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Nora Springs police officer arrested on child endangerment charge

Nora Springs City Hall
Nora Springs City Hall

NORA SPRINGS – Floyd County authorities have confirmed the arrest of a Nora Springs police officer today.

Nora Springs police officer Jim Gray was arrested earlier Friday in Nora Springs on a charge of child endangerment.

Gray is being held in Floyd County Jail at this time on $5,000 cash only bond and has already been before a judge.

Floyd county officials would say nothing more on the matter. Ā “You can call back, but we probably won’t tell you anything more,” NIT was told.

A call to Nora Springs Mayor George Anderson was returned. Mayor Anderson was advised by the city attorney to divulge no information. He did say “I know there was a problem here today.”

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But yall want to be mad about a club and yall cant even controll a cop aomeone who is supposed to protect and serve. He harmed a child or endangered a child in someone, yrt your mad about grown ppl having fun. You old ass hag ass 1950s living ppl really need ro get a life

Imagine this…You are a police officer, you come home and find your son is doing drugs. Maybe you’ve had a few drinks that impaired your judgement. You become so enraged to find that your son is doing something completely against police standards that you do also do something against those standards. Have any of you parents every been so angry at a child that you wanted to strike them? Maybe you did just that.
Back in the day parents were able to punish their children without interference.
Rumors are flying, some true, some not.
A good cop is going to lose his job because of a rebellious step-son. It’s sad that Jim was unable to control his temper.
The boy definitely deserves to be punished too. If Jim had controlled his temper none of this would have happened.

If I was Jim that kid would never stay in the house I paid for again. Parents have little or no control over their kids anymore. They are taught in school that nothing can be done to them because they are kids and they use that against their parents. I know some young people with kids who can not control the kids and the kids call them names and cuss at them. When I ask them why they let them get away with it the answer is always the same, what can I do about it. He will call the cops if I discipline him. B. S., Not in my house because they wouldn’t live there anymore.

what are you to do with your minor child then. cant just ship em off to military school. ive been in the same situation. my 13 YO stepdaughter wanted to go to a 22 Year old mans house. I said NO. She said “F.U. your not my dad!!!” within a second I slapped her. it was called a simple assult and about a $150 fine. was I wrong? in the courts mind yes. in reallity maybe not. we have read about this before here on NIT. A man scaring a couple boys cause his daughter was in their car. However he used a gun to scare them. another man scared off some thieves with a gun after they broke in his door and van windshield. was it right that the man protecting his home and family got into more trouble than the kids? When it is a peace officer. They need to be sure they conduct themself to a higher standard as others.

Do you know for sure the kid was doing drugs have you personally seen him does any of us know for sure or are we spectulating do any of us know jim gray i mean really know him, if he is isnt using drugs that doesnt give him the right to assult him if he was using drugs jim should have done exactly what he would do with someone else charge them, and another one of you say to kick him out of the house well i know this family and i also know the boys dad, im sure he would let him the boy come live with him , doesnt always work that way though. im sure the wouldnt want to lose that child support money the get every month. I know Jim also and im not gonna sit here and degrade him but the truth here is none of us know really what happened, I was at the Grays home in charles city the night Jim did what he did to lose his officers job there, He comes off a a very nice person but turns into Mr. Hyde after drinking, he has a serious drinking problem.

I recall a few years back something happening with Jim Gray, I remember it comming over the scanner and then very shortly after that he was no longer an officer in Charles City, is this something that should have been looked into further.

Now that the court documents have been accessed, there is no mention of pointing a gun to your son’s head!

