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Former Reagan White House aide and FBI informant “wows” Noon Rotary audience (VIDEO)

Todd Blodgett
Todd Blodgett at the podium

GOP Operative went undercover, Spied on neo-Nazis; KKK – and became a Junkie (Watch video as he tells his story)

MASON CITY – Former White House aide Todd Blodgett addressed a full banquet room of Noon Rotary club members and others on Aug. 3 at Mason City’s Prime & Wine restaurant. Most of the audience of about 100 people clearly enjoyed his remarks, which centered on his service on Ronald Reagan’s White House staff, and his work for the FBI monitoring White Supremacists and Hate Groups. “I’ve been a member here for many, many years,” a Rotarian told, “and Mr. Blodgett was one of the best speakers we’ve ever hosted. He was serious, but he spoke in a way that got some big laughs. He was compelling, entertaining, and looked like a million bucks in that white sport coat.”

Blodgett, 54, has had a storied, well-publicized career: White House aide at age 24. Campaign staffer for the first President Bush at 27. Protégé of the famed, right-wing political strategist Lee Atwater at age 28, and Republican National Committee senior staff member by age 30. He was the reluctant co-owner of the world’s most profitable racist music company – Resistance Records, Inc. – which led to his work as a full-time, paid FBI undercover informant. While still in his thirties, Blodgett, after being recruited by the bureau, agreed to work full-time as a paid undercover informant. According the The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and Wikipedia, from March, 2000 through November, 2002, Blodgett monitored what he called “some of the nastiest people on the planet.”

One of the “big laughs” Blodgett got came at the expense of local politician Max Weaver. As Blodgett described his run-ins with drug dealers in the hoods of D. C., he said he “learned, the hard way, that fighting drug pushers in the hoods made about as much sense as fighting over an old hubcap at the Landfill, with Max Weaver.” Blodgett was 38 years old when he became a drug addict; his drug was crack cocaine.

He told the crowd his addiction destroyed his 9-year marriage, cost him $800,000, and led to him being hospitalized after fights with drug dealers. Blodgett also was jailed a few times in Washington, D.C., “after being busted for narcotics possession by the D. C. police.” One of his hospitalizations resulted in the removal of his spleen, he said, after a knife fight with a dope pusher where Blodgett “got the point.”

After being mugged three times, and fearful, the former White House staffer began carrying a loaded handgun for self-protection. As he was introduced, the Master of Ceremonies told the audience of how Blodgett, as a kid, made the acquaintance of J. Neil ‘Moon’ Reagan. Neil Reagan was the older brother of Ronald Reagan and arranged for Blodgett to meet the future President in 1976.

Ronald Reagan liked Todd Blodgett, and the two stayed in touch with one another. They were already on very good terms before Reagan was elected U. S. President in 1980.

Todd Blodgett at the podium
Todd Blodgett at the podium

“If I’d had to rely on my grades for the jobs I held,” Blodgett said, “I’d have never made it.”

Todd Blodgett is the son of retired Orthodontist Dr. Gary B. Blodgett. Gary Blodgett served as the Deputy Majority Leader in the Iowa Legislature from 1992-2001, and was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001 as a Federal administrative Judge. The senior Blodgett served in the Bush administration until 2008, and returned to Clear Lake. He fills the role of what Globe-Gazette reporter John Skipper deemed the “Republican Kingmaker” of north Iowa politics.

Cerro Gordo county Supervisors Jay Urdahl, Casey Callanan, and Phil Dougherty, and Gov. Terry Branstad, U. S. Senator Chuck Grassley, and Congressman Steve King, are among the many elected officials who have benefitted from Dr. Blodgett’s fundraising efforts and endorsements on behalf of their candidacies. was unable to reach Mr. Blodgett for a comment for this article, but NIT did obtain a copy of a video taken via the cell phone of an audience member. Referencing his being jailed for illegal drug possession, and gunplay, and his ex-wife leaving him due to his addiction, Blodgett tried to downplay his status as a well-connected, GOP Insider from one of Iowa’s most prominent Republican families. “For me to have the honor of addressing you,” Blodgett told Rotary members, “is like Donald Trump being named as Ambassador to Mexico.”

