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Editorial: Finally, a “black eye” for the bully Robin Anderson

Dear Mrs. Anderson: Try not to be too angry about the humiliation of being told "no" for once.  It may be a sign of things to come if the leadership in this city changes for the better.
Dear Mrs. Anderson: Try not to be too angry about the humiliation of being told “no” for once. It may be a sign of things to come if the leadership in this city changes for the better.

by Matt Marquardt –

I could hardly believe my ears Tuesday evening at the Mason City Parks Board meeting.

Robin Anderson must dig up her despicable red dice sculpture … and move it 15 feet east.  I’d rather move it a few more blocks east and stick it right in our Mayor’s front yard – or somewhere else, actually – to be honest with you all.

Oh yes, this Queen of the A Teamers finally lost a battle.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come if our despised bully-Mayor Eric Bookmeyer and three of his henchmen council members get the heave-ho by the rank and file voters – should they bother to show up – this November.

Yes it was music to my ears, like the chorus of a great ballad, as the Parks Board unanimously approved that Anderson must bring her bulldozer back to Central Park and move her sculpture out of a beloved flower bed, so well-cared for over the years by people who really love Mason City.

More to come on this story, but my hat goes off to the Parks Board who stood up to the Bully of Federal Avenue and told her enough is enough.  Thank you, gentlemen.


Matt Marquardt, Citizen of Mason City

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Robin Anderson has a bad case of SARS (self-absorbed reflex syndrome) 🙂

Robin was a wild women back before she got married she would give Favors for me when ever I wanted it!! Robin is just like Pat at the court house, Giving BJ’s to a Married Man !!!

@anonymous-I am not a Robin fan and most everyone knows that, but I do not think it is necessary to post something like you did. If you don’t kike Pat or Robin stand up and tell them that but don’t attack them in a public forum like you did. It is just not cool.

Obviously some people do not understand the concept of Op. Ed’s. They are a way for writers to present news along with their opinion of the newstory. Had this been a News Article piece than yes his opinion would have been left out of it.

For those of you tired of reading Matt’s opinions on the city officials self serving interests, go vote in Nov and get the people who care more about wasting the city’s money on stupid “art” or lining their pockets out of office; hopefully some people who actually care about the people of MC will take their place.

I am sorry, this is not mud. There are quite a few people upset with not just the “art”, but it’s location and how a non-elected official decided to commandeer a city crew to install them, tearing up a flower bed in the process.

In Yiddish, it’s called Chutzpah!

Larry Elwod Construction tore up the bed and poured the concrete slab.

Then I stand corrected.

That should have been Elwood. I believe he’s also president of the North IowaCorridor board.

Old news. This was decided a while ago because there was an article in the Globe about it June 8th saying where the dice would be moved. If she was publicly reprimanded by the Board for what she did, then that would be news.

The Globe was not there for the same reason no real newspaper was there.

I didn’t say it wasn’t entertaining Matt. Who doesn’t love a good train wreck!

Get a life and some counseling Marquardt.

” Too bad you are compelled to hide behind a fake name.” Why do you only say this to your dis-tractors?I thought we had put this lame comeback behind us.

Look who’s talking. The town lackey speaks again. No one is listening.

A wise man once said “I’m sorry for you that you are upset that I have exercised my first amendment right to free speech. Now you resort to a personal attack against my character because I do not agree”

@Reggie (Red) lackey-Not to worry Reggie, you have no character to assault. All you are is a parrot for your city administration buddy’s. Your one and only function is and always has been to try your best (which will never be enough) to discredit N.I.T. and the real people who frequent it. Now, that is my opinion.

“@Reggie (Red) lackey-Not to worry Reggie, you have no character to assault” I use to think you were a bitter, bigoted old man but I have since come to the conclusion that you are actually a adolescent girl that loves to call names and make up rumors and tell false stories about people that don’t agree with you.

@Reggie (Red Lackey) Wha, wha, wha. Boo Hoo, are you going to cry now. How many times do I have to tell you, your elitist, cry baby opinion means absolutely nothing to me. As long as you continue to post your crappy opinion I will continue to answer you. Your choice snob.

“Wha, wha, wha. Boo Hoo” This is the most sense you have made in a long time.

Why are dice such a big deal? Do they promote gambling? Last time I checked, many board games have dice in them (Monopoly, Sorry, among many many others). Making mountains out of mole hills.

I think this is Hilarious. It’s also priceless that this burns Robin’s ass. I wouldn’t doubt if Robin was “Anonymous”.

The only part that isn’t funny is my tax dollars have to pay for her stupidity. Of course, this isn’t a new development.


Thank you for the information, I would have NEVER read it on the Globe (course, I don’t read shit tho anyway).

Spoken like a true N.I.T. wit Matt. People keep telling me about this funny site. Not quite Onion quality, but awesome muckraking, sarcastic, BS!

Well worth the entertainment, since it’s free.

Well what do you know? Another establishment lackey. Is that you Reggie or is this Scott? You people read the rag called the GLOB but have the nerve to make smart comments about someone else’s journalism.

Jeez LVS ,a wee bit paranoid are we? Anybody that disagrees with you is either me or scott? Contrary to your belief I only post under my real fake name. If you don’t believe me, ask your hero Matt.

@Reggie (Red Lackey) Like anyone believes you lies. We all know what you are Lackey. Why don’t you go to the country club with your leader Drunkmaster?

” Like anyone believes you lies.” I believe you meant YOUR lies but what lies have I told? I give my opinion. “We all know what you are Lackey” I happen to disagree with you and ALL you can do is call names. Gezz LVS grow up.

If the statue is still in the park when it is said and done then the issue is not resolved. It needs to be gone period.

You can feel the hate in this article. I guess being objective is something Matt can’t do.

This is what passes for journalism these days.

You’re right Matt. It certainly isn’t journalism.

Matt…everything you write about her has a mean tone to it. It’s very obvious that you do not like her. If you really want this online paper to be successful you need to stop using it as your bully pulpit and report the facts in a objective way.

Matt,….I don’t support her or her project. What I’m trying to help you understand is that the tone of your articles about her or anyone in city govt is flat out mean. This obviously because you have a personal dislike for them and can not set it aside and be objective. That is not good journalism. It makes you more of a bully then she or bookmeyer maybe. Now you will propably say if you don’t like it don’t read it


This is great, but, who is paying for the bulldozer? Is the city providing equipment and manpower to correct her mistake. She should be made to pay for it herself. Then she can ride her bulldozer right out of town.

yeh, I will try to be nice too. I will sling nice mud.

Haters gonna hate.

Matt, take off the petty jealousy blinders and you might see things more clearly.

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