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 A must see movie for our YOUTH, DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS, if you are ready to hear the TRUTH about President Obama!

O B A M A’ S  A M E R I C A



An In-depth Documentary that Journeys Into the Life of Barack Obama

I didn’t realize what made President Obama tic.  This movie is well done and in no way an Obama bashing film.  It is well worth the time and money to see this movie.


2016 Obama’s America takes audiences on a gripping visual journey into the heart of the world’s most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man’s past will redefine America over the next four years. The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

Across the globe and in America, people in 2008 hungered for a leader who would unite and lift us from economic turmoil and war. True to America’s ideals, they invested their hope in a new kind of president, Barack Obama. What they didn’t know is that Obama is a man with a past, and in powerful ways that past defines him–who he is, how he thinks, and where he intends to take America and the world.

Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, best selling author Dinesh D’Souza races against time to find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016. During this journey he discovers how Hope and Change became radically misunderstood, and identifies new flashpoints for hot wars in mankind’s greatest struggle. The journey moves quickly over the arc of the old colonial empires, into America’s empire of liberty, and we see the unfolding realignment of nations and the shape of the global future.

Emotionally engaging, 2016 Obama’s America will make you confounded and cheer as you discover the mysteries and answers to your greatest aspirations and worst fears.



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I saw Dinesh D’Souza on Bill Maher’s show last night. Dinesh is a liar, a moron, and a coward. Bill called him out on many different things in the movie and Dinesh couldn’t prove Maher wrong. In this movie he has taken a bunch of almost truth’s and tried to turn them into facts. Seems like the republicans have been doing a lot of that this past week. By the end of the inteview Dinesh basically admitted that the movie is nothing more than an anti Obama commrecial

Yeah, Bill Maher’s show, that’s the place to go for nothing but truth and fact. Hahahaha.

But the fact remains the same Dinesh D’Souza was on the show and could not prove anything in the movie was in fact the way he preceived it to be. He wasn’t able to give one true source for statements and many were proved to be taken out of context. He is an Obama hater and that is what the movie is trying to promote. Dinesh D’Souza is to republicans as what Micheal Moore is to democrates. Difference is democrates are smart enough to figure this out and republicans aren’t. They will take anything bad said about Pres. Obama as being true without checking facts.

You said that the democrats are smart enough to figure out that the movie isn’t true yet you are not smart enough to figure out that obama is a sham and is destroying our nation. Sounds like you need to be unbrainwashed. Having your head buried in the sand too long has made you delerious.

Maybe, If you don’t believe me watch the show. I’m just telling you what happened on it. Are you afraid of the truth? Sounds like to me you are. Open up that closed mind of yours and see the truth. The last time my head was buried was 30 years ago when the kids and I were at the beach. I check out fact I am not like you and just believe what everyone tells me to believe.

I have an open mind because I listen to both sides but when I heard what Obama had to say and realized that he was lying to us and after researching what he was doing I decided that he was the anti christ and that anybody that was a follower of his was brainwashed and needed to be saved. I did my research and choose the best one, you need to open your mind and and possibly see a shrink because Obama is messed up and so are his followers.

Maybe why is ti you can’t have an open discussion with you republicans. All you seem to want to do is start name calling. I gave you a chance to have a discussion but you evidentally can’t carry on one. When you want to have a true conversation I am ready>

I can carry on a conversation but when you are talking to someone that you know is heading towards a brick wall yet he doesn’t see the wall it is frusterating. You want to save him but he doesn’t think he needs saving.

You sound more like a happyguy on the payroll of your Master Obama

Obama demeans himself, he doesn’t need any help. My bet is Peter, you haven’t seen the movie and just the thought of someone doing a bio on “your guy” has your shorts in a knot.

Obama knew when he was running that the country was in trouble and that unemployment was high, yet he made all kinds of promises, of which he had absolutely no idea how to handle nor did he surround himself with people who had a clue.

