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Op-ed: Globe rushes to protect fair board (by Peter Children)

You can always count on reliability; today’s Globe Gazette proved that.  There on the front page is the pathetic response to a the Supervisors’ decision to sell fairground land.  The central focus of their article is the reason why a listing was signed with a former fair board member…Brian Carlson.

The reason given by Dennis Higgins smells like the latrine at the All Season’s Building…and they think you’ll buy this boatload of crap.  I contend because of this gentleman’s past association with the infamous fair board, should be consider toxic and therefore not allowed to do business with that body of rocket scientists.  Twenty four months off the board is meaningless.

The only equable approach is to offer an open invitation to all licensed brokers no matter who they work for or where they live within the continental  limits of the United States, to bring any and all offers to the courthouse for consideration.  This way there would be no “split” of the 5% commission.  The public isn’t stupid; there is a potential commission of some $35,000.00 involved; why should Exit Realty automatically get half regardless of who sells it?  Dennis thinks his explanation will suffice; what do you think? I think if he was selling aluminum siding he’d starve.

I further believe that if a sale is made and all monies derived should go into a trust to be governed by people who are not under suspicion of wrong doing, have not been sued for aleadged misconduct and have proven themselves totally incompetent in their day to day operations of that organization.  Under no circumstances should more than $20.00 go into any account where they have access. Of all the fairs that surround us; only this one loses money. Stop and think about that; only this fair cannot pay its bills, all others flourish….don’t you think there has to be a reason?

One of the biggest reasons is that there is no authoritative figure in charge, its run on a “first come” basis. The first one who get the money keeps it.  Think of this as a large shoe store; there is no boss, the clerks run the store and sell the shoes….and they ring up the money as well. When they need to buy more shoes there is no money to buy them with.

When the water bill comes to the North Iowa Fair, there is no money to pay it.  Why not, where is the money/ You ran bingo games, sold 15,000 thousand cans of beer, where is the money? You have auto racing….where is the money? You have the horse people, the hockey people, the car dealers, builders shows,  where is the money?

This is government property as the article in the Globe states; this means it and the revenue it generates belongs under the public purview.  I say this to the North Iowa Events Center; “Somebody is watching you?”  You will settle your lawsuit out of court because you cannot afford to go to court.  Not now, not ever…..

Peter Children


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