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Op-ed: Bookmeyer is not a bad joke, he’s a deadly disease (by Peter Children)

This goes way beyond pathetic, past ludicrous and unimaginable.  Think for a moment; go back to another time, a time when we had people in place in City Hall who were responsible, who were sober thinking, who were open with the community, it wasn’t that far back, just back before Eric Bookmeyer pulled into town with his meal ticket sitting next to him in the car.

Was it fate that brought this man into our midst, if it was it was a very dark day for everyone in North Iowa.  Was it fate that put this six member council at his disposal, if it was it was disastrous for this city.

To understand the severity of this situation you must first be able to grasp what it must be like for the twelve sanitation workers and their families to one day realize that their job and livelihood is on the line.  The Globe Gazette, or more correctly, those who run it are on board with all of this; they are trying their best with whatever vestige of credibility they may have left to board the bus Eric is driving.

How did we get here? How? You all know the answer to that; no one voted, you all stayed home to watch the ball game on that day.  That my friends is exactly what happened. Shame on all of you who did not vote.  There is a segment in this city who count on that; when Don Nelson and  Jeff Marsters decided not to run for re-election and Max Weaver got beat, we all lost big time.  I mean BIG TIME.

Every community has a “fabric” to it, a sense of decency that engulfs it, that protects its own.  That no longer exists here and hasn’t since Eric took office and handcrafted his brain dead council.  Do I hear a cry of protest arising from the community declaring we are dissatisfied with the way things are now? No I do not.  Have you called your council person to protest? Chances are you have not.

This same pretender will drop $65,000.00 to move his desk or take a group to Washington to eat lunch on your dime and spend thousands more of your dollars…then want to axe 12 city positions to make you think he’s concerned with your tax dollars.  How much city money did Eric and his special panel spend traveling around looking at civic centers? Plenty. This  would be like Hitler bringing in a plumber to check the shower heads to make sure they are working…no difference.  Bookmeyer is not a bad joke, if that were all he was we could recover but he’s much more than that, he’s a deadly disease one that could do serious harm to this community.  We’ve got ourselves a real  Dr. Josef Mengele operating on the infrastructure of our city.  Wake up for Christ’s sake; is this what we’ve come to?

We’re paying $9.00 a month, do any of you really think it could go lower than that?  If it went to 7 or 8 how long do you think that would last? And what would you save, $12.00 a year and for that we’d throw twelve families into the toilet….is that it?  Maybe that’s in your DNA but it’s sure in the hell is not in mine.

Peter Children

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