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President Donald Trump impeached by House

President Trump
WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald J. Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress. The votes fell almost entirely along party lines: 229-197.

Trump will next face a trial in the Senate, which is run by Republicans and will likely acquit him of the two charges.

The White House responded to today’s impeachment outcome with the following statement:

Today marks the culmination in the House of one of the most shameful political episodes in the history of our Nation. Without a single Republican vote or any proof of wrongdoing, Democrats pushed illegitimate articles of impeachment through the House of Representatives.

The American people are not fooled by this disgraceful behavior. They understand fairness, due process, and substantial, reliable evidence are required before any American should be charged with wrongdoing—and certainly before impeaching a duly elected President.

The President is confident the Senate will restore regular order, fairness, and due process, and will continue to work tirelessly to address the needs and priorities of the American people, as he has since the day he took office.

Thursday morning, President Trump himself tweeted, “I got Impeached last night without one Republican vote being cast with the Do Nothing Dems on their continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history. Now the Do Nothing Party want to Do Nothing with the Articles & not deliver them to the Senate, but it’s Senate’s call!”

Previously, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. They were not removed from office – that requires conviction in a trial held in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and top Democrats are already haggling over how a trial would proceed. The House must deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate in order for the trial to proceed, and there is no timeline in place for that delivery to take place.

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I guess there wasn’t enough Trump bashing for the moderator(people were getting down on the Democrats), so they deleted comments.

All the Democrats did with this farce, was open the door for it to happen to EVERY president from now on.

Thank You Nancy Pelosi.

I consider myself a Democrat that voted for Trump with the hopes he would act more presidential when in office.
I could not stand Hillary. My wish did not come true.
Regardless of the impeachment or its outcome where we are at in America is scary. This morning I watched a young woman who had made the rounds on Fox , MSN and CNN state with quite a bit of conviction that Democrats “hate the constitution and American values ” Holy cow we all share this country and I never before heard such rhetoric . I highly suspect(know )this sentiment started at the top and continues to be repeated over and over. Hard to unify over anything with this going on . The country’s polarity will continue to get worse I’m afraid

And Hillary still lost. Imagine how cushy Nancy would have been had Ms. Clinton been elected. I’m sure the Queen Of England would have made an historic state visit. Things would have been absolutely fabulous for Nancy. Now the bitterness has taken hold of her. She’s just one big wrecking ball. Just more #metoo fallout. Hate.

*A truly dark day in the history of our nation. House Democrats followed through on their goal of impeaching the President, which they have promised to do since the day he was elected. I have said this before and will say it again: this is a clear and present danger to our Republic. It is a coup attempt against a duly elected President only 11 months from an election. With no evidence of a crime, and articles of impeachment that are absurd and baseless in the extreme, Democrats have abused their power, showing a complete lack of respect for our Constitution, system of government and voters they label as “deplorable.” They are behaving like corrupt politicians in a third world nation. They have undermined confidence in our institutions of government, reduced impeachment to a cheap circus sideshow and divided the nation in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime. Meanwhile, in Virginia, Democrats who recently gained power in all three branches of government are issuing threats of gun confiscation, suggesting that they will use the National Guard to take guns, since law enforcement officers in Virginia are mostly refusing to participate in the effort. This threat of using the National Guard has prompted some counties in Virginia to create militias to protect their 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats are bringing this nation dangerously close to violence by attacking our traditions, our history, our Constitution, our core values, our God-given rights and anyone who does not agree with them. Our Republic will fail if this continues. For some, this may be the ultimate goal. This needs to stop now.

Sad day…for Democrats. Trying to take down a President who did not commit a crime. When you spit in the wind, it will come back and hit you in the face. Trump’s base is stronger because of this.

Nancy you can’t make someone vote like you want them to. That’s called a bribe!! The senate as well as the public heard everything that was said in the house trial! I along with most of the senate, and most Americans agree That the evidence that has been presented is a sham! Trump hasn’t done anything to be impeached! Besides your house party had agreed on impeachment long before any trial was heard in the house! We the people are sick of this. You and your house party really are a disgrace to America! We all will remember this in November!!

Crime pays

The first Fake impeachment

What about Dianne Feinstein? Why is there a media blackout concerning her name. She has made her international friends very, very rich. She’s the money ball. Trump isn’t anywhere near her level of deception. And Nancy and Hillary are just stooges.

Just remember, Dems…you asked for it.

My prediction, this isn’t going to end well, for either side.

Misses speaker is following the plan perfectly. What a rube.

Trump admitted straight on TV and to the American people, that he collaborated with the energy. He openly, publicly admitted to treason and smiled as he did so, saying nobody will do anything about it. Admitted to treason himself =impeachment. Wth is wrong with some of you American people??

In what dream did you see that.

That’s funny. Good always prevails over evil. The President of The United States, will be our President for 5 more years. He has done more good for our country, and will continue to do that, since The Ronald was President. Open your eyes.

Dearest Diane , This man paid off centerfolds , calls foreign nations shi*hole countries , is proud to grab women by the genitalia , falsifies weather maps , make fun of dead congressmen , lost the respect of our friends and allies overseas, ….flushes the toilet 15 times ….windfarms cause cancer ….True the economy is doing great , but don’t sell your soul for your 401k . He got caught , and as soon as he did he let the money go . If he was investigating corruption , surely the ivestigation was not over so why release the money. I mean , he is the one in charge. How do you explain that members of our state dept were supposed to report to Rudy ? When did he become a part of our foreign policy team ? For goodness sakes he brags about getting Ivonavitch fired !!! He won’t let 1st hand witnesses testify, anything to hide ? You bet he does . Yeah the economy is doing great .

The lead investigator was caught, he had e-mails from when Trump was elected,stating that he would make sure that he didn’t stay in office. Go watch when Sen. Trey Gowdy interviewed him.

Yes God prevails like a 911 event coming soon to a town near you . Getting impossible to tell light from dark , I am truly worried.

Prima donna. That would be the speaker of the house. Exactly what the name was meant to mean. She is the destroyer of worlds. This what she will be remember for.

The Democrats will hold the articles until it gets closer to election time. Then try to say that they were held up by the Republicans.

Actually close but not quite . If you ever get informed , Mitch Mcconnell has already stated he is working closely with the white house and their attorneys . He will also not allow any witnesses at a trial. A trial mind you .
No witnesses at a trial ? This is the time for the Republicans to shine to call their witnesses to clear Donald. The Democrats just want the truth and the Senate majority wants nothing to do with it. I voted for Trump myself . But things have gotten way , way too polarized.

The articles of impeachment have passed the House. Now the House Majority leader has to present them to the Senate. There is no required time line on this.

So,”If you ever get informed” you might understand what was stated,”The Democrats will hold the articles until it gets closer to election time. Then try to say that they were held up by the Republicans.”
There just isn’t a better way of saying exactly that. The Democrats will try to blame a delay they cause on the Republicans, trying to earn some sympathy votes.

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