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Six months later, burned out Mason City house sits, begging for a catastrophe

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2014-06-03 12.03.48
202 12th SE on June 3, 2014

If elected leaders in Mason City don’t like you, they might send a bulldozer to your house; but if your decrepit shack nearly burns to the ground, all is well.

So some say.

However, the evidence is clear, judging from a rat-trap rental house on 12th Street SE that burned up six months ago and looks like the fire was put out yesterday. It sits, vacant, at 202 12th SE, with a yellow tape around it. The place nearly burned to the ground last June 3, 2014. A small explosion jolted folks that day as fire engulfed the house and basically wrecked it.

Officials seem to be doing nothing about the structure, which clearly appears to be a safety hazard.  It is located just a few blocks from two schools in a neighborhood with plenty of children. The owner apparently lives on the East Coast and is behind on his taxes.

Maybe he bought the right man a Moscow Mule and is getting a free pass.  That seems to be how things work in Mason City, Iowa.

Phillip Flinchum tries in vain to plead his case to Mason City council and mayor, but they want his house bulldozed.
Phillip Flinchum tries in vain to plead his case to Mason City council and mayor, but they want his house bulldozed.

Meanwhile, our city council and mayor have orchestrated what some describe as another sleazy back room deal against a citizen involving a house he owns that isn’t exactly pretty.  The house – again, which is far from perfect – has no structural damage and has never even been inspected by city officials.  The owner even tried to sell it using a realtor after cleaning it up, but elected city officials never backed down, and it could be bulldozed.  Phil Flinchum – Santa Claus to some kids – has punched back, hauling city officials into court and getting a judge to postpone the action. Records show no hearing is set in the case, and word is, everything is at a standstill and city hall has blinked.  They never thought Mr. Flinchum would get a lawyer and try to protect himself from their attack, NIT is told.  If that’s the case, they could be in for bigger surprises in the near future.

32 6th NW
32 6th NW

The bulldozers never came to 32 6th Street NW; McKiness Excavating may not get to earn the $11,000 it will cost Mason City taxpayers to knock the house down.  It seems that so far, city council members who were trying to do their grocery store meat man a big favor by demolishing the house across the street from his have failed to live up to their bargain, and the grimy wheels of injustice have ground to a halt.

And so it goes in Mason City – politics as usual. Corrupt, lopsided, and just plain dumb. This is the result when the masses stay home and the greedy, slow-witted elect buffoonery to control the apparatus of city business.

Let’s just pray a child doesn’t wander into the eyesore on 12th SE, seconds before it collapses.

202 12th Street SE as it appears now.
202 12th Street SE as it appears now.

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Sad to see people arguing over such a subject . This was my house :/

Just curious Matt, why did you delete my comments?

“absurd and pointless”. Or could it be that my remarks were critical and pointed. Matt you constantly point out others faults and mistakes but when I point out your mistake you get defensive and in attack mode. Why is that Matt?. I said your question of why did it take so long was a valid one but showing the house still standing was not factual.All you had to do was say “My bad” and reiterate the amount of time it took to get this house demolished was too long.

I was offended because you deleted two of my posts that were NOT absurd ,pointless ,rude or combative.I do admit that it seems like a long time to get a burnt out house demolished but I would like to hear the other side of the story. Off the top of my head since it was a fire, I’m sure the insurance company were dragging their feet. As another poster said did the owner have a hard time finding a company to tear it down? I don’t have the answers. Too bad you can’t get any answers from City…

Hall. I just got bit by the 500 character monster LOL

Matt I know nothing about the preferential treatment but at least on the surface the burnt out house DID sit too long before being demolished.

How does one go about reporting comments as pointless and absurd?

WHAT, your”report comment” doesn’t have a smorgasbord menu like this?
Name calling
off topic
just because
not feeling it
I don’t like Mondays
Remember you MUST pick two to get a post booted

@Reggie-Just so you know, it wasn’t me that reported on your comments. I find your post interesting as they always seem to point out another view point. I don’t always agree because you obviously live in a different part of town than I do and do not see what is going on. On this one I will go with Matt. The issue was not when it was finally torn down, but how long it took to do it.

The Flinchum’s house has been used for a STORAGE unit RAT TRAP for YRS..AGAINST city code and RUDE to neighbors. Neighbors who have had to deal with this inconsiderate for YRS.! The guy has money coming out his ass and can afford a proper storage unit. The house on 12th BURNED only a few mos. ago and was NOT being used AGAINST city code. I doubt this story wielded any power in getting the burned house torn down. Dream on….

This house was demolished before Thanksgiving.

DING DING DING That is the correct answer.

So much LOL.

We might as well get used to this kind of shit as we elected these stooges and now we will pay whatever curly bookmeyer wants. There is a way to get around all this bull shit and that’s to vote these baboons out.

@FUBAR-I don’t want to wait. Lets impeach the jerk.

…and all the previous comments have “what” to do with the fire and a dangerous house???

…and all the previous comments have “what” to do with the fire and a dangerous house??? What dangerous house is the right question.

Funny satire.

Day late and a story short.

Hey Reggie-It has been a long time. I thought you said you were done with N.I.T. and were never, ever coming back.

So who is NIT Publisher? Is this Matt who is comparing me to a heroin addict or is it a nameless gnome that Matt has allowed to anonymously insult me? Inquiring minds would like to know.

What’s the difference?

yup same ugly place full of ugly crazy posters with an ugly troll at the helm. glad I’m not addicted….now give me your best ugly response. No one who ever reads this rag would expect different.

Comments = reader participation = interest and entertainment. LVS = badgers commentators + tries to drive them away = less reader participation = less entertainment for readers.

Does LVS understand how he’s affecting the bottom line?

LVS: I don’t believe I ever said I wasn’t coming back or posting again BUT as everyone around me keeps telling me, my memory is shot so maybe!!!!!!!!!!!

@Reggie-well don’t feel to bad. Mine is not as good as it used to be. I could have you mixed up with someone else. It is possible as there have been so many over the years. I always enjoyed some of your comments and as I recall you were a gentleman about most. At least you were intelligent which is always refreshing after dealing with that idiot Philospus all the time.

No riddle here. Drive by this address and tell me what you see.

What would possibly be the reason for letting this burned out home stand?

Oh yes, now I understand.

INSURANCE COMPANY MONEY. A business willing / with time to tear it

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