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Entering and Exiting Full Screen on a Mac Makes Many Jobs Easier

If you own a Mac, you probably realize you have a quality product. Many consumers feel that way, which is why Apple sells so many of these machines. They dominate the home computer market, though some people pay less for cheaper PCs if they don’t want to pay top dollar.

You can learn many tricks with a Mac that might come in handy, including how to full screen on Mac. For instance, did you know you can seamlessly toggle between full screen and regular screen on a Mac? 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to full screen on Mac and why you might want to do that, as well as other useful tips and tricks for maximizing your Mac experience.

What Does Full Screen on a Mac Mean?

If you’re setting up “full screen” on a Mac, that means you’re utilizing an app, and it’s taking up the entire screen. Sometimes you might want that, and other times not as much.

If you set up full screen, that probably means you want to take advantage of every bit of that screen. If you do that, you can work without any of the desktop distractions that can otherwise pop up, like new items appearing in your newsfeed or getting new email notifications.

How Do You Go from Full Screen to Regular Screen Using a Mac?

If you have a Mac, you might go from full screen to regular screen if you’re working on a project. To do that, you simply go to the app’s window that you want to feature on the entire computer screen. You then hit the green button you’ll see on the top left.

Then, hit Command, Control, and F. You can also hit Fn plus F if you’re running the MacOS Monterey version or a later one than that.

From there, you just hit View and then Enter Full Screen. You should see it in the dropdown menu. That should do it.

Why Would You Do This?

We already mentioned how, if you set up full screen, you can work on something with nothing else distracting you. If you feel like you have a hard time doing classwork or working on a project for your job, this technique makes sense.

You might also edit photos this way. Maybe you’re doing photo editing and getting granular with it. With full screen, you can notice a picture’s smallest details. You can hone in on the tiniest imperfections. If you’re airbrushing a picture, you can do it much more easily this way.

You can also have multiple displays and use full-screen mode. When you do, you can have two apps in full screen on a single display, and you might also drag and drop images from one app to feature in another. If you’re working with apps with visual elements, you might do this and save a step.

Having this option becomes possible if you learn your Mac’s functionality. If you own a Mac for a while, you will likely find some additional tricks and techniques to help you do your work faster and easier.

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