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College Basketball: Iowa guard Jordan Bohannon sucker-punched in Iowa City, receives head injury

IOWA CITY – University of Iowa senior basketball player Jordan Bohannon was physical assaulted early Sunday morning in Iowa City. Bohannon is recovering after receiving medical attention to treat a serious head injury.

“Thankfully Jordan is recovering well after being attacked by an individual he did not see coming at him,” said Iowa head basketball coach Fran McCaffery. “We were made aware of the incident immediately. We are grateful that friends who were with Jordan at the time kept the incident from escalating. His health is our number one concern.”

Reportedly, the incident is under investigation and charges and other repercussions may be imminent for the attacker.

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Rashida Tlaib Seen Dancing Maskless at Wedding In ‘Substantial’ Covid Transmission Zone After Slamming Rand Paul for Criticizing CDC. Can you say, hypocrisy???

NIT PublisherReply
June 18, 2021 at 9:15 am

Mason City Room June 15, 2021
Mason City, Iowa 7:00 P.M.


The City Council of the City of Mason City, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to law and rules of said Council, in the Mason City Room of the Mason City Public Library, at 7:00 P.M., on June 15, 2021. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held as a virtual meeting via Zoom. The meeting was called to order by the Mayor and on roll being called there were present, Bill Schickel, Mayor in the Chair, and the following Council Members: Thoma, Jaszewski, Symonds, Masson, Adams, Lee. Absent: None.

Adopt Agenda: Motion, Symonds; 2nd, Lee that the agenda be adopted. AYES: All (Motion carried.)

Mr. O’Connor with the North Iowa Events Center provided an update.

City Administrator Burnett presented his Monthly Activity Report.

Prior to adopting the Consent Agenda Item #11 was removed to be acted upon separately.

Consent Agenda: Regular Minutes of June 1 and Special Minutes of June 8, 2021; Claims dated May 20 and 27, 2021 in the amount of $1,810,253.99; Hy-Vee #2, Historic Park Inn, Sidewinder, Tobacco Outlet #552, Yesway Store #1011, #10019, #10026; #10028; #10032; #10033, Walmart, Casey’s General Stores #19, #1621, #1893, #2458, #2437, Homers; Tobacco License: Casey’s #19, #1621, #1893, #2437, #2458; Dollar General #6730; Family Dollar Store #24844; Fareway #491; Fleet Farm Fuel; Fleet Farm; Hy-Vee Food #1, #2; Hy-Vee Drug Store; Hy-Vee Gas #2; Kwik Star #1027 #1077, #1085; Liquor, Tobacco & Grocery; Mason Smoke Shop; Murphy USA #6795; Northside Liquor; Ransoms Cigar Store; River City Vape; Tobacco Outlet #552; Walgreens #05941; Wal-Mart #810; Yesway #10011, #10019, #10026, #10028, #10032, #10033; Approval of a 2.65% wage increase for non-bargaining employees for Fiscal Year 2021; Resolution No. 21-156, a resolution setting the compensation for certain appointed officials; Resolution No. 21-148, approving contract and bond for the construction of the “24th Street SW Paving Project”; Resolution No. 21-149, award contract to T.J.’s Trucking and Excavating Inc. of Winona Minnesota for the Water Reclamation Facility – Biofilter Improvements; Resolution No. 21-150, approving the purchase of two F250 ¾ ton pickup trucks from Prichard Auto Company of Britt, Iowa for the Operation and Maintenance Park and Internal Services Department; Resolution No. 21-151, award contract to Young Construction of Mason City, Iowa for the Park Maintenance Garage Roof Replacement; Resolution No. 21-152, fixing a date for a meeting on the proposition of the issuance of not to exceed $3,700,000 General Obligation Bonds of the City of Mason City, State of Iowa (for Essential Corporate Purposes), and providing for publication of notice thereof; Resolution No. 21-153, fixing a date for a meeting on the proposition of the issuance of not to exceed $300,000 General Obligation Bonds of the City of Mason City, State of Iowa (for General Corporate Purposes), and providing for publication of notice thereof; Resolution No. 21-154, nominating and appointing City Administrator/City Clerk Aaron Burnett to represent the Governmental Sub-Division with the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool, was presented. Motion, Jaszewski; 2nd, Symonds that all items in the Consent Agenda be approved and Resolutions adopted. AYES: All (Motion carried.)

11.CoRL and DoRL Program Revisions: Motion, Adams; 2nd, Masson that Resolution No. 21-155, approving procedural changes to the Corridor Revitalization Loan (CoRL) and the Downtown Revitalization Loan (DoRL) programs, be adopted. Discussion followed regarding scoring, funds available, whether the scoring would be public record, etc. AYES: All (Motion carried.)

Setting Water, Sewer and Garbage Rates: Motion, Jaszewski; 2nd, Thoma that the Ordinance No. 21-6, repealing Title 6, Chapter 1, “Public Utilities”, Article A. Water Rates, Section 1, Rates and Charges established, Subsections A and B (1) in their entirety, and adopting new Subsections A and B (1) in lieu thereof, be adopted. AYES: All (Motion carried.)Motion, Thoma; 2nd , Adams Ordinance No. 21-7, , repealing Title 6, Chapter 2: “Sanitary Sewers”, Article A. “Sewer Rates”, Section 3: “Schedule of Rates”, Subsection A and B, and adopting a new subsection A and B in lieu thereof, be adopted. AYES: All (Motion carried.) Motion, Jaszewski; 2nd, Symonds that Ordinance No. 21-8, , repealing Title 4, Chapter 2: “Garbage, Refuse, Recyclables and Yard Waste”, Article C: “Solid Wastes”, Subsection 12: “Charges”, and Adopting a new Subsection 12 in lieu thereof, be adopted. AYES: All (Motion carried.)

Adjourn: The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:41 p.m.

/s/Bill Schickel
Bill Schickel, Mayor

/s/Aaron Burnett
Aaron Burnett, City Clerk

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Let the police find him and then let him go. Then let Mr.Bohannon’s fellow teammates take care of the rest. Teammates take care of each other, and baseball bats are for more than just hitting baseballs.

Maybe he should have played better during the ncaa tournament

People suck!

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