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Opinion: Frustrated with Bookmeyer and city hall

As I sit here well on my way into my eighth decade of life, I look across the landscape of what has been the town I chose to live in. And what do I see… I see a quagmire that is our local government and those who were elected to run it. During the years that made up the majority of my life, I bought and sold commercial real estate, not as a broker but only to the point it was germane to the business I was operating. There were times I leased the property rather than to purchase, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been engaged in business here for 60 years.

All during that time it was required of me to obtain licenses and permits that would allow me to engage in the business I had chosen. This meant that I had to deal with city councils along with various other department heads such as City Attorneys and various other law-enforcement branches.

So what is the conclusion in all of this? I would have to say this in all sincerity; this current administration along with the council is the most inapt borderline corrupt group of city officials that I have ever witnessed. I have watched our current mayor systematically replace people on mundane insignificant committees, panels and boards with people of his choosing eliminating those who he did not reappoint who had far more experience than the person who he replaced them with. It’s called control… and it is immature and childish.  When Bookmeyer first ran for mayor his campaign manager operated a collection call center located somewhere behind the Walmart store. It just so happens that this guy had more human rights complaint filed against him at the office of human rights than any other person at one particular time. While I was not present in any manner, it is my contention that there could have been a promise made to him by Bookmeyer that went something like this; “if I am elected mayor I’ll shut that Human Rights office down.” Understand that this is merely conjecture on my part but as the years pass one after another it seems more and more possible that it did happen. Bookmeyer unsuccessfully tried to get it closed with a council vote, in fact it was at the top of his agenda, but he didn’t have enough votes to get the job done; so what did he do he systematically waited until each board member’s term expired and then reappointed one of his own people take their place. Eventually he had the necessary votes to close it’s doors. Thus ceased to exist a bastion of hope for the downtrodden and underprivileged that live amongst us. The maneuver that our mayor took was evil and diabolical. I have been told Bookmeyer’s then campaign manager was eventually fired.

Bookmeyer shut down Human Rights in Mason City, Iowa.  The office is closed.

I sat in the council chambers, the only time I ever attended a city council meeting in the 60 years that I have been in business in this city. One of the councilmen asked me why I was there… this was my answer; I came to witness a lynching I told him and he said to me is that what you think is going to take place here tonight I’m convinced of it I told told him. Sadly it came true. Chops restaurant liquor license was denied renewal due to a nuisance law that was never ratified….that means it was never a law to begin with, it was just made up. At its base it was ridiculous, it was obscene to imagine that you would be responsible for something that occurred 5 football fields (1,500 feet) from your front door. Get serious! How are you going to protect yourself from laws that are made up on the spot.

Now another boondoggle is before us. Those of you who watch the council meeting on television or were present in the room how much did you hear about the cost of maintenance and upkeep related to this pie in the sky hotel. I watched and I never heard one word related to this level of cost. Where is that money coming from because it will be substantial. We should have a contest in the city to find the answer as to how we can afford to sell an entire mall for 1.5 million then put another 18 million into it plus pay rent and expect to come out ahead. This is pure insanity the mayor and the entire council should have their mental faculties tested.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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All coming out more and more each day, the real cake is already out, the rest will be cherries on top!
Fantastic info Peter. Great truth telling Matt.

I sold the house I built on 4th street at least 25 or 30 years ago.

The writer may want to pay is delinquent property taxes or IC Systems will be calling!@!@

Im not even sure if peter lives on 4th anymore.

Peter has not lived in this house for years, you can call off the witch hunt now.

I can assure you I did not vote for Trump

SUPER ! You must be a Trumpster – 90% of all government is corrupted – Even the repubs have a few traitors.

Mr Children I am no longer a resident of the “Fine” city of Mason City but I do still live in the area and would never stand up for the elected officials your city now has. The one thing I will correct you on is that you know nothing about the laws and the processes for the collection agency that was located behind Wal-Mart called I.C. System. If you are unaware of what actually went on in that facility let me enlighten you a little since I worked there for 6 years. You call people and collect money that they owe either for unpaid medical, consumer, or credit card debt. Keep in mind the key word UNPAID. 98% of the calls were to people outside of Northern Iowa. The main office and all address associated with this business were in St. Paul. Therefore how in the hell could someone have several human rights complaints in Mason City. If any complaints are made by Debtors (people that dont pay their bills) these would be going through the Better Business Bureau. I would suggest the next time you try to post this drivel and drag someone through the mud you have your facts strait and research what you are writing about. Just a word of advice so NIT doesnt make you look like any more of the DumbA** that you already do!

While Matt enlghtenrd you more than I did, he is 100% correct that these complaints were filed by those working there and not by those who were called. I personally visited with a couple female employees who said the manager was a super schmuck along with the entire management staff…..which by the looks of it and your defensive attitude included you.

Oh my, I bet that hurts!

Pretty silent now.

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