Let’s see his college transcrips, including how and who he used to get grants, etc. Why would he want to hide this if he was the brain he claims to have been…it should be something that he is proud of.

The Dow has gone up to almost double under his first term, all the auto companies are posting double digit gains, housing is up, not by much but its on its way,better than being down. Over 4.5 million jobs have been created under his first term, this past weekend record sales were rung up across the entire country. The courts are over turning the voter restrictions in many states, the last time I looked out the window the confedrates had lost….and it looks like it’ll happen again. Billions are being gathered to beat this dark skined kid, and it ain’t working. And before you say anyuthing, I know; “It ain’t about his skin color” and we don’t need oxygen to breathe either.

You have to be just tickled to death at the price of gasoline then too. Do you remember that on Inauguration Day (Jan 20th) 2009, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was about $1.78? How’s that “Hope & Change” working out for you? Anyone But Obama Nov. 2012.

Craig…how is it his fault that the same large oil companies that the republicans love to death are price gouging us at the pumps today. They don’t want him elected again either. They are afraid if he is reelected he will somehow be able to talk oil loving republicans and teabaggers into taxing them fairly and take away their loopholes and subsidize’s. Corporate America doesn’t care to much for the democrates. We don’t believe they are “people” and we think they aren’t pulling their fair share. So now Craig, can you figure out why gas prices are so high?

“how is it his (Obama’s) fault that the same large oil companies that the republicans love to death are price gouging us at the pumps today.”

I doubt you’ll find that many Republicans love the fact that Obama chose conflict and Venezuelan oil over Canadian oil when he rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would have taken oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

The last time I checked, we (the US) were buying about 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Venezuela. Let’s just say that oil is $100.00 a barrel, that’s $80 million dollars a day or almost THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS a year that the U.S.A pays to one of it’s greatest enemies in the entire western hemisphere. This is one reason why I feel the price we pay at the pump is a fault of Obama. Thanks for asking.

This is a film funded by a Republican pac. It is meant to demean Obama, it has as much truth to it as Paul Ryan’s convention speech.

Knowledge is Power!

I went to see this movie and was pleasantly surprised at the way it was done. While it is a movie it was done without sensationalism and opinion. It’s more of a documentary that moves you with facts and interviews that apply to our everyday life. There was no BS or negative talk about President Obama.

I have went to Michael Moore movies and they were riddled with opinion and distorted information.

Dinesh D’Souza the author of Obama’s America 2016 has done an excellent job of presenting the truth about President Obama in a respectful way.

Michael Moore on the other hand outright lied in his movies.

Happyguy you really need to see this film before you make such black and white decisions. You are cutting yourself off from knowledge. The same goes for CM. Lighten up and seek knowledge.

Knowledge is Power.

I’m not seeing any movie unless Micheal Moore directed it.


happyguy is clearly a f—- idiot period…………………

Proof that most teabaggers are ignorant. Sticks and stones…ect, ect.

Did anyone notice one of the white house senior advisers recieved one hundred thousand dollars for a speech in Iran. I wonder what kind of information got leaked to the enemy. That’s a lot of money just for a speech. His name is David Plouffe’s.

happyguy what sites are you using for your research because from reading your posts you are horribly misinformed. Better step out of the main stream media box because you really don’t know what’s going on big time. Read both sides. I voted for Obama last time so you can’t claim I’m one of those Republicans. It’s scary that people like you vote when you are so biased. That doesn’t help anything. You have a responsibility as a citizen to stay informed whether you like the answers you get or not. The truth is the truth, deal with it.

So, happyguy are you going to go see the movie?

Like I said in an earlier post I didn’t go see Michael Moore’s movie on GWB and I see no reason to go see this movie. For God’s sake it is a movie, made for the entertainment of the right and to make money for the producers. I can do my own research and come to my own conclusions. I don’t need someone to lead me down a path. I can find my own way!!

Well said, happyguy!

