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The Best Epoxide Dining Tables and How to Choose Them

This news story was published on September 4, 2020.
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Epoxide tables have emerged on the home design horizons relatively recently, and they have immediately become all the rage. One thing was their ultimate newness, and another was versatility of design and finish, especially when combined with wood. Colorless or colored, free-form or patterned, big and small, round and square, light or dark, such mixed medium tables can be fit into any kind of interior, from living room to kitchen. This is why what began as a trend for eye-catching coffee tables gradually became the widely accepted style of dining tables and kitchen countertops.

Key reasons for epoxide popularity are its visual glamour, sturdiness, resistance to scratches and stains (conditions apply) and possibility to create them personally, DIY way. When properly mixed and hardened, epoxide is more resilient than glass, and it attenuates the quiet elegance of wood by its glamorous shine. It also provides endless creative options of imitating various natural materials and designing mind-boggling abstract surfaces.

Original and Stylish Epoxide Dining Tables: Design Details

Before choosing a table as an important element of interior, you need to know what you can choose from. Along epoxide accent, dining tables can vary in the frames, materials used, color, shape and size. If you visit you will see all possible kinds of tables conveniently. But here is a written guide to help you categorize what you see.

Frames (legs) depend on the table size. 3 or 4 slender wooden legs can be found in small to medium tables, round and rectangular. Bulkier tables will need more support, so massive square legs of wood or welded iron frames are more common in big tables. Trestle type is a solution for medium tables, since the heavier the item, the sturdier the legs and the table, and when crossed, they will take up most space. Crossed or fancy supports are also for small and medium sized tables, because of same requirements towards sturdiness and firmness.

Shapes can be classical, like round, oval, rectangular, square, or live edge, which means that the edges of wood surrounding the epoxide insert are left un-straightened. They are polished and lacquered but retain their natural shape.

Colors depend on materials used. Wooden parts are typically left unpainted. They are tinted by finishing materials, like varnish or oil, but natural shades of beige or brown are preserved. It is necessary for creating interesting visual contrast with epoxide that is usually of bright contrasting color. Theoretically, you can find any color you like, but for truly elegant and subtle effect seek black, white and turquoise blue inserts. They all pair pretty well with wood and fit into any interior. Besides, they look refined and expensive. By choosing such pairing of color, you immediately elevate your room to designer’s creation ranks. Get some chair covers, a few throw pillows, or decorative stuff in the color of epoxy insertion, and you are done with full room redecoration!

How to Choose an Epoxide Dining Table

Now closer to the point of specific interest: how to choose a table for you?

Begin with size and shape: it should host the number of people you plan to entertain freely. Shape depends on the room shape: long tables for long rooms, short (round or square) tables for square rooms.

Color will depend on your preferences only. You can pick the color that will match the already existing color scheme of your room, or buy the table you like and add the décor elements that will match the epoxide insert in the table.

In such a way, you will immediately create the rapport between a foreign element and the existing ones, and your dining room (or area) will look harmonious and stylish.

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