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Motorcycle accident leads to police chase

motorcycle accident
Photo sent by NIT subscriber.

MASON CITY – A Mason City man was seriously injured at the intersection at Highway 122 and Pierce Avenue after Saturday evening. NIT will not be releasing the man’s name until police issue a press release.  The man was a well-liked and known for his love of motorcycles.

Details are scarce and the situation is still developing, but NIT was phoned by multiple witnesses who saw a man down in the street at the intersection of Highway 122 and Pierce Avenue, with CPR being applied to a male victim. Information sent to NIT was that the man was seriously injured and is now en rout to Mercy hospital. He had been driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  There may be another person injured as well, a female, who was also injured and taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital.

In what appears to be a part of the incident, police chased a suspect north and he was caught at the 1500 block of North Madison. The male suspect was described as combative. He was taken into custody, and police were seeking a blood sample to determine his sobriety.

Pierce and Highway 122 were barricaded for investigation and clean-up of the accident.

More on this situation as it develops.

Vehicle of alleged hit and run driver being towed from 1500 block of North Madison Avenue.  It was said that the tires had to be shot out to stop him.
Vehicle of alleged hit and run driver being towed from 1500 block of North Madison Avenue. It was said that the tires had to be shot out to stop him.


At the scene
At the scene
Downed motorcycle
Downed motorcycle

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Its always the innocent that is hurt by these pieces of shit. The way our judges let people out with a suspended term is absurd. Time we hold these guys accountable. What a tragic reminder how vulnerable we are to these losers.

I went to school with Jeff, and we always had a good rapport with one another. Jeff was always smiling and took a keen interest in our alternative music activities. I remember he had this thing going on with his neck which left him with limited mobility, and a mutual friend/jokester used to refer to Jeff as “Sasquatch” affectionately. Jeff even went along with the joke, cuz he knew we meant no harm. He was on my friend’s list on FB for awhile years ago. Sorry to hear of the loss

I believe they caught the hit and run suspect on the corner of 14th N.W. and Madison. One report said he hit someone else as well. He also reportedly refused the breath test.

I had heard that the motorcycle driver died and the rider had broken bones and other injuries. This guy is in deep trouble for what he did today. We don’t know what the whole story is yet, but it is obvious, you never run from an accident, I am glad they caught him right away.

@John-I heard the same thing and that is a shame. They have a guy in jail with a list of charges as long as his arm. Evidently, not only was he drunk, he had a child in the vehicle with him.

OMG you idiot!!! the guy who had a child with him was a suspected 10-55 called in by a motorist who witnessed him all over the road.. also witnessed him going in the ditch and driving right back out… they nabbed this guy in Rockwell- which happened WAY later at night than the motorcycle hit and run accident around 5pm… if your going to comment at least know what your talking about!!!!!

go to article above this one on top stories page— CLEARLY stated, even shows photo of the individual detained for the motorcycle hit and run accident last night at approximately 5pm… person your referring to was arrested at after 2am… Victor Rivera hasn’t been booked on charges related to accident yet, he’s only been charged for what outstanding warrants he had.

@John-My mistake. Wrong drunk.

No problem LVS. jojo1girl went over and above to tell you that it the wrong drunk driver you were talking about.

The results don’t change, both incidents involved OWI but this one caused at least one death. “Allegedly.”

@John-It is really strange that other than the weapons charge on Rivera the charges are almost identical. I wonder what the dumba## has to say about that.

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