After seeing the movie it is real easy to explain. Obama developed his policies from his roots. He did not grow up in America. In his background are countries that he relates to and associates himself with. He tells us all about this in his book, “Dreams Of My Father.” They use Anarchy (full of jealousy) to govern themselves and take what ever they want from their neighbors. They raid and kill at will to get what they want in the countries he came from. Many live in squalor in the countries he came from. Their brand of leadership and governing kills ambition and incentive.

He has been surrounded all of his life with Marxist/Lenin/Communist mentors. Both his mother and father started it in his early childhood.

It is obvious by his policies that he believes in Anarchy and socialism. He constantly makes his own laws and implements them and the rest of citizens be dammed. Look at his recent immigration policy he implemented without legislative approval. Also, he has yet to submit a budget to the Congress to act on. Instead he just spends and demands the debt ceiling be raised. If the Congress doesn’t give him the money he threatens to cut off Social Security Checks.

Obama is very jealous of the American way of life and capitalism.

He is hell bent on making America a 3rd rate country like Greece. We are close to our financial tipping point (the point of no return) and we will all live in squalor.

Obama tricked us with Hope and Change and many of bought it that notion. We voted for the first black President to prove we were not a racist country.

What we didn’t vote for is Class Warfare and destroying Capitalism and the American way of life.

Very well stated ! AMERICA – wake the hell up before it is too late ! We are headed down a path of destruction and will end up just like Greece if Obama is re-elected. OBAMA is anti-American ! He is the anti-Christ ! Facts speak for themselves

I fear for my family and their futures as Americans if he is re-elected. Even Hilary Clinton would have been much better than Obama – at least she is a proud American, unlike the Obama’s. Obama promotes class warfare and folks dependency upon the government for survival.


I’ve seen this movie also and it is a must see before election day. Larry, therefore I agree 100% with everything you said.

JUST MY OPINION…OK smart guy, what year did Obama start making his run. Since you only seem to know when he was elected, he started running in ’07!

When you get right down to it, war has already been declared here in America. Obama started it with his War on the Rich. It was a sad day for America when he started Class Warfare. In the last three years we have seen neighbors quit speaking. We have long time friendships broken-up. There is nothing worse than jealousy and envy. We are truly a divided country and nobody really understands that the root cause is jealousy that is being promoted by our President. Very sad indeed.

If you look at Arab countries that use Obama’s policies the people live in squalor. Their Government controls everything and most of all the money and how it is distributed.

President Obama wants that kind of Colonialism here in America. It has never worked since the dawn of time and won’t work in America either.

Please explain what everyone is envious and jealous of. I’m not seeing that at all. If you’re referring to liberals (just a shot in the dark), they’re basically happy people. They’re satisfied with what they have because they’ve worked hard for it. Most liberals are not materialistic, at least compared to conservatives. Many of the conservatives I know will never be happy because they always need MORE money, more wealth, more power, more reasons to look down on those who may not have as much. I’m a liberal (surprised?). I’m not wealthy but I’m certainly happy because I have all I need.

And really, Obama wants us to live in squalor? Where in the world did you come up with that one?

I am a liberal and want to earn more money. What is wrong with wanting to better yourself?

You make no sense at all.

Watchdog…If you really believe what you are preaching here…YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST IGNORANT People ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The hatred, arrogance, and stupidity you spue on hear isn’t worth a comnent.

Then why did you? Do us a favor.

If it does happen happyguy I want your address so I can ask you in person if this is what you wanted. They voted hitler in too because of the same stuff obama is saying, I hope we learn from their mistakes.

First, Hitler was never elected. He ran in two national elections in 1932. In the first, he got 30 percent of the vote, and no one got a majority. In the resulting runoff election, he increased his votes to 37 percent, while his opponent, World War I hero Field Marshall Hindenburg, got a majority. Through back stabbing and corruption, Hitler was APPOINTED Chancellor.

