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Time for the truth (by Peter Children)

(Submitted to by Peter Children)

To those of you who visit this site, you are aware of the controversy swirling around the HR issues. In a democratic society that’s to be expected. But what some may not know is there is more to the story that is quite dastardly. This quagmire consists of two major hypocrites… of course is the mayor.

It’s a given that the mayor has been known to say things that he knows are not true. He’s pretty much just treading water until his tenure is up. At this juncture I doubt if anyone could classify him as a career politician. He should jump ship now before some citizen decides to file charges against him for derelict of duty.

The other player in this dark comedy is more culpable than you might imagine. He is one who has been known to say that he brings Jesus to the table with him, that he struggles with his moral convictions and obligations. To sum him up more completely…he’s a classic study in paranoia. And for those of you who might be unfamiliar with the definition of that word…let me save you the time of looking it up. It means a psychosis marked by delusions and irrational suspicion. This is a custom fit for this hypocritic. What he has done is far more grievous than a mere “white lie”, it is particularly more meaningful because this is a person whom I believe knowingly lied to his constituents as a member of a governmental governing body dealing with a city budget that exceeds thirty million dollars a year. If someone wanted to look further into this, there is a possibility of legal repercussions. Don’t you just love people who hide behind the bible.? This is a real bottom feeder.

Turncoat is the same person who struggled on camera as to whether or not to revel some imaginary secret conversation he might have had with Weaver in a parked car He went on to say it was his personal moral convictions that prevented him from doing so. Maybe it was because there was no recorded or documented evidence this conversation even took place. If he recorded it then play it back; anything other than that is hearsay….and we already know his level of credibility is far south of the gold standard.This is a game that demands hard evidence.

When Turncoat stepped into the public arena and threw his hat into the ring for a seat on the council, certain things were expected of him…the least of which should be the simple truth. In this man’s case, he should return all the money he’s been paid.
There are places for people like him, but its not at that table.

Peter J. Children

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