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What to Do if You’ve Been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Most of us probably remember the first time we fell as little kids; one of the parents (or both of them) ran towards us immediately to help and aid us in the aftermath of the fall (redness, bruises, blood, and pain). Since then, we’ve learned that our body has a strange way of adapting to gravity, and sometimes, the center of our balance gets disrupted, resulting in possible injuries every time we hit the ground. 

Accidents as such are quite common yet do not get the needed recognition and often are treated by most people as something irrelevant and generally normal. And yes, in most cases, there is nothing we can do except get up and keep moving. 

Yet, sometimes, the fault doesn’t lay completely with us, and certain factors might have staked the chances against us. Imagine walking the mall with friends and family or alone just shopping and minding your business, and all of sudden you feel a sharp pain, your head on the ground, your things scattered around the place, and the surrounding store signs are a bit blurry and shiny. It turns out the ground has been mopped and washed without anybody putting on a sign to alert others, and you’ve just been the victim of a slip-and-fall accident. In the text below, we’ll discuss which steps you should take next to ensure your rights and make a full recovery!

Assess Your Condition

Our instincts usually go in this direction, and for most people, it is natural to assess their condition after an accident and see whether or not everything is functioning properly. One simple test is to check the mobility of your legs, arms, toes, and fingers. The next step would be to feel your arms and legs for unusual bumps, as they can indicate broken bones or serious injuries. If you’re on the floor, turn to your left or right side and slowly get up sideways by pushing yourself off the ground with one arm and getting into a seated position. Don’t make sudden movements, as a neck injury is quite common, and most people are not aware of it until much later. Carefully and slowly, make your way toward a safe location, and if you’re experiencing any serious pain, look for help, check for the nearest hospital, and call an ambulance. Assessing your condition immediately can make the difference between life and death! 

Seek Medical Attention

After you’ve assessed your overall condition to the best of your knowledge and abilities, a priority on your list should be looking for the help of a medical professional to run some basic tests and make sure you don’t have a case of whiplash. Also, the report the medical professional has to file is crucial in the process of gathering necessary evidence if you choose to make a case later on. 

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

Professional injury attorneys have years of experience dealing with similar cases and have the needed skills and knowledge to help you create a case. Even if you’re not looking to sue the property owner specifically, dealing with insurance companies for compensation can be quite a tiresome task, which is time-consuming and often results in you not getting the compensation you deserve. Our advice is to look for local lawyers, as they often are well-acquainted with specific laws unique to the country you live in. For example, look for abogado de accidentes de resbalones y caídas en Miami to ensure you receive the best care and professional advice so that the compensation is just and your rights are being held in high regard. Attorneys and specialists in these sorts of injuries can help you navigate all the complex laws and make sure you get proper counseling and advice.

Report the Incident

As the example shows, a fall and slip accident can happen in several places. Shopping malls, workplaces, public platforms, or private property. After you assess your overall physical health and condition and ensure you’re not in any sort of serious health danger, the next step is to inform the property owner, manager, or whoever is in charge of the premises of the accident. Make sure the person documents the accident properly. That documentation is irrefutable proof of the accident and can later on be used for making legal claims. Of course, ask for a copy of the documentation. The report is crucial evidence and should not be ignored. Some property owners might try to make false claims or record the accident while leaving out crucial details proving they have partial or full responsibility for the accident happening.

Know Your Rights and Options

Before entering your attorney’s office, make sure to have some basic knowledge of your case and the type of accident you suffered. Inform, educate, and learn about fall and slip accidents, as sometimes legal consultation can cost money. If your case does not fall under the category of “accident” in legal terms, you can spare yourself some time and money by simply negotiating some sort of agreement with the property owner. This way, you might still get some sort of compensation, as most property owners will often offer you something out of courtesy or genuine care, and you’ll avoid going through the tiresome process of going to court with the insurance company or the property owner. 

Knowing your rights can help you take some time off work, as some injuries are treated as serious by certain employees, and you might get compensation in the form of otherwise lost wages. Read the contract carefully, and ask the HR department if they can help with the issue at hand, especially if the accident happened in your workplace. 

These accidents happen regularly and quite often. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the steps they can take to ensure their rights and cooperation. Most people feel a sense of shame for slipping in the first place, neglecting themselves, their injuries, and their overall health, and are looking to get up and get out as quickly as possible. We strongly advise against this, as we’re human, after all, and this can happen to anybody. Why avoid help and compensation if the circumstances are right?

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