And please, comparing Obama to Hitler is the lowest of lows. You can do better.

Hitler and Obama are the same, no difference between them.

David you just lost all your credibility with the statement “Hitler and Obama are the same, no difference between them”. I will still say thank you to serving our country. But you just validated my comment where I said most teabaggers aren’t smart.

Go see the movie. The policies that Obama is governing with are the same policies that are used in the countries he comes from. The people there live in squalor.

Pretty simple, if this country don’t stop borrowing money to pay it’s bills, we will all be living in squalor and end up with the same kind of turmoil you see in Greece.

Do you want rioting and violence in our streets too?

Where was your out cry when GWB started spending and running up the deficit? He was passed a balanced budget and my guess is you voted for him twice. You can’t have it both ways. Believe it or not things are slowly turning around. It took W 8 years to bring us down and Pres. Obama, without much help from congress has us going in the right direction. Why is it teabaggers alway seem to throw out the violence propoganda? If President Obama wins there will be civil war, rioting, come on. Just another teabagger follower.

A judge in TEXAS?!? Please! Have you been to Texas lately? South Texas is STILL Mexico, and always will be. Take a drive down there sometime. It’ll open your eyes.

Who cares what it looks like it is still a part of the United States and they will fight for their freedoms just as I will. You can say all you want about not losing any freedoms but when the time comes that our freedoms ARE taken away and you are not worried then you have a problem, actually we all have a problem.

I wasn’t referring to how it looks, although it IS ugly, dirty, full of poverty and crime, etc. Seriously, take a drive down there sometime and try to find someone who speaks English. I have a good friend who moved there and was trying to find a job. He finally gave up because they’re not hiring anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish. BUT, you can find lots of jobs if you speak only Spanish and no English. The vast majority of politicians are corrupt. They constantly accept bribes and live in huge mansions behind gates (for protection). Texas is turning into a SAD state.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but once it comes out on DVD I will see it. I have done the research so I have a pretty good idea where he is planning on taking our country and I don’t like it. There is a judge in texas that says if he gets reelected there will be a civil war and I believe it. He will sign the UN small arms treaty outlawing guns period and use UN troops to confisgate the guns, I can garantee there are alot of people out there that will not give up there guns so a battle will start. Thats just with guns, he has other plans too, the cuts to the military will cost us millions of jobs.

Happyguy is smarter than all of you teabaggers put together. That bothers you, A LOT, doesn’t it?

There is no proof that happyguy is smarter than anyone.
Tea-Party people are also intelligent.

It isn’t that liberals aren’t smart it it’s just what they know isn’t so!

It wouldn’t hurt you liberals to start thinking outside the box and realize you have been duped.

Anonymous…you are right! Afew teabaggers are smart. Problem is most aren’t. Most are just followers that want to believe that by giving big business and the rich more money that they to will somehow share in the wealth. That has been tried and it failed. They lack common sense and the power to reason. Many hate the fact that a man of color is our president. Many love there guns more that their country. Many believe that a woman’s place is bare foot and pregnant. Most red necks are teabaggers. So again you are right. Some teabaggers are smart and they will be smart all the way to the bank with the money they steall from the working class, middle America, if they have their way.

I’m wondering if happyguy is a plant to keep things going on this site, nobody can possibly be this stupid.

Could be Peter Children.

Did you people wear your white sheets when you went to the film?

White sheets? Peter your racist mind is working again.

I like that one Peter. We don’t agree on many issues but that comment was great.


It is important that you go see the movie OBAMA’S AMERICA 2016.

I would be interested if you think about such matters or you are going to close your mind to possibilities and the world around you. I sure hope that is not the case.

Please see the movie and then let us discuss it!

That goes for everyone. It really is that important that we have this discussion for the benefit of all of us.

Where so we want to take this country? Do we really want to change America in a socialist country? Do we really want to throw capitalism out the window and replace it with collectivism?