Not everyone at the Rotary luncheon was pleased with Blodgett’s remarks. A member, speaking on condition of anonymity, told NIT that “it’s inappropriate for speakers to talk about drugs, guns, and racial prejudice.”

“But I guess that doesn’t apply to Dr. Blodgett’s son, the Rotarian said. “Before he spoke, several older members greeted him like they would a celebrity, or a prodigal son. I saw Ron Masters, Francis Holland, and Dick Mathes, and several others, walk right up to the head table to shake his hand. Even more members went up there after his speech, they got photos taken with him. I guess being from a well-to-do, politically-connected family has its benefits. Todd was self-deprecating, which was wise on his part. But if I’d had my druthers, he’d have not addressed our club. Don’t get me wrong: Blodgett spoke well, and nobody was bored. He was funny, and entertaining, and people will be talking about this one for awhile. But, still, it was just inappropriate, I think.“

However, an NIT reader, confidant and Mason City citizen, Jim Burgess, told NIT that Mr. Blodgett “blew them away”. Mr. Burgess was in attendance and sat next to the mayor of Mason City and other “important” people.

“I was there, and boy, let me tell you, Todd had that room in the palm of his hand.”

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Oh whatever. He had to do it. The word on the street was too much for him to take.So he figured a way to end the “gossip” about himself. So a talk was in order. The story may be full of things that a lot of you think oooh ahhh wow when in fact it’s nothing new, the story is no mission impossible at all. What the non shocked writers here are simply saying he is NOT a good story teller, speaker, presenter whatever you want to call it. Boring with no highs and lows, going from “his parents to being mugged” with no change in theatrics. Equals boring. Come on impressing the Rotary is EASY to do. Palm of his hand? I don’t know, the guy in the video sure looks like his food is much more…

I am a member of the Noon Rotary and have known Gary and Sandy for 40 years. Admiration for their son’s honest presentation of his drug problem and his efforts to overcome it, and his FBI work, is nearly universal among those who attended Monday’s meeting. Rotarians who weren’t present and non-members who heard about the program have asked me about it, such was their interest. Todd was about as direct and truthful as anyone could be, and he ducked no questions. He is not bothered by any gossip you seem to believe was a reason he accepted the invitation to address our meeting. Your petty carping about our organization’s membership being easily impressed is in stark contrast to Monday’s…

It takes a big person to get up before a crowd of people and tell them about mistakes that have been made in their life. And how they have overcome addiction to a horrible drug. His story shows how painful, and addictive drugs are. Kudos to Mr. Blodgett.

You people here, your going even after what the man wore to make his speech in, your nuts. Who cares what color his suit is. Who cares if you don’t like what he said. Nothing he could of said would be what you want. I bet Todd don’t care how you think, your nothing . How many of you ever get ask to make a speech, rotary, whatnot. I bet not to many. Leave this man alone, he made mistakes, he a tone for them. Maybe go and try to make a speech, we can all see how you do.

@ Knows Blodgett – LMAO, Todd is very good at put down’s, I have seen him do it. My wife went to school with him, way back to like grade school, she says he had more detention’s and principle’s office time then any kid in that school. I did look at his speech, it was funny but pretty serious tho, drugs. Todd is to much Republican for us but he is alot of fun to be with.

Oh come on. You get that he is not the most well adjusted. Everybody knows that. No not jealous. If he is so smart why did he crawl home? And stay? It’s more of a heebie jeebie feeling about him. I am a sociologist and too honed into traits. But that’s the worst I am. He on the other hand

@ Anon, my mom who lives now in heaven, she use to be the cleaning lady for the Blodgett’s. So I know some things. Todd only comes back here in the summer, he has a house down in Texas this is where he lives most the time. He lives across the lake from where his folks live, the place he lives at has a cook and a care taker, Todd does not have to do nothing. My mom did like Todd, she use to say he could of done some big things with his life but the crack pipe got him real bad. I only met him one time, he was very nice to me.

Why stupid? Let’s hear it. All facts. Why him? Who is he? Is it drug prevention week? You have hearing..that was NOT a good presentation.

He sure sounds good to me, I like this speech. You’re letting your dislike of Blodgett effect your judgement on this. Let up on the man, he made mistakes and got his act together. Have a heart.

