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Is Online Better Than Offline for Meeting Partners?

This news story was published on April 8, 2019.
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The ultimate aim for any single who aspires to alter that status is to meet someone, either in some social situation or after conducting a search for love online. There are various arguments about whether the best medium for connecting with a potential partner happens to be a dating website or your local singles bar. So what are the answers to this question: is online dating a more effective way to meet partners than the offline version?

You have more choice online

The explosion of dating websites has meant anyone seeking a partner has so much choice, literally at their fingertips. Depending on the type of relationship you are most interested in, there are separate sites catering for every possible aspiration. Having narrowed down the possibilities to one website in particular, once you have signed up, you are then liable to be presented with an extensive list of possibilities. Where you would once have been able to enter your favorite singles bar and be presented with perhaps a couple of dozen potential partners, now you can add a couple of zeros onto the end of that figure.

It’s much more convenient

Offline dating can be quite a time-consuming activity, as you are required to invest a lot of effort into hanging around appropriate social situations, attempting to get to know strangers you know absolutely nothing about. When you embrace the possibilities of dating sites, you can find out all about any prospective partner simply by browsing through their resume. Once you’ve signed up to a dating site you can access your inbox to check for messages at any time of night or day. You might be sitting on a bus or tube train, commuting to work, and be merrily interacting with any number of potential dates.

Chemistry can be established much quicker

Because interacting with strangers in busy bars or nightclubs can often be difficult, given the distractions of other singles or thumping music, when you go online the business of connecting can be much more subtle and rewarding. As you home in on any one individual in order to get to know them better, you can say a lot more in your intimate text messages, establishing meaningful contact. Being alone with your web browser can give you the confidence to flirt, bringing out your silver tongue so you can really build a rapport. When you do eventually arrange a get-together in the offline world, you will already know so much about each other, so the chemistry will already be tangible.

People tend to open up more

Couples who are interacting in a digital environment are in a much more focused situation. Because they’ve taken steps to sign up to a dating site, they have committed themselves to get to know someone at the other end of their discreet messaging. This means they will be far more honest and aboveboard when they are reaching out to other site users.

Beware of the downsides

A minority of individuals are much less trustworthy when taking advantage of the online situation, inventing aspects of their personality, lying about everything from their status to their actual name. But any reputable website will accept negative activity is detrimental to the service they provide, so they’ll attempt to weed out antisocial users.

The bottom line is, you can raise concerns you have about anyone’s behavior if they appear to be asking unnecessary questions about your private life, especially aspects such as passwords or bank details. Your website’s administrators will be highly experienced at dealing with people whose motives are less than honest, leaving you free to concentrate on genuine contacts.


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