IT is a movie. It was made for entertainment and profit. Did you go see the Michael Moore movie about GWB? And if you did do you believe what was in it? I am a very open minded moderate democrate and I didn’t go see Moore’s movie so why on earth would I go see the same type of propaganda only this time aimed at a democratic president? You can’t learn the truth at a movie theater. Oh I’m sure there is a thread of truth in it somewhere but I am sure that most of it is very slanted at best.

I thought you said you were an independent? Plus you say you are open minded, sorry not seeing it here. The difference between moors movie and this one is moores wasn’t taken using facts but theory, I guess since I haven’t seen the movie that I am not sure if it is from fact or theory but this video is about fact, things that investigators have found from the only records obama couldn’t hide.

David,I have never stated that I am an independent. You can’t seem to follow the posts. When I wrote “I am an independent”, that statement was in quotes. I was quoting your statement posted at 8:05 pm on Aug, 25.

David, (now I am quoting from you, these are not my words, they are yours) “I haven’t seen the movie yet but once it comes out on DVD I will see it” So how do you know what is in the movie and what facts it is based on? You are showing you colors as a follower with that post.

Happy guy…Are you trying to say that Obama had no clue that the U.S. was heading for a recession when he was running. He needs to quit whineing and man up…just as RR, GHWB and GWB did. They didn’t cry about the economy they inherited…they got on with running the country and, when necessary working with the other side. It was the Democrats that pleaded with HW for higher taxes after he promised not to raise taxes and he went along with the Dems. RR had neither a House nor Senate of Repubs, yet he pulled the country out of a recession by working with the other side.

GWB’s last two years were with both a Dem House and Senate…yet some things got done, unfortunately they included such things and opening up the housing market to sub-prime lenders who went bad, Dodge-Frank, etc.

FDR helped our path to WWII with the lend-lease act and cutting Japan off scrap metal…do you hate him for getting us into that war.

What about JFK, it was he who put our troops in Vietnam, and how did that little war work out. More that 50,000 dead, thousands missing. Unless I missed something, the combined death toll for Iraq and Afganastan are somewhere in the 8,000 range. Not good considered the numbers wounded, but nonetheless an damn sight better than what happened in Vietnam.

Al, the U.S. was already IN a recession when Obama was elected. The stock market tanked under GW Bush. No need to thank me for refreshing your memory.

May I refresh your memory via liberal Mayor Bloomberg of New York from Nov 1, 2011 article in He explains it was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis. It was Congress who forced everybody to go and give mortgages to people who were on the cusp. They pushed Fannie and Freddie to make loans that were bad. They were the ones that pushed the banks to loan to everybody. This led to much of our misery with the economy in this country wouldn’t you agree? At this point those of you that are misinformed and aren’t keeping up reading both sides are hurting the country because you don’t have a clue what is going on. It isn’t some football game where we cheer for one side or the other. Get off your butts and read up on the issues, quit siding with teams and use rational thinking on your own with all the facts to help with logical discourse. Your children and grandchildren will be grateful for improving the country.

You sure don’t sound like an independent, you have the hate and sarcasim in your words like a democrat. I am not of the tea party but I do agree with some of there beliefs. Another thing, those wars are not georges wars, they are our wars against terrorism. The were a nessessary evil that had to be done. Now if you wanted to just sit back and let the terrorists attack us thats up to you but me personally I would rather defend myself and take the fight to them.

David I was responding to your earlier post. I quess you can’t figure that out. You said “I am an independent but in my opinion all democrats should be sent to russia, they would almost fit right in, might be alittle extreme for them though.” My reply was how can you be an independent when you want to sent all democrates you Russa. DO YOU GET IT NOW!!..Also, could you remind me what terrorists were in Iraq? I seemed to have forgotten. Oh ya now I remember…NONE. It was W’s war. He wanted to finish what papa was smart enough to stop. Why are so many things so hard for some people to understand?