Jealous of what? That weasel? Never. Who wants that on their record book. By the way I never said anything about being an addict.

Yes-you are jealous. It is written all over your comments. Must hurt like hell not to be a smart as Mr. Blodgett.

what? all you todd basher need to sat down with todd and talk to him ,and see that what todds talking about, then you’d smell what the blod. is saying. …. the ROCK has spocken

“The ROCK has spocken” (sic), says a fan of Toddy Boy’s. Note how most of Blodgett’s defenders here are either admitted drug users or, as in the case of “ROCK”, Lisa, ‘Knows Blodgett’, and others, they are semi-literate, Iowa hillbillies. They probably live on the north end, and have criminal records. It must be painful to be from a prominent, Republitard family and be forever known as the entitled black sheep. If not for his family’s money, this spoiled, gun-crazed, preppy doper would be dead on the street, or living in a halfway house and working at Burger King. If he worked at all, that is. His white jacket belongs back in 1955, along with Gary Blodgett’s politics.

@ Annon, you say once an addict always an addict. Your wrong as hell, I have been clean for 2 years and change now. Todd told the truth on drugs what it does to people ect. Your jealous yes.

White jacket? George Hamilton maybe? Not good but so what, not about clothes. Real boring talk. Maybe the topic had some teeth once but the presentation was horrible. Why was HE talking again? He is of no real value in the who’s who of MC? Then we have drugs…hmmm he rolled back in town and the drugs did too.

What a stupid thing to comment.

The white jacket is classy. We watched the video last night, and now my husband wants a jacket like that.

Agree with you, Deb. Some people on here are making a big deal of a 20 min. talk this guy gave, I guess they don’t have much to do. I saw this speech, it’s good. Blodgett talks about some pretty dark things, but lightened it up with his jokes. And his white sport coat.

Actually he speaks monotone and quite boring. On and on with no new paragraph. Weaver could wipe this guy up…with his jacket! Who wears white jackets? Not any where that counts. So not funny either. Why would people think this guy is something special to hear? We want to hear MAX! He’s drug free ! We all know once a user always a user. Zero cred.

Yeah, like Morrison put it. And please remind all of us where is Jim Morrison these days and what happened to him.

I think why Todd has a white coat on, its because he use to smoke crack, that is white. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

@Julie-Pretty jealous aren’t you?

@ Julie. I am not a fan of Mr. Blodgett’s politics, but his speech to the Rotary was a great message. Mr. Weaver can be entertaining, but Blodgett’s presentation was focused and honest, and it impressed the hell out of me.

Ok so even Todd can’t get Max out of his mind! He learned to command a room from Max. He tries to be as funny as Max,not even close. The white suit thing is as tacky as Robin Andersons fake pearls. Believe me he is as rotten as they come don’t ever doubt it. Once a druggie always a druggie. We all know that. What an irk!

The comments here pretty much say to me Mr. Blodgett is a really misunderstood and interesting person. The speech is just awesome. You cannot watch it and believe he is anything like the crazy white supremacist some people want to make us think he is.

@ crumcutter, a couple years ago me and a lady I use to live next to went over to a house at 15th and Penn in Mason. Her daughter was into meth real bad, she was about 40 and she looked like 60. We were worried sick. So we get to the house, there was this man inside talking to her. He kept going, you can stop, I know you can. Then he gave the her some money before he left. Lo and behold, it was Todd Blodgett. I do not agree on his politics. But him trying to help my friend’s daughter got my respect.

I’m not the person commenting so stop accusing “Petey”. I don’t know blodgett and his issues aren’t my issues. So let it alone.

@ Tyler, it is against the law to carry a concealed weapon in Iowa into a bar and consume alcohol. In the articles I read, Mr. Blodgett admitted he had been drinking when he was robbed and when he confronted the carnival employee who stole from him. In Iowa it is illegal to threaten with a loaded gun anyone unless they pose a threat to your life. Toddy boy’s life wasn’t at risk, but he had no problem scaring the daylights out of some kid who made a mistake. Gun nuts like Todd Blodgett value money over life where poor people are concerned. Mr. Blodgett is a bully, and a very entitled one. In a just world, he would be in prison.

