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The tavern door is still agape (by Peter Children)

This news story was published on November 12, 2011.
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It is what it is.

“And lately by the tavern door agape, Came stealing through the dusk an angel shape, bearing a vessel on his shoulder; and he bid me taste of it; and ‘twas—–the grape.”

Verse 42 taken from the Rubquyat of Omar Khayyam written in the 15th century.

Here in Mason City it seems the tavern door is still agape and the “grape” is still being tasted in copious quantities…often by those who it seems have a tendency to taste to much too often.

Of course I am talking about our Mayor Mr. Bookmeyer who it seems has a passionate love affair with liquor…alcohol. Alcohol like women, comes in many different shapes and forms; it can be in beer bottles, wine flasks, coolers, cocktails and straight shooters just to mention a few. It is every bit a seductress that will call to you and offer a place to hide, more often than not in plain sight.

Perhaps this affliction attracts politicians with greater propensity than other professions. Of late it was witnessed by several who were present, young newly elected Councilman-at-large, Alex Kuhn totally wasted in a local high profile watering hole. This would have been on Thursday evening. Previously on the preceding Tuesday evening he was reported seen in the historic Park Inn Hotel in much the same condition.

This is the same young man who has four alcohol related arrested from Floyd County, that whenever mentioned was told that they were from when he was young and should therefore be considered just bad judgement by a youngster. Well, this “youngster” is now twenty-nine and was recently elected to be a part of the management team that will spend your tax dollars for the next four years. Did I hear poor judgement mentioned? I shall spare the reader the squalid details of this drunken malady along with the ugly consequences it has spawned . Did I not say that when you enter the public arena, you must be prepared to strip bare. If then this is what you seek…then you have surly arrived.

It seems the ability to see through that which was always evident is the gift of the naive and the privileged; something I surly lack. I do not relish this terrible affliction which has gripped these city officials by the throat, nor do I pity them the inevitable public consequences that is the pound of flesh demanded by the public. I mourn rather for their families and join them in hopes of a positive solution.

Peter Children

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