This is rid. Jim has done this multiple tines it is not the child fault..jim.has done this numerous times like Steve has said… and this child choose not to live with his father so dont be poken fingers at stece and jim is phyco have u guys ever seen him.drunk.and the after fact cuz i have get better šŸ™‚ thinkin.of.u

Wow! All I can say is that reading this completely fouled up post of yours makes me want to go out and punch an English teacher in the throat. It is so damned hard to take anybody seriously on this site. North Iowa Today in general is an absolute joke that wants to be taken seriously as a news source. The overall intellectual level of the users of this site makes me wonder if a more appropriate name for this site would be North Arkansas Today. I think the only reason I respond to any of the posts on here is so that I can grace you all with my point of view and maybe raise the collective I.Q. of the users on this site a few points. Every time I think that all of you people on here have hit rock bottom with your posts and ignorant points of view, you all get out a shovel and start digging. I’m sure North Iowa Today is proud as hell to have you all as viewers and subscribers. They shouldn’t be, but I’m sure they are. And why? Because you are all a direct reflection of this entire website. And the reflection is pretty darned ugly.

How about you stop posting under numerous names and post under your real name and we can have a heart to heart chat? Do you think you can do that? If not, go back to your room!

So your saying all who read and comment are bottom feeders??? Well then your right there with us it looks like. This is the only news feed that does not sugar coat the reality going on. While giving the readers an outlet to comment. If you dislike it so much feel free to unlike the page and move on. Don’t praise yourself on your intelligence, it takes common sense also. Which your post clearly shows you are lacking. Go crawl back under your rock. Some of us appreciate what this news feed offers.

Obviously it was a teenager (dah) who was writing from his/her smart phone using typical abbreviated text-type expression and making some errors – completely accepted in the smart phone realm – you must be older than dirt to not realize that.

you come across as someone who thinks they are so much smarter than others, but in reality has no common sense. just because NIT has readers and people who comment freely doesnt not mean it is “an absolute joke that wants to be taken seriously as a news source”. these comments come from a cross section of residents of north iowa and north america. SO in reality, you are badmouthing the citizens of the UNITED STATES. shame on you for thinking you are so much better than the rest of us.
And as to the comment for which you replied. I assumed it was an adolescent friend of the child, as his name implied. so shame on you.

Just stopping in to see how everyone is doing! I see that someone isn’t playing nice, again shame on you! NIT has never claimed to be “Professional” in fact they are the opposite and that’s what makes them unique. If you have a problem with that I suggest you crawl back over to Washington.
Thank You and have a nice day!

excuse me Matt… I didnt get the persons name. P. B. ??????????

This is addressed to Steve Breitkreutz – How is your son doing? I hope he is OK. I have known Jim Gray for many years. He can be a nice guy, which I know you don’t want to hear; I have been there myself. He is also a very heavy drinker who can be a prick with a lightning quick temper. Considering his overall volume of alcohol consumption he needs help AND needs a different line of work. Regarding DHS, I couldn’t agree more. A huge waste of government funds. They couldn’t recognize a child in danger if it bit them in the ass!!





I looked at the charge on iowa courts onle it read DOMESTIC ABUSE ASSAULT IMPEDING FLOW OF AIR/BLOOD take a look his full name is GRAY JR., JAMES ALBERT

Something happened they dont arrest one of thier own for no reason

Steve, you make serious allegations: abuse, strangulation, gun . . .

To write such things in a public news outlet might be a good case for libel if you are not accurate.

You said to let law enforcement figure things out, but you have made very damaging statements.

Im a manager at a grocery store and at our last meeting i was told that 6 out of 10 of our employees are stealing from us…Its a raw fact that is very disturbing. You can bet that 6 out of 10 cops are bad, 6 out of your friends would do your old lady if u were out of town and 6 out of 10 people wouldent give your wallet back if you dropped it….odds are the cop did it…..Jst saying

Sorry you feel that a grocery store workers mentality is the same as a peace officers mentality. Good luck with future comparisons and please do not vote.

