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One person in Iowa quarantined for possible Ebola exposure

Ebola is treated in West Africa earlier this year.
Ebola is treated in West Africa earlier this year.
DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is updating the numbers of travelers who are currently being monitored for Ebola.

As of November 6, 2014, 13 travelers, who were in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea in the last 21 days, are now in Iowa. Twelve had low risk of having been exposed to Ebola in those countries, so they are being allowed to resume normal activities; however, IDPH has ordered them to self-monitor, meaning they are required to take their temperature twice a day and report their health status to public health.

One person had some risk of being exposed to Ebola, and has been quarantined, meaning they have been directed to stay at home and take their temperature twice daily, including at least once with a public health official observing.

IDPH claims there is no risk to public safety.

None of these travelers have any symptoms consistent with Ebola – which include fever, vomiting and diarrhea. IDPH Medical Director and State Epidemiologist, Dr. Patricia Quinlisk stated, “These individuals are being monitored closely and pose no risk to the public’s health. All individuals are fully complying and are cooperating with health officials.”

Public health actions, such as “quarantines,” are used when a person is well, but may have been exposed to a serious disease, and so may become ill in the future. With the disease Ebola, the incubation period is up to 21 days, thus the person will stay at home or be “quarantined at home” for 21 days.

“Isolation” is used when an individual is displaying symptoms of an illness; this has not been used yet in Iowa because none of these travelers have become ill or displayed symptoms. As more non-ill travelers return from West Africa, it is likely that more people will be directed to either submit to self-monitoring or placed into quarantine. Iowans should be confident every step has been, and will continue to be taken to protect the public’s health.

These public health actions are consistent with current national guidelines, are part of the standard practice of public health, and have been used in the past with outbreaks of SARS, measles, tuberculosis, and during the 2006 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

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386 million people in this country…9 of them have ebola, 1 died. C’mon man!!!

@homes,-the point is that you or your family could be next. There are 13 in Iowa right now and a lot more than that in Minnesota.

My comments about how god isn’t real were deleted. They were attacking no one personally and not vulgar in any way. Nice moderation you’ve got on this piece of shit rag Matt. There, delete that one.

grow up

And that is exactly what I would say to someone who is flagging posts that don’t fit into their box.

All of my posts from the history time and going forward from now could be deleted, but that doesn’t change the fact that god is a man made myth. He’s fake, it doesn’t exist. And Jesus was a liberal who wants you to take care of the poor.

The only posting I flagged was a few weeks ago and that was by mistake. I believe in the bill of rights, all of it, and not just when it suits me. As much as I hate what you said about God, you are very wrong though, but it is your right to say it. If you threaten to attack someone physically, then I would report the comment but until that happens live and let live I say.

Why does it bother you so much when I state the fact that God isn’t real? Is it because deep down you know that I’m right? Or you’re bitter at the possibility of wasting your entire life on a myth?

It bothers me because of this, say I looked outside and saw it raining so I told you that it was raining but you didn’t believe me so you got all dressed up but I still kept warning you but you just wouldn’t listen. I see you making a huge mistake and I don’t want to see you suffer in the end but if thats what you want then so be it.

That’s very nice of you to care about my soul and it’s eternity, I appreciate that. I will choose to believe that there is no god and you may continue to worship. I’ll tone down my atheistic proselytizing

Quite touching of Maybe…but since no one’s lived to tell, he’s basing his “perceptions” of rain, on speculation, aka faith. Some may choose to believe the Great Tree Mother is the supreme diety, or perhaps the god of the Sun, and would #maybe accept a Druid’s concern for his spiritual well being as openly as he expects you to? I’m guessing not. I support everyone’s ability to believe as they choose, but when it crosses into law, or creates violence, it needs to be flushed.

Back in the days before christ people had their own Gods, some were probably fake gods but some may have been the real God that they called a different name. The native americans for example, without truly understanding their religion mother earth could have been our God, or maybe not. According to the bible it wasn’t till the tower of babel that God sent the people all over the earth, over the years maybe the names have been changed but the deity hasn’t. I don’t know.

I think the Native Americans are absolutely right on a lot of things. I’m much more spiritual than I am religious. We could learn a lot from them.

I wish I knew alittle more about their religion.

The catch-22 concerning “nature spirituality” aka Earth Goddess, Mother Nature, Gaia, Native American Spirituality etc, is that in order for humans to have achieved the scientific discoveries they now enjoy and rely on, it was necessary to break-away from what could have been construed as transgressions against the Earth Mother. I’ve lived a natural life sun up to sundown, working the land, breathing clean air; it’s poetic and charming, but when the bugs come: you start to evolve.

I think someone needs to shift their lips into park!

Am I not allowed to participate in a discussion on this site?

I don’t know if it’s a ‘right’, because essentially a benevolent dictator controls these waters, but I certainly think you should be included. You’re one of my favorite voices on here…if not the ONLY voice of reason. I think you’re the same person as Iowa Sucks, but if you need to keep the secret for whatever reason, I understand your need to switch handles. Personally I wish Matt would evolve into a truly neutral entity, and just let us enjoy having conversations unaltered.

Nope, not IowaSucks or any other handle. I’m myself.

Personally I think philosophus (peter) is iowa sucks.

#maybe, you know I’m not Iowa Sucks. He has a different style. Although we share many of the same viewpoints, it’s no different than you or LVS having similar viewpoints along the political spectrum. You’re just uneasy with the reality that others could have similar views as myself in regards to issues you’ve apparently made your mind up about. Iowa Sucks, as well as Left MC always brag up their incomes and their tax paying status…of which I refrain. I’m a Yogi, and Buddhist.

