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Iowa sex offender allegedly abused 17-year-old boy

Vanessa Miller, CR Gazette –

A registered sex offender in Iowa was arrested Tuesday in Oxford on new sexual abuse charges after authorities say he coerced a 17-year-old boy into removing his clothing and sexually assaulted him, according to a criminal complaint.

Steven Stumbo, 43, faces two charges of third-degree sexual abuse, although it’s unclear whether he is accused of assaulting two 17-year-old boys or one. The complaint accuses Stumbo of coercing a 17-year-old boy into removing his clothing on June 10 in his home at 4383 Calkins Ave. SW in Oxford.

He then, according to the complaint, is accused of sexually assaulting the boy.

The complaint does not give more details. Stumbo does not have a criminal history in Iowa, according to online court records.


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This guy was already a sex offender. Now charges again. How many people do people like this have to molest until they are removed from the streets? People that try to defend garbage like this may change their view if it was their child that was molested. Just like the ones that defend Joe Paterno by saying he reported it to higher ups. BULL! My question to those that feel that way ( and if I would of had the chance would of asked Joe P. the same thing) is…. If it was your child or grandchild being molested and raped would you of done the same thing by reporting to higher up OR would you of done more.I know in my heart what I would of done. May of ended me in jail but at least I would of known that justice was served and that pervert would harm no others.

People like this should be exterminated!!

You sound like a bully or worse. Why do people say things like this? Because you’re anonymous? We are not Nazis. A civilization is judged by how it treats its criminals and its animals. Everyone deserves a day in court and due process.

You sound like a sheeple, you wouldn’t be saying that if your child was molested/raped/murdered.

Say what you want but if it were your child he did it to you wouldn’t be so quick to defend him. I don’t care if he is guilty this time or not he should never have been set free. I personal know 3 yes 3 child molesters who have been in and out of jail for years that keep repeating this sick act!!! The only that is in prison now and never is getting out is the one that now lives in Ill. it took another state to have the guy put away forever!!! These people deserve NO second chance….remember when you answer this remember, know one, yours, mine or any ones child is safe with people like him out running the streets!!!! If you want to stick up for him then let him stay with you when he gets out and see if you let your family around him. I am not a bully I am a survivor of this kind of crime and my life has been a struggle because of what was done to me as a child. Hell is to good for him I have lived my own kind of hell since I was 9 years old. And yes I have been to therapy so don’t go there. Anyone that has been through this will tell you no therapy can take away the pain and memories of this kind of crime.

I am not in any way defending this jerk’s actions. If he is guilty, I do not want him on the street, I don’t want him getting second chances. I don’t want him getting a plea bargain of any kind. I want him put away for as long as possible. I just don’t like people saying things like he should be exterminated, castrated, shot, yadda. People shoot off their mouths under the cover of anonymity, but would probably never do what they say. I believe that criminals deserve humane justice and due process. To me, this article is not clear. It says this complaint is for June 10th and that he had no previous record. It needs to be proven it was not a “he said, he said”. What would you do if some 17-year old kid had it in for you and decided to accuse you of molesting him and it wasn’t true. Everyone would want to hang you. Believe me, there are devious psychopathic 17-year olds out there who might think it is jolly fun to set someone up that they don’t like. That may not be the case here, but the guy deserves to have his day in court.

Doesn’t matter to me about getting a fair trail THIS time their shouldn’t be another THIS time!!! He should NEVER been let on the first time!!!! He is already on the list that is why I made my comments about Hell is to good for him. How many children have to be hurt before people understand their so NO changing these people!!!! I say they should NEVER get out!!! The only reason I don’t give my name for those of you that say we are chicken shit is because I have a family that I do not want to involve in this ugly mess. I stand behind what I said earlier he deserves nothing but Hell and that is to good for him!!!!!!

I just read where 3 people in a van tried to kidnap a young boy on a bicycle in CR. The father was behind him on a motorcycle and foiled it. These perverts are everywhere!

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