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Anonymous letter offers council candidate Marquardt $1 to drop out of election

MASON CITY -The election season is starting to heat up in Mason City.

NIT first received word that an announcement from a Mason City council candidate is due later this evening and will be published at that time. The announcement will change the landscape of the city council elections.

In another development, Fourth Ward City Council candidate Matt Marquardt received some interesting mail Friday morning.

In a letter, an anonymous writer tries to pay off Marquardt to drop out of the election.

The letter states “Here is my contribution to your political campaign to NOT run for 4th ward councilman.”  There was a $1 bill inside the envelope.

The writer of the letter claims to be a Mason City business owner and said Marquardt would be a “mouthpiece for Max” who would “drag us backwards”.

The letter is signed but the name is unintelligible.  The envelope the letter arrived in has no return address.

When reached for comment, Mr. Marquardt offered this statement:

Matthew E. Marquardt, Fourth Ward City Council candidate
Matthew E. Marquardt, Fourth Ward City Council candidate

“An anonymous letter arrived in my mailbox Friday morning that I found humorous while at the same time mean-spirited and really just an attempt to bully me out of this election, which I fully intend to win.  When I win this election and assume my place on the Council, the people of the Fourth Ward and the rest of the city win, as well.  They know I aim to return City Hall to the people and take it out of the hands of special interests.  The letter writer is right about one thing, I am not sold out to the Chamber of Commerce, the North Iowa Corridor, nor anyone.  I would ask the letter writer, what do you have to hide here and really, how informed are you?  You spelled my name wrong and hid your identity.  Why not reveal yourself and have a dialogue with me?  I am interested in finding out exactly how informed you really are.  I am open to discussing your concerns in a friendly manner.”

When asked what he would spend the $1 “donation” on, Marquardt said “I spent it at a Fourth Ward business today at noon.  I gave it as an extra tip to our waitress at the Village Court Restaurant, located on South Taft Avenue.”

See the letter, below:

Anonymous writer tries to pay off Matt Marquardt to not run for City Council
An anonymous letter writer offered Matt Marquardt $1 “to NOT run” for City Council.
Matt Marquardt hand the $1 bill he received in the mail to a waitress at the Village Court Family Restaurant Friday after lunch.
Matt Marquardt hands the $1 bill he received in the mail to a waitress, Debra, at the Village Court Family Restaurant Friday after lunch.

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That picture does not look a bit like Matt Marquardt. But, he could have died his hair and gained some weight….

OK, we got one dollar! give me a half…do we have one and a half? Going….

LOL LOL LOL puffery and venom – glad you were able to get a chuckle out of it as well Matt.

The postmark looks fishy, like it was sent by a postal employee, or by some other means.

I’d check the font as well. Some people claim that is like a fingerprint.

I like the nightcrawler signature too.

Now that is a cheap shot!!!

Is that a legal way to spend a campaign contribution?

Sounds like something Quinn Symonds would do.

Sorry, my printer is broke.

Should have spent it at another place because the service there sucks

I (we) received great service from the Village Court this AM. Great breakfasts, for sure.

must be a cheap friend of our drunken mayor. wheres all the stippers when you get a extra buck

Matt it still bugs me that you continue to write in the third person. Why do you do that? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to write I and Me rather than Matt and he?

That more than bugs me, it seems dishonest. He is trying to distance himself from the article by not publishing it under his byline or putting his name in it except in the third person.

Congratulations Matt you certainly got someones attention. Although if I were you I would be P****D if they think you could be bought off at all, let alone for a measly dollar.

Matt-they must really be afraid of what you can do to resort to this type of childish letter. Keep up the good work. I just wish you were running for mayor so I could cast my vote for you. Hopefully, someone will stand up and run against Hickey too.

I really doubt Matt would be discouraged by the letter. Possibly amused.

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