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4 Lifestyle choices That Will Reduce Your Cost of Living

No matter how high your income is, it’s always beneficial to family life to try and reduce your cost of living. Freeing up your hard-earned money to spend on more enjoyable activities, like holidays and trips to the theatre, rather than a pile of bills is a great way to make lasting memories and spoil the ones you love. Adopting money-saving habits and searching for cheaper alternatives is the best way to slim down your spending, there are plenty of ways to cut your cost of living:

Shop Second Hand

Shopping second hand will always be less expensive than purchasing brand new items and there is a lot on offer if you know where to look. Try vintage shopping for your clothes, you can sometimes find designer labels that have only been worn once and are as good as new. Children’s toys and work tools can be found on eBay or Facebook’s Marketplace. Remember, one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. 

Switch to Renewable Energy

The initial investment into switching your home’s energy source can seem expensive but it will soon pay for itself. Solar panels can be easily installed onto your dwelling’s roof and will draw energy from the sun, converting sunlight into electricity. Small wind turbines can be installed in your garden to produce energy on cloudier days and air source heat pumps can extract warmth from outside and convert it into heating for your home. 

Move into a Tiny Home Shed

Downsizing into a smaller home is a great way to reduce monthly costs and many individuals are getting creative when it comes to building their own home. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to reducing rent or mortgage costs, so why not research how to create a perfect tiny home shed and rid yourself of those costly monthly bills?

You’ll need to consider the zoning and permitting regulations in the state that you live to make sure you’re not breaking any laws, but when you’ve found the perfect place to erect your tiny home you can enjoy designing the space to fit your family’s needs. 

Cook Family Meals From Scratch

Most families seriously underestimate the amount of money they spend on food, whether it’s ready meals, unnecessary snacks and treats or too many meals out and takeaways, food bills are usually higher than they need to be. The easiest way to reduce the cost of your food is to get into the kitchen and cook from scratch as much as you can. If you’re a busy working parent and don’t have time to cook in the week, look for simple batch recipes online that can be frozen and available during the week. 

Cut your costs even more by learning to grow your own produce, you’d be surprised at how much money you can save. Yes, you’ll have to plan ahead and be patient whilst they grow, but when homegrown fruit and vegetables are ripe and ready for harvest they’ll cost nothing to pick and will taste delicious. 

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