Regardless what the official charge is-there’s no sweeping this under the rug. What a piece of paper says, the amount of the fine or jail time-that will be the trivial part of his consequences. His reputation is forever tarnished, career ruined, once positive rapports & friendships with members of the community lost, kids who looked up to him as a town hero, now seem him as a bad guy… all that is far more worse than a felony charge…Just saying- some things you can’t sweep under the rug

my last comment was meant to be in response to Jeff’s comments or other who say he’s going to get off easy because he’s a cop.

your comment can easily mirror the problem of a city or an officer who repeatedly charges a person with a bogus offence. simply to harass an individual because they dont want to sell their property to the city. Is that fair to the citizen that simply wants to live their life and earn a living? NO it isnt fair, but it still makes the citizen look bad to the community and court system.

Clear all the shit Steve and tell us what kind of person Jim really is. Was he taking care of your son or was your son just visiting?

Steve, my sincere condolences on the demise of your english teacher, if you ever had one.
(Know the hole story)? You gotta be kiddin!

“Just the facks is” just a jerk & an A**whole. Oh wait did I spell that wrong….you jerk

Let me tell you all something about Jim Gray. Years ago when he worked in Charles City, my 16 year old sister went to live with my Dad. I reported them to DHS because my dad was making meth! DHS tried to meet my dad at his place of employment and he wasn’t there but realized they were looking for him and got most of the drugs cleaned out of the house before DHS got there. When DHS went to the house, they had Jim Gray with them (for protection). In going through the house, Jim Gray found a marijuana pipe, something to do with a light bulb (drug related), and a few other small things. He HID those things from DHS, so they left my sister there! He later returned and offered not to turn them in if my dad ratted on other drug users/makers!! He was there for the WELFARE of a child and failed to do so! It took almost 6 months to get my sister moved out of there! And it was with NO HELP from the officer that should have and could have helped!

Unfortunately we have SEVERAL bad cops around here. Its scary when you cant trust the ones who are supposed to protect us. Shame lays within our citys and state.

I am the step sons father, this is to you nora springs resident, he is not a problem child the problem is jim is a controling person did you ever wonder why he came to nora springs to be an officer? He had a good job on the charles city police department gee i wonder what happened there. Know the hole story before you make your desision, i will do everything i can to see that he never wears a badge again. P.S. i have delt with him for yrs. abusing my children to never get any help from dhs (threw it under the rug) but one day it all came to an end thats why he doesnt work in charles city anymore. get to the bottom of the hidden facts.

I can understand your frustration, and not saying your kid’s bad a ‘bad’ kid by any means . . . but if you deny he’s been causing them many problems, then you are the one who needs to get his facts straight. If jim was so bad, why weren’t you raising your kid; could have avoided this.
And yes, Nora Springs will be losing a great officer. Very disappointing.
We had turn over in the police for years, but it’s been stable for probably five years or so with Jim and Jessie.

Like i said know all the facts before you open your mouth, to many people jump to conclusions with out the facts if you can back it up please do so because i can.

I can sit and argue about this all day, instead why dont you take your great officer news to kimt news today to prove how great he is and i will also take mine and we shall see who is correct, I know my son is no angle does that make it ok to strangle him and put a gun to his head hhhhmmmm i dont think so why not let the the family get through this by letting the officals do thier job now, i am finished commenting on this but if yoou wish to challange me further do it in person with me.

Be careful if you take your story to kimt or the globe they might just twist your story or they wont touch it at all because Sheriff Pals tells them how to write most of their articles. Your better off to tell your side with NIT.

Had not heard that – point well taken.

I’m sorry for you whole family.

If your kid is such a prize then why is Jim raising him and not you? And why wasn’t he going to school in Charles City when they lived there? Why does he have to go to Mason City to the Alternative School?

Maybe your son was looking for a little protection since I heard a rumor that he narked on a bunch of people for drugs last week.

This whole thing started when Jim found a pot pipe his step-son had brought into the house . . .

Guess I can see why, as an officer, he’d be flaming mad.

In regards to Mr. Breitkreutz, It is VERY unfortunate for this to happen to your son!! By all means before you riducule someone else who has been taking care of your son for all these years, think about your dispositon to your efforts as a Father yourself!! Easy to judge someone else isn’t it? May both sides of the family have the support where it is needed.

