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President Obama makes statement on Trayvon Martin case

Statement by President Obama:

The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America. I know this case has elicited strong passions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities. We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.

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The President of the United States speaks about a potentially explosive issue and you boobs read politics into it? He speaks of family, violence and compassion. Where do you get politics?

This was a huge media event. Much of the country was riveted to this trial. It’s no different than the OJ trial – President Clinton issued a statement. Or the James Earl Ray trial – Nixon made a public statement.

It would help your credibility if you would think before you post.

I’m afraid the President inserted politics when he commented that if he had a son, he could look like Trayvon. Now the President wants cooler heads to prevail…should of that of that before his inflammatory comments inciting race baiting.

WHAT? That’s political? Since when? “If I had a son..” sounds like compassion to me!

My god!

The President should be above commenting on individual criminal cases before the case is even tried….The president was making judgements before the facts were known. Also, I highly doubt the presidents son would be roaming the streets at night under the influence of dope with pictures of nude underaged teens and piles of jewlry on his cell phone. Not to mention a grill and tatoo on his face.

Lawyers and retired judges all have said that the prosecution had no case to begin with but Obama pushed the DOJ to pressure them to try Zimmerman, now that he was found not guilty the DOJ is going to try him, if they had no case to begin with what makes them think they have a case now? That sounds political to me.

Not the facts at all maybe. The Florida Attorney General decided that prosecuting was the right thing to do. President Obama said several days afterwards that a full investigation was important.
You and your buddy Steve King are both trying to make this political when it wasn’t. King has even stated this was all the President’s fault and charges should have never been filed. When someone shoots another human being who just happened to be unarmed, then charges should be filed and the justice system will determine who is guilty and who isn’t. In this case, they decided that Mr. Zimmerman wasn’t guilty.

I never heard king say that, I heard it on cnn and did some looking into it. This morning on cnn they had a retired judge and he said that Zimmerman should never have been tried, there was no evidence saying he was guilty, it was the doj that pushed them into prosecuting him.

Does this really surprise anyone the Obama would turn this into a political issue? It is just his style to use anything he can to promote his socialist programs. Up to and including the death of a young man.

I guess 1 black teen equals 20 white children, no racism intended.

@maybe-It’s only racism when you or some other white person comments on it. Of course all Libraterds can feel free to say whatever they want and they will. They just love making solisited comments and name calling about other people comments.

unsolisited comments is what I meant.

Sorry. I’m good at passive-aggressive too.

passive aggressive huh, isn’t that an oxymoron?

Why hello! You must be Oxy!

That’s me, my oxy to your moron.

you said it, I didn’t. lol

It is time to stop giving the free pass to criminals and thugs, entitlement by race is everywhere and a thug is a thug, no matter WHAT COLOR.

Giving a free pass to criminals because of color??????????

Are you speaking of Travon Martin or George Zimmerman?

of course this dumb ass would turn this into a gun control issue… if zimmerman didnt have his ccw he would have been the one who got killed.

Puke Puke Puke. Give me a brake. What an idiot. Now it is a gun violence issue. I thought it was a race issue? You see, Black America (those protesting) don’t want to get integrated with ALL of America because that means responsibility and work and that just don’t jive with these folks’ culture. Pull yourselves up Black America (those protesting). The tools are there for you. Quit blaming everyone else!! It is a shame anytime a life is prematurely lost regardless of race. Mr. President, we don’t have time to acknowledge every premature death. Especially when you are on vacation most of the time.

Right up the Presidents alley. Yes, Trayvon Martin was killed with a gun, but, the person that pulled the trigger, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and a mostly white one at that. I wonder how it would have turned out if the jury had not been mostly white. I also wonder what the president would have said if Zimmerman had been found guilty. Maybe, justice has been served. Unfortunately this will never be over for Zimmerman.

Why doesn’t the president make public statements about all the people killed daily by DUI drivers or by any other means. Aren’t those lives just as important to the surviving families.

I really think his statement is more about gun violence than anything else. I can’t wait the read the communist Bloombergs statement on the outcome of the trial.

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