I was there in Iraq and I saw the terrorists everyday. I saw with my own eyes the weapons they had there, wmd’s. Most of the terrorists we fought were from other countries, Iran, somolia, Kenya, jordon. You can sit there in your easy chair sipping your drinks and tell me that it wasn’t a just war and I will tell you from the trenches in Iraq to screw you, I know better because I WAS THERE.

David, I don’t doubt that when you were there so were terrorists. My point was that they weren’t there until we over ran the country. Thank you for your service. The truth is that we did not need to go to Iraq. We had Saddam Hussein in check with the no fly zone. The terrorists enter the country the deay after we did.

the terrorists entered the country the day after we did

They found huge terrorists camps in caves under ground that have been there for years. Iraq has been a training ground for terrorists for years.

Between 1999 and 2001, the U.S. and British-led air forces in Iraq dropped 1.3 million pounds of bombs in response to purported violations of the no-fly zones and anti-aircraft fire from Saddam Hussein. This under the Bill Clinton administration. Is this what you mean by having Hussein in check with the no fly zone? Do you think the bombings made anybody mad over there? I repeat this was Bill Clinton, before Bush. You need to read more so you are not misinformed.

Yes folks if you don’t agree with Obama you are a racists. If I said Obama is a typical black man would that be a racists statement?

Ed, Look up the definition of racist and then you tell me. If you can’t find the answer or if you don’t know how to use a dictionary, let me know. I can help you (that’s what good American’s and democrates do).

There isn’t such a thing as a good democrat. Happyguy is nothing but stalin wannabe which does make him a good democrat.

Please see the movie and then share your thoughts. I know this discussion will take a different direction after you have seen the movie.


Hey happyguy, Are you the one driving around town with the dog tied to the roof of a van??? Just asking. If so do you want a knife and fork to go with it? HEE HEE

Sorry Annie, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Must be a republican teabagger joke.

There goes happyguy again just keepin things classy. Teabagger jokes are so witty. Wait let me try it– teabagger, teabagger, teabagger, ha ha ha, how lame.

Happyguy you seem to spew a lot of your own hate and racism. Your term of teabaggers is classless and a poor reflection on your thought contributions.

Citizen, sorry but by definition the term teabagger is not a racist term. I do however distain the teabaggers, their teabagging movement, and the teabaggers ideas. They are, in my opinion and may I say most Americans opinions, the cause of many of the problems we have today. They have failed to do anything but work to oust Pres. Obama. That is not why anyone should ever be voted into office. There are republicans and teabaggers. Republicans you can talk with, reason with, and compromise with. Teabaggers you can’t. I have said it before here most of the US is in the middle. Moderate republicans and democrates. They work together to get things done. Teabaggers hold US hostage.


The Tea Party has put the Republican Party back on the right track. The 2010 elections saw the American Voters send a majority of Republicans to the Congress to stop the wasteful spending of President Obama and the Democrats. All thanks to the Tea Party.

Now it is the time for the Tea Party to straighten out the Democratic Party and get the Dem’s to start working for the working class instead of the Rich and Elite.

Your views are skewed with wrought with very bad knowledge.

Here is something for you to think on. Ignorance can be corrected with education. Stupidity is fatal!

Please get some education, I don’t want to loose you.

I was lazy and relied on the press to inform me on his so called values and everything else. I was lazy I admit it but never again will I not do my own checking into facts. The press is lazy and stupid.

“If you are paying to much in taxes it is because you are working for your money. There is nothing wrong with the working class expecting the rich to pay their fare share. That isn’t communism or sosialism. That is only fair”

HUH???? Please explain, as I don’t understand your logic. Should I NOT work and expect others to take care of me, is that one of your points?

You lost me in your very first paragraph. What does Obama have to do with Muslims??

Because he is one???

You’ve been misinformed. Obama is NOT Muslim. Quit reading comic books.

