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Clever Ways to Expand One’s Knowledge During Down Time

Nowadays, most people find themselves looking for ways in which to improve their skillset and perhaps learn something new. While the desire to broaden one’s horizons may be apparent, one may be at a loss in terms of how to get started. Following are a few clever ways in which an individual can expand their knowledge and learn something new.

Consider Taking Up a New Skill or Hobby

One of the best ways in which to expand one’s knowledge is to learn a new skill or hobby. Many people express interest in a variety of fields, however, they may be pressed for time, or lack the resources to get started. Take the time to identify one or two particular hobbies and start exploring. One of the most popular skills people like to explore during their free time is how to make sound investments in order to increase their financial stability. Consider checking out beginner investment books at the local library or bookstore, in order to enhance one’s own knowledge on how to invest wisely.

Step Out of One’s Comfort Zone and Travel

One of the quickest ways in which to expand one’s intelligence is through travel. There is nothing more liberating (and slightly unnerving) than purposefully putting one’s self outside of their comfort zone. This is often most apparent when it comes to international travel. Traveling is a fantastic way to truly get to know one’s self while exploring and navigating unfamiliar territory. 

Even if travel outside the country is not feasible right now, consider exploring one’s own community, or even a neighboring town. Not only will this help one expand their ability to navigate through unfamiliar areas among unfamiliar people, but this also helps enhance one’s sense of empathy, and fosters a greater sense of community with others.

Learn a New Instrument

Some studies have shown that children who learn musical instruments at an early age often score significantly higher when it comes to math and reading comprehension assessments. The reason why is likely due to the fact that learning an instrument utilizes parts of the brain that are heavily involved in both math and literacy, giving these children an advantage over their peers who do not learn an instrument at an early age. 

The same advantages which children enjoy when picking up a musical instrument can also be seen in adults as well, regardless of age. Learning an instrument is a fantastic way to keep one’s brain sharp while enhancing one’s personal repertoire of talent and skill. So go ahead and pick up that old base guitar again, or dust off that old flute that has been sitting in the back of the closet for the last ten years. There is a multitude of helpful tutorials and virtual lessons which can be found online, as well as talented instructors looking to take on new students at the local music shop.

Make the Most of Time With Podcasts

Some individuals are pressed for time more often than they would like, making it particularly difficult for these individuals to expand their knowledge during their downtime. Podcasts are a perfect way to maximize the use of one’s time while still expanding one’s horizons. Podcasts can be played during the morning commute or while completing chores around the house. They cover a wide variety of subjects. From current events and politics to the latest in science, technology, and celebrity gossip, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to podcasts.

Consider Volunteering and Other Altruistic Opportunities

Volunteering within one’s own community is one of the best ways to increase one’s knowledge and intellectual capacity through service to others. Volunteers often find that they are happier and more satisfied with the state of the world when compared to those who do not volunteer regularly. 

Those who engage in such altruistic matters tend to experience a more fulfilling life, due to their ability to make a difference in improving the lives of those around them. Volunteer opportunities can be found in a variety of areas throughout the community. Nursing homes, schools, food banks, veterinarian offices, and hospitals are all places that work with volunteers on a regular basis.

There is a multitude of ways in which anyone can expand their knowledge during their spare time. Individuals who take it upon themselves to continue learning throughout their lifespan are less likely to experience dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later on in life. One shouldn’t have to feel as though learning should stop when formal education comes to an end. By seeking out clever new ways in order to expand one’s knowledge, an individual will find themselves able to stay sharp throughout their twilight years while enjoying a higher quality of life.


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