I think its a bunch of crap that jus cuz he’s an officer he doesn’t get the full punishment. Do u think the guy next door would get the same treatment? Badge or no badge shouldn’t get treated any different when it comes to the law. Bet he does it again..

KIMT says he was intitially charged with domestic abuse , then it was changed to child endangerment. I wonder if they are picking and chosing charges because domestic abuse once charged you are supposed turn in ALL firearms until after the trial. Domestic abusers by federal law can not own forearms. Isn’t it convenant he can beat up somebody in his family and be charged under the right charges until the good ol boys step in.

I bet the arresting officer gets in more trouble then ol James.

Hey Moron-The charge is felony child endangerment, which is MORE serious than domestic abuse. He won’t be able to possess a firearm.

That will plea bargained down to a misdermeanor.

why do you write when you are totally wrong the charge was domestic then got inhanced to a felony child dangerment. no covering up for one of their own the cops did their job and did it well

As a resident of Nora Springs i am sad to hear the news about officer Gray. He seemed like a very good cop and i unfortanately realize that things happen during stressful times. I hope he and his family get things taken care of and he doesnt lose his job. Our police department here has been very good here for many years and i hate to see anything happen to them. Both officers are very well liked and are very good to the general public.

Good police for years?! Wasn’t it back in the late 90’s early 2000’s that they were having trouble getting and keeping a police officer? If memory serves me they went thru 3-4 within a yr or 2.

If course it’ll be swept under the rug I agree with Jeff completely officer are to be Held above other people in general character wise if he can lose his cool with his step son he could easily lose it and Rodney king someone just saying

Jim Gray is an awesome guy with a great heart – they have been having trouble with his teenage stepson for years – I heard he lost his cool minimally for a moment – it can happen to the best of us when dealing with rebellious kids.

He is a good cop who cares about people. I sure hope this doesn’t ruin his career.

Jim you have my support! Hopefully you are out soon and can read this. Hang in there.

Just goes to show that just because they wear a badge, does NOT mean they deserve our respect. More crooked pigs then one would like to think about.

Spoken like a true convict.

I don’t agree Mr. Bojangles. If an officer wears a badge, you need to respect them, they take an oath. Have you seen how many people are getting charged with assault on a officer these days?

This is disrespect on the highest level.

correct.. officers deserve respect. Most officers are humans. humans make mistakes. Joe Blow is a human and also deserves the same treatment. meaning all information offered when asked. This officer does not deserve to have his arrest covered up or kept quiet.

John, have u also heard/read the numerous reports of officers that use their badges as a tool to intimidate, and on many occasions, break the law themselves, without repercussion? Not all of those in positions of authority abuse their power, however, many do. I agree, RESPECT IS EARNED.

Nope, not a convict. Clean record. And cops do not deserve respect, they should earn it. A badge doesn’t mean anything. This guy is garbage and should sit in jail. An oath doesn’t mean shit. Too much corruption in law enforcement and governemt. You’d have to be blind or a lying government lover not to see it.

Of course they won’t say nothing, the good ol boys club is going to sweep this under the rug. If it was Joe Drunk beating his kids they would have gave you his picture and a media statement.

@Jeff, do you have some kind of problem with this officer?

He doesnt need to have a problem with this officer to tell the truth. Nothing new here. almost every time an officer is involved in something like this or a death. Nothing is said untill everyone can get their story straight. If it were anyone else the officers would say your guilty for not wanting to talk and tell your side of the story without a lawyer. Question is.. why are some people allowed to cover up this information when any common man would have their name, age,sex, ect posted all over.

$5,000 bond would mean a class D felony. To get a felony child endangerment there has to bodily injury. Over the scanner it said he was drunk.

Good ol boys already at work reduce the felony so he can keep his gun.

ah jeff roberts if a anyone is cahrged with a domestic or a felony they cannot have any firearms. no covering anything up. this cop is no longer a cop. check on it before u open your mouth.

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