America will be a closer to becoming a SOCIALIST/Communist nation by 2016 if Obama is re-elected. Our religious freedoms are at stake as the mission of Muslims is to wipeout Christianity worldwide. The movement is frightful and disconcerting ! Take the hard earned fortunes of the “better off” and distribute it equally among the “dead beats” – that’s what Obama represents to me, sad to say. 144,000,000 (million) Americans pay no tax – what a burden to the “better off” that work so hard and are smart enough to take care of themselves and not look for every handout the government provides . What happens when the fortunes of the hard working, smart tax payers is gone? Where does the money come from then – CHINA perhaps?

I FEAR FOR OUR AMERICAN FREEDOMS if Obama is re-elected, as he is slowly eating them away from us little by little.

And what about Obama’s war in Afghanistan ????? Is that a “free war” and why do the DEMOCRATS promote dependency upon the government to sustain life ? I don’t get it at all. 144 MILLION that’s
(144,000,000) AMERICANS PAY NO TAX ! 72 % of Black babies are born to single females and most likely 90% of them are welfare recipients for 18 years and then this moves on from generation to generation – what is the SAVIOR (OBAMA) doing about this?

How is this fair and sustainable ? I have been waiting for an answer to this question for many years. America has become the land of the freebies and home of the *enslaved ( *53% of folks who pay taxes) – VERY SAD VERY SAD !

How do you answer a question that is based on total BS? What freedoms have you lost in the past 3 1/2 years? Who is taking all you money? If you are paying to much in taxes it is because you are working for your money. There is nothing wrong with the working class expecting the rich to pay their fare share. That isn’t communism or sosialism. That is only fair. The war in Afghanistan is W’s war. Pres. Obama is pulling the troup’s out at a safe and reasonable rate. Your rant is pure and utter BS. You along with your republican teabaggers want the US to turn back the clock to the 1950’s where white males ruled everything. You can’t stand that our President is a man of color. The extreme right of which you are a part of is what is wrong with America today and it is time for the likes of you to fade into the night.

I voted for Obama in 2008 but I sure am NOT voting for him in 2012. What a disappointment and failure.

One clear answer to your question, “What freedom have we lost?” Financial freedom is first and foremost. Going an additional 5 trillion in debt has reduced your net worth about 40%. Per capita income is also lower.

The loss of our Financial Freedom is huge. Obamacare is another area of the loss of choices for quality health care.

There are more but this should suffice to clear up any of your BS!

Financial freedom? We are farther in debt yes, but you have lost no freedoms there. The national debt has increased in a much smaller % under Obama when compared to say…G W Bush or Ronny Reagan. Did you lose freedoms under those 2? ObamaCare hasn’t even taken effect yet so how do you lose there? I fail to see any lost freedoms. You try to preach the republican stump speach but most logical thinking Americans can see right through that. Try again.

Try 3/19/2012 headline “National Debt has Increased more Under Obama Than Under Bush explaining the debt increased more during President Obama’s three years and two months in office than it did under 8 years of the GWB presidency.”. Logical thinking won’t work when you have the wrong info in your head. I don’t know where you are getting this stuff but it’s not true. Truth matters. Obamacare has resulted already in increased insurance premiums and some businesses are not hiring until they see how this election turns out in the Fall. That affects people.

Happyguy is a hard core democrat, his mind is so closed he can’t see or smell the BS he is shovelling, and playing the race card again. I am an independent but in my opinion all democrats should be sent to russia, they would almost fit right in, might be alittle extreme for them though. The movie 2016 is alittle on the conservative, I believe from what I have heard it will be worse than portraid on the movie.

David…”I am an independent” and then you want all democrates to move to Russia. How is that being an independent? You sound like a closet teabagger to me.

Truth Much…if you talk %’s the increase is much smaller. The dollar amount to is due mainly on the fact the Pres. Obama inherited 2 of Goergies wars and his failed economy. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Wait I keep forgetting that you teabaggers are so narrow minded that if you fall on a needle you poke both your eyes out.

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