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NIT reader upset about pugs left in unattended car

Dogs left in car, photo from NIT reader
Dogs left in car, photo from NIT reader

NIT – An NIT reader reported today that she was not happy that two dogs were left in a car this afternoon while the owner was shopping in Shopko.

The reader – who wished to remain anonymous – said that police were called and animal control was sent to investigate, reporting that the dogs “were panting and looked hot”.

“Animal control showed up, didn’t even get out of her truck and then she said that they were fine,” the person told NIT. “She’s freakin’ animal control so she should know that at even 60 degrees its TOO HOT for a dog inside a car.”

According to published reports, it doesn’t have to be hot outside to be dangerous inside a car for an animal. Temperature spikes happen quickly, and cracking windows doesn’t help. Some reports say that an outside temperature of only 60 degrees can be deadly.

The person who made the complaint told NIT that pugs “have a hard time breathing as it is… so they shouldn’t of been in [the car] and animal control should of done something… that [animal control officer] pisses me off.”

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I AM minding my own business. Just wait and see what’s in store for this weekend! 🙂

The windows were down and it was cool outside and the woman was only shopping for a short time. I say this was OK and I’m a dog lover. Not buying the fake outrage.

How do you know the owner was a woman? How do you know this ‘woman’ was shopping for a short time?
You haven’t seen outrage yet. People are advised to contact an officer or animal control when they see this type of thing only to be ignored.

What would any of you have done if you were the ones who saw these dogs? Remember, the person that owns these dogs probably loves them as much as you do your own pets. I’m only guessing, but I doubt they wanted any harm to come to their pride and joys either.

So consider their rights before you get all indignant and start bashing animal control etc. etc. Some of you have gotten a little rabid about all of this. 😉

@Buzz-I would have looked to make sure the dogs were O.K. and if they were I would have minded my own business. Something a lot of other people should try to practice.

4 dogs left in a camper yesterday. Animal control said that she was too busy and that she’ll get to it tomorrow.

Being in a vehicle can get hot even when it’s not all that hot outside. The owner should have been sited for neglect or abuse! Police & Animal Control in this town are worthless. My co-workers, friends, & myself have been calling in neglect reports on a dog here in town for the past 2 years. Sadly, they have done nothing. Mason City needs an SPCA with more than one individual idiot to go on animal calls & patrol the town.

For all you folks worrying about the animals, go out and put a stop to animals killing each other for food. Those poor creatures get killed and eat by other animals by the thousands every day. This should keep you busy!

Those pugs, dogs got by just fine. Way to much drama and people with their nose in someone else business.

Good call by the animal control officer. At least her head is screwed on right.

The only person here with her head screwed on wrong is your friend the animal control officer. Who the hell does she think she is anyway allowing those dogs to stay in that hot car its her job to PROTECT animals NOT to allow them to die you idiot! Apparently she needs to retire or find a different job. You have to love animals to be in this job and it sounds like she is the exact opposite. What type of animal officer allows a goose to suffer? or allows a dog to be kept in a storage unit &…

Watcher-did the animal control officer allow those dogs to die in that car? If she did that’s not good but the question is did she allow them to die?

“Who the hell does she think she is anyway allowing those dogs to stay in that hot car its her job to PROTECT animals NOT to allow them to die you idiot!”

Leaving pugs (or any animal) in a car in hot weather like this is basically allowing them to die.

Still have not answered my question. Did the animal control officer allow the dogs to die? Did the dogs die or are they okay?
If the answer is they are okay then the animal control officer did not allow the dogs to die…… Correct?

I did answer your question if you can’t comprehend that then that’s your problem.

Waste of money for the city. And it shouldnt matter if the animal is a pet or wild. Must not care much for animals. The goose thing wouldnt have been to tough with the right net and gloves. We have boston terriers and they struggle just like pugs with breathing. Need a animal lover for that job.

Is this the same animal control officer who refused to help a injured goose in east park a few years ago? I think it is I remember reading about that. Thank god for a few concerned citizens that rescued the goose or this officer would of let it die.

I can’t believe the audacity of this officer just leaving those pugs in the car. Do your dam job woman or step down!

Seriously Pat Gansen what’s wrong with you???? You need to read up on information that pertains to your job and actually DO YOUR JOB. Every time either I or one of my friends come to you in an animal situation, your useless & do no more than you have to. You have one excuse or another to not do your job. Let me inform you myself, Internet source: Even outside temperatures in the 60s can cause a car temperature to rise well above 110° F. Get with the program or retire.

They just dogs. That’s all they are dogs.

Pugs are prone to heat strokes so being inside a car at 68 degrees with the windows cracked is NOT ok! What the hell is wrong with this animal control officer!!

Your right, anyone with a brain knows that pugs are not to be left in the heat because they are prone to heat strokes that’s just one big concern with pugs. Looks like miss animal control officer needs to refreshen up abit.

She’s to fricken lazy to get her fat a** out of her truck. That’s another waste of our tax payer money.

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