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Op-ed: Weaver is not a deterrent to progress (by Peter Children)

This news story was published on December 8, 2011.
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I don’t see Weaver as a deterrent to jobs or progress in this city. If I thought that I’d have said it long ago. I see him as a watchdog concerned about the health of this city and those living here. Max is a lighting rod to those who agree with him and to those who do not. The difference will be felt soon enough when measures are rammed through the council without regard to cost or the ability to fund them without falling back on higher property tax levies.

The hatchet job administrated in today’s paper by John Skipper is nothing new, it is what he does. Anyone who has lived here long enough knows John wrote it to let off steam, probably frustrated over the outcome of the ZBA results in once again delaying their decision to issue a permit to spread unknown particles across this community. If you really want to gamble there is a casino twenty miles to the North….go there it is much safer, they will take your money, all of it if you let them, but they won’t interfere with your health.

The president of CES says they have other communities who want them to call; I say call ‘em, go build your plant there and if the cancer rates don’t increase then come back. A terminal patient might readily agree to a unproven experimental treatment, but In this community I don’t see anything terminal or deadly wrong, with the exception of our mayor.

Peter Children

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