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Proposed dangerous dog ordinance discussed in Cerro Gordo County (VIDEO)

Brian Hanft, CG Health
Brian Hanft, CG Health

MASON CITY – A public hearing was set for a proposed dangerous dog ordinance in Cerro Gordo county.

The proposed law does not supersede local ordinances, Cerro Gordo County Public Health official Brian Hanft said Tuesday.

A draft of the ordinance says it aims to “determine what conduct of a dog and owner shall be illegal, established consequences for dog and owner, and provides reasonable rights of notice and hearing before the imposition of penalties.”

Download the ordinance here.

Watch video of Hanft describe the proposed ordinance to the Board of Supervisors:


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best “ban” them goddamn lil ankle biters too then!!! Every old fogey in Mason Shitty seems to have one, and although its obviously NOT reported, they are the cause of majority of ‘bites’ and complaints concerning our k-9 citizens… Wretched lil bastards, friend of my kids said it best one time- if you can punt it over a fence it’s not a dog! lol

^ And YES, I am a PROUND & RESPONSIBLE pot bull owner!! I will fight for the RIGHT/PRIVILEGE to keep my beloved pet just as much as the next person would fight for what they believe in…Don’t punish everyone for actions of irresponsible pet owners, strip their rights within the county to own the particular breed or animal for that matter… make penalties stiffer for turning an animal viscous, or having it be a fight dog… again start placing the blame where it starts, not where it lands…

bahahaha damn predictive text!! Meant PIT not pot* lmao

Pitbulls arent bad dogs its their stupid drug users, unemployed wanna be getto thugs trying to show how tough they are so they walk around town with a pit that they have made mean and how to attack. Born Losers

exactly… cant blame the breed for the idiot owners..

Since we can’t ban “idiot” owners the next best thing would be to ban the breed.

All dogs can be vicious if not trained or taken care of. I have seen a police dog become vicious cause of old age.

Your suggestion may well turn out to be a lot easier & less expensive to enforce than the proposed ordinance.

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