress and the 2016 presidential nominees for an alternative,” said King. “Whether it was the botched implementation or the fact that millions of people had their health insurance plans cancelled because they were suddenly in violation of ‘essential health benefits,’ Obamacare has been nothing short of a complete failure. It is time this act of hook, crook and legislative shenanigan be abolished and our health care system restored. That is why I introduced the Obamacare Repeal Act in January 2015, and why I am introducing The American Future Healthcare Act of 2016.

My bill would bring an end to this nightmare by giving the American people the ability to make their own healthcare decisions by increasing deductible healthcare savings account (HSA) annual contribution limits to $10,000 per individual and $20,000 per joint return. In this way, HSAs would allow individuals to keep the dollars that they do not use and, unlike under current law, Americans could accumulate money in their HSAs even if they have high deductible health plans (HDHPs) or even no insurance at all. HSAs could also be used to pay health insurance premiums, regardless of the type of health insurance the individual has.

Unlike Obamacare, the American Future Healthcare Act actually encourages individuals and families to be fiscally responsible by saving for their healthcare expenses. By encouraging healthcare accountability over a lifetime, my bill will serve as an important piece in ensuring that our citizens and nation thrive in the decades ahead.”

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The only thing more embarrassing to the Republican Party than Trump is Steve King.

Did I get this right? You want the private sector to invest/payola to a health fund and have the government manage it? – Well it sounds like the social security fund we paid into – Guess what? – you bloaks raided that fund and used it fund wars/medicare/welfare -none of which it was intended for people who retired. TRUST ME ?

You must be a liberal democrap liar to say that geo engineering is not happening – The American public can see it and its been on TV – you know _ that thingy in your house that has moving pictures – oh ya! Turn the sound on. Seems you POS thought the general public were deaf and dumb. Move over – the Trumpsters will save your sorry lying azzes.

Healthcare ! Speaking of that – a few hours ago here in worth county the skys were clear and bright – a few of us were outdoors and looking to the skys – then a few large aircraft flew over (below the level for airliners and we could see the so called jet streams they left – the steams became very large and within an hour it clouded up – One of the onlookers said this was geo engineering ( harardous chemicals being sprayed and to go indoors and not breath this foul air – What the heck is going on ??????

The Martian invasion had begun. Assemble your tin foil hats quickly and wear a string of garlic cloves around your neck.

F’n free loaders! King and all the other cronies in DC will get free healthcare for life. Lifetime care plus a handsome pension. Free to them and big bucks to us. Bastards.

If you could find a way to eliminate the FRAUD -PORK BARREL – THEFT in our corrupt government (local to DC) there would be MORE than enough money to give all Americans FREE health insurance ! I just read and article that 6 TRILLION dollars in government funds are MISSING !!!! That;s 1/3 of our national debt. I hope Trump has all departments of government AUDITED and some people imprisoned ! There! chew on the truth (common sense) for awhile.

You under estimate the private sector working class you insider! WE KNOW that health insurance costs are paid for by the private sector WORKING CLASS – public servants -welfare people – illegals (millions) all recieve their health insurance FREE – Start paying your share and take the burden off our backs. Your either stupid or a liberal -both of which are connected.

I think I trust President Trump more than an insider like you to handle the medical crisis in America. Take a break and let someone with common sense and no political connections solve this. Nice try though to get some attention – Good or bad.

This makes no sense at all. The majority of the people in this country do not have the ability to put away that kind of money. They can barely pay their bills. This is a plan for wealthy people only. I hope the other politicians stop it and come up with a reasonable plan.

Steve King please resign and please don’t even think about running for governor. Please stop. You are an embarrassment to Iowa. Please stop!

This sounds great Steve. Now I can put that extra 10 grand that’s laying around into my HSA. Oh wait, my bill was $290,000 and my deductible is 20%. Let’s see, that is only$58,000. I’ll borrow that from dad.

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