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3 Top Cyber Security Measures For Your Business

Keeping your business safe from the devastating effects of cybercrime should be a top priority. An organization’s reputation and very existence are at stake when a hack attack or a data breach takes place. Cybercriminals look to steal data to sell on to identity thieves or perform professional espionage. Stealing financially valuable service or product design information can leave a company with huge financial losses, bereft of trusting customers, and at the mercy of a PR machine waiting to leap on the next lost data scandal. The best way to prevent such a disaster befalling your organization is to employ a policy of robust preventative maintenance and ensure that your security policies are up to scratch. This article looks at a few of the more important tasks you should be prioritizing.

Keep everything updated

The problem with hackers and cybercriminals is that they are always supported by the latest tech and given enough time, they always seem to be able to circumvent yesterday’s cybersecurity measures. This is why it’s so important that you don’t leave any update stones unturned. Make sure you have a strict update policy in place in your organization whereby everybody knows that all devices and all software must be regularly updated with the latest security patches. You can even set your devices and software to do this automatically, so there really shouldn’t be any excuses to leave any back doors open to a hacker. Back this up with a good quality firewall and anti-virus software, and similarly, make sure they stay updated too. Keep everything updated and you will be far less likely to succumb to any dangerous data breaches.

Should you find that your network has been compromised despite your best efforts, employ a specialist team of digital forensic experts who can track down those responsible and help you mitigate any potential losses. The team at Secure Forensics is a great example.

Always back up your data

Never underestimate the value of a robust data back-up procedure. No matter how vigilant we are, nothing is completely impervious and data losses can occur due to hacks, fire or even just a failing hard drive. It’s the loss of data that can cripple a business, so making sure your data is safe regardless is critical. Set your back-ups to be automated and have at least one copy offsite (in case of fire) and perhaps even store your data remotely in the Cloud to be extra safe. It’s also wise to make multiple copies of your back-ups, just in case, and to continuously test the back-ups themselves to make sure your procedure is working as it should.

Keep your staff trained and informed

If everybody is on the same page with all your cybersecurity protocols and procedures, then you can always rely on your team to ensure guidelines are being adhered to and that your data is safe. With cybersecurity training, written guidelines and a clear awareness of the importance of updated devices and software along with regular data back-ups, you can be confident that the whole company is working together keep your business data safe.

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