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Todd Blodgett

“Be careful what you wish for; you may receive it,” wrote W.W. Jacobs, in ‘The Tale of the Monkey’s Paw’, in Harper’s Monthly magazine in 1902. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is the top congressional Democrat in all but title, should take note. In forcing Nancy Pelosi to launch an impeachment inquiry of President Trump, Democrats have severely undermined ex-Vice President Joe Biden – who, some claim, is the most electable contender for that party’s presidential nomination. Claims to electability aside, Biden’s candidacy is, effectively, over; whenever President Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine’s President arises, Mr. Biden – having pressured the previous Ukrainian President – becomes central to the controversy. Biden’s lackluster performance in the October 15 debate against his fellow contenders proved he’s not the same man who had bested the 2012 GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, in their debate. Mr. Trump rightfully inquired about Biden’s threats; Article Two, Section Three of the U.S. Constitution requires Presidents to ensure that U.S. laws “are faithfully executed”. Also, Presidents aren’t prohibited from requesting foreign help with corruption investigations. Not being a leftist lawyer, bureaucrat, academician or career politician, the acerbic, no-nonsense businessman in the White House has done nothing to warrant impeachment.

Likely voters know that Quid Pro Quo Joe’ interceded to help maintain the flow of some major dough to his son, Hunter Biden. Inevitably, this impeachment imbroglio will pull Biden down like driftwood in a whirlpool. But is there something deeper, and sinister, here? In politics, things aren’t always what they seem, and some well-organized, powerful, well-connected, highly determined, internal forces have opposed Biden from the start. In 2016, some shadowy forces, working with pro-Clinton operatives and Democratic National Committee-affiliated strategists, stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders. Given that he’s not favored by the calculating Leftists who dominate his party, it’s not implausible that the whistleblower’s secondary, if not primary, goal – by impelling an impeachment inquiry – was to derail Biden. Why not nail two targets with one shot? This strengthens Elizabeth Warren, who in the Iowa Poll has surpassed Biden, and leads in New Hampshire and California. But her nomination could mean that 40 states and 400 Electoral College votes go Republican, even if Trump is impeached, as appears likely. Among other pitfalls for Democrats: major corporate donors, top-level bankers, Wall Street titans, hedge fund managers and others who, for years, have provided BIG bucks to Democratic presidential candidates, now warn that if Democrats anoint Ms. Warren, their cash may sit idle, or go to Trump. CNBC reported on September 26 that in the last quarter, Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee raised over $125 million. But the Mercedes Marxists adamantly oppose Warren’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders, if elected, would be 80 years old in his first year as President, and looks and sounds even older. The irascible Vermont socialist, who had heart surgery, would snag some former Biden supporters, but not enough to overtake Warren. Then there’s Bernie’s image problem: to some voters, he’s like a shuffleboard-addicted Florida retiree, who, during TV commercial breaks, yells at kids to stay off his lawn before shuffling to his recliner to watch ‘Matlock’.

In eulogizing Senator John McCain, Joe Biden quoted Shakespeare. But William Shakespeare, in ‘Henry IV’, wrote, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” Until early September, it appeared highly possible, if not probable, that Biden would be ‘crowned’ by the Democrats next July. But nowadays, he should feel very uneasy. After all, his campaign is already well into the process of becoming, at minimum, collateral damage. Count on it: this impeachment inquiry means that it’s bye, bye, Biden.

Todd Blodgett of Clear Lake served on President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff and as an adviser to the 1988 presidential campaign of George H.W. Bush. He also worked for the Republican National Committee and the FBI. Mr. Blodgett can be reached via his website,

Clear Lake’s Todd Blodgett with President Ronald W. Reagan, 1981. Official WHITE HOUSE Photo.
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