And it may blow people’s minds, but I have ONE handle and one handle only on NIT, and have NEVER posted anonymously…except only one time many years ago when I thought I was logged in but wasn’t. I’ll say this though to Matt if he’s reading: My new Android Mini isn’t able to see the CAPTCHA picture, and for some reason when I try to log in with the phone it’s asking me to prove I’m not a robot…so I haven’t been able to use it yet on NIT. Can you explain that Matt?

I think linking it to Facebook would be cool. Yeah, I’d actually be down with that Matt, but problem is not everyone’s on FB, and I have to admit, some of the humor would diminish, cuz there’s no way in heck that LVS, maybe, or even Buzz would post the same stuff using their real names. In fact they’d disappear entirely and you’d barely have any discussions going. It would clean up the content, but my prediction is that it would make NIT sterile. Could you have both?

Okay cool. You know, since the new election commenced, maybe wiping it all out, installing FB comment system would be good idea. If you think the rancor is getting too much, forcing a FB sign in would definitely set a new tone. But that’s your call. I could go either way. I’m not afraid to use my real name if everyone else is. Let me know when you get that CAPTCHA thing figured out for Droids, cuz I’m hitting the road today and want to be able to use it in transit. 🙂

We will believe it when we see it.

@Philamena1-You are wrong as usual. I post on facebook and use my real name. And, there are lot’s of people out there in N.I.T. Land who know who I am. I have always stood behind what I say. Of course you claiming to have posted under one name only is just another one of your many, many lies.

@Matt-you could make people sign in with their real name and it would be OK with me. I think you would probably hurt your site in some respects. However, the weekend TROLLS would disappear in a hurry.

I have said a few times that matt should require everybody to use their real names.

@maybe-A lot of our lefty friends would be gone you know. You wouldn’t have to many to debate with. Some of them are known to be trolls and cowards.

Then our debates would be true debates and not them just trying to start a fight or just calling everybody names.

I’ll gladly use my birth name. No problemo. If you acorns had any memory, you’d realize from the beginning I was asking Matt to require real name signups. I’ve nothing to hide. My policies are sound and true. It would cut down on the trolls but there may be some residual cost to that. The other thing is how can you confirm whether their FB account is real? Anyone can create a fake email and then a fake FB account. Food 4 Thought.

@Maybe and Philamena1-The easy way to to this is we all have to register when we buy our subscription. Make that a requirement that you mus be a subscriber and use your name. Matt would lose a few hits and that may be unacceptable. That is how they sell advertising is by the number of hits.

Finally, someone else with some sense. Quit buying into the right wing fear machine you kool aid drinkers.

Well I heard on the news last night that they have gathered up 43 people that just came in from Ebola country and are being monitored in MINN. MPLS area. Won’t be long and we’ll have it here.

That didn’t take long….

Oh, and the science says that quarantines and travel bans is actually counter productive to stopping the epidemic. But you guys hate science too. Maybe you should pray to your god to stop it. Praying always works right? LOL

Keep this up and God will do some 2 kings 1:10 on you.

If you look around at every living thing only the biggest fool will say that there is no God but that is your right. You have the right to believe or not to believe but only a fool makes fun of someone that chooses to believe, a fool or a bully. Keep it up though because I can take it and when you die you will find out if you were right or wrong.

LeftMC, I definitely agree. Jesus was as liberal as they come. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised is he used cannabis on a regular basis. Why else would he be so enlightened about how to treat your fellow man? He would be a registered Democrat today. It’s obvious that the tax collectors whose tables he overturned in disgust and rage were the Republicans of the day.

WoW-Looks like someone is off their meds again and hallucinating pretty badly. Time to get out the butterfly nets.

It seems you disagree with the position that Jesus was a liberal LVS. Let’s here your argument for your position rather than your incoherent name calling. I’ll wait…

@LeftPhilamena2-I do not debate religion. I have no opinion and don’t really know what Jesus was or was not and neither does anyone else. All people have to go on is word of mouth and what is in the bible. I don’t put a lot of stock in either. However, if other people want to believe I am fine with it. Now, if you want a argument “Maybe” is the one you should talk to.

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. The reason past Ebola outbreaks fizzled out was because people in Africa DIDN’T travel as much as they do now. It’s simple logic: If you prevent people from coming into the country from affected nations (or via reroutes thru Europe) the disease will never reach you. If Africans were quarantined within Africa and not allowed to travel to Europe or anywhere outside the affected outbreak areas, it would quickly be contained.

On humanitarian grounds, there could be an argument to be made about actually DOING something to cure the disease, but I disagree with the medical community strategy for trying to get help to Ebola stricken nations. Basically, they reason that if enough Americans get touched by the disease, pharmaceutical companies will be forced to get off their ass and find a cure. I’ve known this is what those Doctors Without Borders strategy was all along.

And now it starts. Why wouldn’t we want to do the sensible thing and stop all travel from the infected country’s. No one can trust the CDC. They have known for 10 years that the flu shot is ineffective for people over 65 years old but continue to push it for millions of seniors. It is all about the money to them and it doesn’t matter that these shots contain poison.

You nailed it LVS, the CDC is clueless and is still giving guidelines. The new Obola Zar that Obama named is missing in action, nowhere to be found. No news here people, nothing to see, move on please.

Because that’s not the sensible thing, that’s why. The medical community has said that quarantines and travel bans will be counter effective to stopping ebola. Quit getting your medical information from Faux News.

@LeftPhilamena2-You give new definition to the word ignorant. You left wing idiots have all but ruined our country and now we are going to fix it. You are a minority and as far as I am concerned the enemy.

It’s the “you don’t think the way I do so you’re the enemy” mindset that has ruined the country LVS.

Well its here now what? Oh yeah they’re going to withhold information from the public that’s right!

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