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Op-ed: Exposing Agenda 21 (by Otis Lewis)






Mayor Bookmeyer included Sustainable Development in his January 17th state of the city address.


Sustainable Development groups are calling for a June 5th protest of Capitalism.

The World Social Forum wrapped up a five-day meeting Sunday-January 29th, in Brazil urging citizens to “take to the streets” to protest Capitalism and promote socialism with a call for action. Thousands of critics of capitalism meeting in Brazil called Sunday for a worldwide protest in June.  

The Forum, which drew around 40,000 participants to this years gathering on sustainable development, is urging people to take to the streets, June 5th. The World Social Forum participants, included representatives of the Arab Spring, Spain’s “Indignant” movement, Occupy Wall Street, and students from Chile.

While Mason City’s Mayor and City Council are adopting policies of “sustainable development” and “spreading the wealth” the citizens of Mason City are asleep at the wheel.

This ‘sustainable development’ movement is real and the policy it promotes is breaking the banks.  In this case that bank is a ‘we the people’ taxpayer bank, all while promoting entitlements.   These new programs will become an ever-increasing burden on government budgets.  In time, I believe cuts in service and layoffs will be a certainty all in the name of ‘spreading the wealth’ and “going green”.

Take note of the recent $10,000.00 down payment on a new $150,000.00 program called Micro-Enterprise.  Here we spread the wealth UP while giving no voice to the taxpayers who were forced to pay that bill.

Talk about a dictatorial City Government.  They had neither the support of the taxpayers to give away tax money nor did they come before the voters of Mason City to seek approval.   This is a pure Communist/Socialism form of government and economic model.

Capitalism is the economic model that made American and Mason City what it is and is under attack by local elected officials.

For those of you that don’t know what Agenda 21 is about.

Agenda 21 is Sustainable Development, and was created through the United Nations. It is the blueprint for depopulation and total control, under the banner of economic development and saving the environment.  It is like the head of a beast that has thousands of tentacles, originating from the United Nations.

Remember these statements from Mayor Bookmeyer’s January 17th State Of The City message?

Mayor Bookmeyer said,  “There are three key components to becoming a sustainable community.  They overlap each other: economic prosperity, social and cultural vibrancy and environmental and ecological integrity.  Ideally, Mason City will start to develop and implement a community-defined sustainability plan that will be a top council goal in the next two years — and our future priorities will buttress this vision.”   It is clear that Mayor Bookmeyer is tied at the hip to AGENDA 21.

A June 5th protest of capitalism and trending toward socialist ideals is not what is best for any of us.  I am not interested in becoming a 3rd world country, run by some two-bit Dictator?   Mayor Bookmeyer and his gang are helping lead Mason City in that direction.

The Citizens of Mason City had better get educated and more involved soon or it may become to late to have any influence what so ever over your elected officials.

I am not in favor of any protest of CAPITALISM June 5th or any other time.

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!st off I would like to know why we have to have a password to post a comment, is this not a part of socialisem? I think Bookmyer is doing what he thinks is right even though moswt people think he is competely nuts……

our mayor sure changed a lot… lol look at a recent picture of him.

I was reading about Time 21 and I think it is a lot like Agenda 21 both sound like socialism to me. Thanks Matt for answering my question.

After reading Carl’s post re Brent Willett being from Fairfield I did a little research. Fairfield has been successful at getting business and they have also had help from govt funds. Dept of Energy has been involved with sustainability projects in area.

Story that caught my eye is in in story from 5/13/2010 titled Fairfield voters backing arts center. Go read it, interesting.

They built an events center, opened in 2007, soon found they couldn’t make it. Sat down with bank officials and US Dept of Agriculture that had backed up to 90% of the mortgage (what is the USDA involved in this stuff for?)USDA and bank agreed to write down $4 million outstanding debt by 2.9 mill so bank gave up 300,000 and US Dept of Agriculture gave up remaining $2.6 million (that is your money folks, good old taxpayer dollars).

And if you are mad about Wall Street bailouts this is a prime example of another bailout by taxpayer dollars.

Ended up city’s voters went to polls in April 2010 and voted to give them $650,000 that will result in taxpayers owning the building and civic center supporters raised $950,000.

Wow how many stories like this one are out there and how much money has been spent? No wonder we are broke.

Don’t you just love this sustainable development BS. It seems Mr. Lewis is only pointing out something that has been going on for a long time, at the taxpayers expense.

This spreading the wealth and socialism is already breaking city’s budget. I am glad someone is bringing Agenda 21 to light and just how bad it is.

Spreading Socialism is being done very subtle. No matter how is is being spread, it is real and very dangerous.

We better take this dam serious no matter if it is through ignorance or stupidity.

If we let this continue like Mr. Lewis said, we will all wake up and it will be to late.

Knowledge is power!

The connection is that Agenda 21 and its association with the ICLEI (‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’). This concept was introduced to Mayor Bookmeyer by EDC Director Brent Willett last year, according to city hall insiders. As you remember, Brent Willet came to north iowa from Fairfield, Iowa. Willett was the chamber of commerce director and EDC director. Fairfield joined ICLEI, along with Iowa City, North Liberty and several other Iowa towns. Insiders are now saying that Bookmyer is crafting a resolution for mason City to join the organization.

Is Time 21 fund have anything to do with the Agenda 21? Just wondering.

No. Time-21 is a fund set up to address the deteriorating road system in Iowa.

The Iowa Legislature needs to undo previous legislation that diverted Road Use Tax money away from road improvements.

After reading Time 21 it does sound a lot like the Agenda 21 movement. This Socialism has obvioulsly spread to all levels of government.

Fight, fight, fight. We need to all rise up and start raising hell with our government! We are broke and they keep spending money on progams that free enterprise should take care of .

The roads will have enonugh tax money then to be improved!!!

Stop the Communist/socialisist trend!

It all sounds good to itching ears otis but the devil is in the details.

Mayor Bookmeyer could be a reader who stumbled across the agenda and blindly thought it would fit well in the state of the city. I feel Bookie is far from a die hard socialist though.

Agenda 21 is real and a socialists wet dream.. But I too believe value added susttainability through Capitalism is the way to prosperity in North Iowa as well as the rest of the country.

Bobby, I think you are wrong on this one. Bookmeyer knows actually what he is doing. This stuff all starts at the local level.

Otis has hit a home run on this one.

You want CAPITALISM. Well the new capitalism in business; when profits are to be made they want to keep the wealth to themselves and when there are losses then they want all of us to pay or socialism. KEEP THE WEALTH IN GOOD TIME AND SPRED THE LOSSES OVER THE TAX PAYERS. Look at the banking industry, car makers, and mortgage lenders. That sure seems to be working. 😮

You failed to link how Bookmeyer’s plan to promote economic prosperity, social and cultural vibrancy, and environmental and ecological integrity have anything to do with a June 5th protest in Brazil. Furthermore, a $10,000 down payment for a $150,000 project aimed at promoting small business creation doesn’t equate to communism or socialism in any form. Just because you disagree with the agenda of ELECTED officials doesn’t make it okay to spew a bunch of fallacies.
I am about as conservative as they come, and I’m not saying that I completely agree with this project, but hey, that’s what our elected officials were put in place to do: make decisions. If you don’t like it then vote them out the next time around. It’s as simple as that.

He actually nailed it! You are full of it!

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