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Flea Problem: Why You Should Call Pest Control

Fleas are not just a pesky nuisance but also cause health problems for pets and people. They affect the well-being of the home’s occupants. Although you can wage war by yourself, it’s important to remember that it can take days and sometimes weeks to eliminate fleas from your home.

While you often find fleas in your pets (especially dogs), they can also appear in homes without dogs or cats. Because of the fleas’ life cycle, habits, and abilities, it can sometimes feel impossible to get rid of them for good. Flea removal isn’t something you should take on by yourself. Regularly bathing your pets isn’t going to cut it.

Determining a Flea Infestation 

Your pets bring fleas inside your home after playing around the yard. They are so tiny that it’s hard to see them even if you’re actively searching for them. The best way to know that there’s a flea infestation in your home is if you notice your pets scratching more than usual. Upon checking, you’ll find tiny black dots on your pets’ skin. Those are fleas or their larvae.

However, you can have a flea infestation even if you do not have pets. Fleas love to stay in the dark, so they avoid places in your home with direct sunlight. They also stay clear of areas where there is heavy foot traffic. Thus, they’re most likely underneath the sofa and behind cabinets.

You can also identify an infestation based on the trail that they leave. You can check your pets’ bedding for dried feces and blood. If you find pepper-like grains in the carpet, those are most likely flea dirt that helps larvae develop.

Health and Well-being Issues 

Fleas cause health problems in your pets. If your dog suddenly falls ill, one of the things that the veterinarian will look at is flea bites since they carry a lot of diseases. But your pets are not the only ones in danger with flea-borne conditions. You and your family may also fall sick because fleas can transmit several illnesses to humans. The most common are typhus, plague, and cat-scratch disease.

The health problems brought about by fleas are the main reason why you need to call a pest control company if there’s an infestation in your home. Would you rather pay for a pest control service or a trip to the doctor?


A professional knows how to eliminate fleas permanently from your home. Although do-it-yourself remedies against fleas can be effective, they might only be for a short time. Professional pest exterminators are highly trained. They also have the tools and materials to fight fleas off entirely. 


Trying to eliminate the fleas yourself may not be safe for your pets and family. Professionals use proper products that will not be harmful to people. The combination of some do-it-yourself products can be dangerous to your pets’ health. Instead of removing fleas from your home, you could be risking your health. 

It is always better to let professionals handle pest infestation at home. Many use non-toxic and eco-friendly products to ensure that even babies are safe from adverse effects. 


Home remedies can turn out to be expensive, especially when you keep on repeating them. Instead of buying several different products to terminate fleas, calling a professional exterminator is the better idea. Just one visit from a professional could rid your home of fleas and other pests.

Outdoor Areas 

Homeowners tend to focus on eliminating fleas from inside their homes. But fleas come from outside the homes—in the gardens and the surrounding areas. Professional exterminators can help you get rid of the fleas not just from your pets and indoors but from outdoor spaces as well. They can find the solution for the infestation in your yard and other surrounding areas.

The Takeaway

While do-it-yourself home remedies against fleas work, they may not last for a long time. Fleas can come back quickly because they can resist the effects of the home products that you used. Calling professionals to free your pets and homes of fleas is the more practical idea. Aside from saving time and money, you will also be protecting the health and well-being of your family. Not to mention, you’ll keep your pets safe and happy.

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