@ Judy, you are wrong on this. It is legal to conceal carry a gun in a bar in Iowa. Just make sure you’re sober and have a valid permit. The articles I read indicated the police at the scene verified that Mr. Blodgett had his CC permit in his wallet, and it was current. If he had been drunk when the police arrived, he would have broken the law. That didn’t happen.

@Judy-You really need to know what you are talking about before you shoot off your mouth. It is not illegal to carry a gun into a bar in Iowa. Todd is a licensed carrier and has a right to carry it.

Well-written, well-researched, balanced and fair piece of writing. Nicely done, NIT.

@ Buzz, your right, some people are jealous of Todd. Something else too, Blodgett always has been a stand up guy, he was like this in school. Funny like he is now, and very smart. We just watched the video. Todd also does not back down, now not everybody likes that. At Adams, MCHS he would talk back to the teachers, he likes to argue. You never seen any kid could make teachers look dumb like Todd could. He got in fights, lost most, won a few. Spent lot’s of days on detention and at the principle’s office. But he just would not back down. He is too Republican for us, but he is a good guy.

Blodgett: “I learned, the hard way, that fighting drug pushers in the hoods made about as much sense as fighting over an old hubcap at the landfill with Max Weaver.” LMAO, that is funny, I don’t care what anybody says! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet Max will laugh at that one, too, it is funny! I know Max, and I know Todd. They are good friends, believe it or not.

I’ve read this same comment numerous times and it seems as if it was written so that someone could read it or submit it whenever needed. I kind of like Todd. I don’t agree with him often, actually one time a year, but he is a gamer and he plays the game well. His act works with his audience. And, forgiving Todd for past misconduct is the American way. Our heroes can be drug dealers, killers, cheats, liars as long as they publically try to change. In America, if you apologize and you are famous, as long as the charges against you aren’t pedophilic in nature, your fans will forgive you. Oh wait, for Michael Jackson we must have bent the rules a little.

I’ve heard a lot and read a lot about Todd Blodgett over the years, but I must say I was impressed with his presentation in this video. I thought he did well in telling his story regarding his addiction and his recovery. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but maybe some of the negativity I hear about Todd Blodgett is really jealousy.

Smoke crack, get busted, go to jail, wife leaves him. Get jobs with Republitard Presidents, bad grades, no problem at all. Carry guns in a big city that makes them illegal, that is the law in DC like it or not. Get kicked out of every school he was at in Mason, Daddy pays for college at Drake. Ronnie Raygun takes a shine to him, gives him jobs in White House. Get rich from Hate music, get richer from FBI, they pay this Republitard $200K+ for ratting Nazi customers that bought his crap. Nice. Typical Republitard success story.

Not sure what a Republitard is but I doubt drugs know the difference between any political party.

I’ve known Todd a number of years and he’s always been a nice guy to me and full of conversation.

Well Petey, sounds like you’re a bit jealous.

Mr. Blodgett prevailed. He was able to kick his habit, and worked hard to stay clean. He has a pretty interesting story to tell. And he didn’t live in his.mommys basement crying about stupid shit like loud pipes. Get over yourself Peter. You are just a nothing.

@Buzz-You have it right. It is nothing but jealousy. Mr. Blodgett made some mistakes when he was younger but he recognized the mistakes and turned his life around. He is very well respected in some circles and the haters (who no one respects) just can’t stand it.

Todd was in my social study class, grade 8. We had this teacher nobody I mean nobody liked. The teacher tells the class, he had this ancester, was president way back. Todd says to bad for you. That is a president never got married, you got some bastard’s in your family, hahaha. The teacher says ok Todd, you go to the office. Blodgett says hell no. The teacher, he gets two big kids to help him drag Blodgett down to the principles office. He did not go quiet. Todd did not know any fear I don’t think he does now. I always like the guy, he is a hoot.

Peter, Peter, Peter… have also done your share of bullying,.especially on this site. Todd has made something of himself, something you have never done. Now go sit in the basement.

@ Laker, so it makes you a bully to not let a thief steal? Blodgett has a permit to carry guns, I know because my friend is a deputy with Pal’s office, he told me. The article I saw said Todd was nice to the carnies, he let them sit with him then they stole his money. Are you saying he should not of used his gun to make sure they stay put at that bar so the cops could come arrest them.

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