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Op-ed: Primaries a blood sport (by Peter Children)

I have been watching the Republican primaries on television, and it is tantamount to a blood sport. These candidates are devouring each other in an all out frenzy, no holds barred nothing is sacred all this is for one reason…to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. Of course you then become the most powerful person in the entire world.

The pay is meager when compared to someone who dribbles a ball up and down the floor, but the perks are like none other.  Clinton owed hundreds of thousands in attorney fees when he left office; when his wife ran against Obama it was reveled they were worth $110,000,000.00. Must have saved his weekly paycheck….you think?

The president receives life long protection, a generous pension…probably free postage for life, then their picture on a stamp after they perish…and free burial. They can pardon anyone for anything; Clinton pardoned 230 drug dealers on his last day in office. His wife, that wonderful Hillary; her brother was selling pardons right out of the oval office for $200,000.00 a pop.

Lets not wander, back to the fight to go against Obama; just ain’t going to happen people.  Obama will need not look for other housing for another four years. Just watch those debates that are the center piece of this primary, watch what is taking place on stage. Gingrich has three wives, one is saying he wanted an “open” marriage, hell he married his teacher at 16 years of age.  You want that guy behind the desk? Romney is said to have money in the Cayman Islands, his grandfather had multiple wives…forget him.  Dr. Paul wants to do away with the army, good luck there. Rick Santorum….no money and no chance of matching Obama’s war chest.

I voted for Obama first time around and I can’t wait to repeat that vote; I gave him enough money the first go around that he sent me an invitation to the inauguration…I didn’t go but I framed the invitation.

Look around you, this is a Christian nation, everything is based upon those principles…watch and listen to the ongoing rhetoric in these events and you will find that ever so common thread of religious conservatism that is constant.   So………if you’re not sending money to Obama, then give it to your favorite charity where it might actually do some good.

Peter Children

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