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Medical Marijuana: 6 Ways to Consume It

Delicious Marijuana edibles

Have you heard a lot about how cannabis can help you in many different ways for medicinal purposes but don’t understand how? Do you want to know the best ways in which to consume cannabis when it is being used for medicinal purposes?

The cannabis industry has moved far forward in recent years and the legalization has helped to popularize the use of cannabis. Research and science have managed to unlock many more benefits and now we have an abundance of information on the components within cannabis and the effects that take place when it is consumed.

Within cannabis, there are two main cannabinoids that we see these are THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high whereas, on the other hand, CBD is the cannabinoid that is responsible for all of the medical healing that you get from it. When working in combination with each other these cannabinoids work the best and they help patients suffering from various diseases and ailments. Here is how patients can consume medical marijuana.


While bongs are typically used in more social situations, they are also commonly used for those who are using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Bongs are glass water pipes that allow for you to smoke weed, but the weed goes through a water chamber beforehand to cool down the smoke before it hits your lungs. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these devices, take a look at what Grasscity has to offer. Bongs are a great way to get a whole joint worth of cannabis in just one hit as opposed to having to smoke the whole joint over a few minutes. That being said, bear in mind that the effects will kick in far quicker.


These days marijuana is being used for medicinal purposes more and more often and this means that there are more methods of consumption that are available to those who want to use it in this manner.

By far one of the most popular consumption methods when it comes to those using it for medicinal purposes is tinctures. Tinctures are concentrated cannabis drops that can be placed under the tongue. This is one of the most effective methods of consumption because it is the fastest way for cannabis to enter your bloodstream and circulate your body. This means you will feel the effects within a few minutes.

When it comes to tinctures you can have ones that have a combination of CBD and THC in them, or you can have ones that either just has THC or just have CBD in them. It is down to the kind of product that you need.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

The next consumption method that we have on our list of ways that patients can consume medical marijuana is through a dry herb vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers are just like regular vaporizers, but they make use of the cannabis flower instead of a cannabis concentrate.

Dry herb vaporizers are great for those who enjoy smoking cannabis but want to reduce or remove any of the risks that come along with it. since it vaporizes the weed as opposed to burning it there is minimal risk or damage to your lungs from smoke inhalation.

Try hard vaporizers also offer a lot better flavor and even give you more out of your weed than you would get if you were just smoking it.


Topicals are yet another incredibly popular consumption method for those using cannabis for medicinal reasons however this is a method that will not get you high. Various topical products include creams lotions, gels, ointments, and even skincare products

cannabis has proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to reducing and managing both pain and inflammation and by applying a topically to your skin it works just as well.


If you are looking for potency instead of having a quick high, then edibles are the way to go. Edibles are food items that have been infused with cannabis or cannabis oils. You can find all sorts of edibles ranging from sweets to snacks to even beverages and full meals.

They are great if you are looking for a long-lasting sustained high but don’t mind waiting for it to kick in. This is because a high from edibles will typically only kick in between 20 minutes to an hour after consumption.


Last but not least we have pills for those who want to take a more medical approach to consume cannabis for medicinal reasons then pills are a very good option.

You can find cannabis pills in various kinds from capsules to tablets and anything in between. This consumption method works similarly to that of edibles and the effects will kick in after 20 minutes or so and will last much longer.

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