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Op-ed: Public speaking (by Peter Children)

This news story was published on February 15, 2012.
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There are lessons in life that surrounds us all, most of which we never see or recognize.  Case in point; Turncoat’s speech delivered at his first North Iowa Landfill board meeting. This is a classic example of how to end your career, how to alienate everyone at once, how to believe you are more important when you are not; and lastly, knowing you’ve already dug your grave but still can’t shut up because you are in love with the sound of your voice.  This is a wonderful piece of tape that could be easily marketed to the folks at the Dale Carnegie Institute of public speaking and the advanced behavioral consequences of self importance.  This sort of performance could not be scripted nor could it be staged by an Oscar winning performer.  It is classic narcissism at the highest level.

But this is not the only diamond laying open in the field; there is at least two or three clips which feature our very own Director of Economic Development, Mr. Brent Willitt.  His last foray onto the public airway was at the council meeting where he tried his best to look authoritative but missed the mark.  Before I move forward in my critique, I want everyone to know this is not a facetious opinion on my part but rather a lesson on opportunities in marketing items and objects unseen by most, and how to recognize value when it is right in front of your face.

Mr Willett’s mission was to defend the criticism being melted out to Councilman-at-large, Turncoat. The focus was the  concern now being offered in this community of the dictatorial blood letting by Turncoat at his first the Landfill meeting.  Whatever it was Willett  was trying to convey was lost in a quagmire of stops and starts, pauses and indecipherable verbiage . Add to all of this the inability to stop, to cease and desist this diatribe of droning on and on long after you said what you came to say. One way to fix this would be to have an interpreter present each time Willitt speaks.

These bits and pieces, small snippets of video tape are indeed priceless in the commercial marketplace.  They “cut to the chase” immediately and would save time immeasurably in self improvement classes. And the best part, they could be used over and over for decades.

Peter Children

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4 Responses to Op-ed: Public speaking (by Peter Children)

  1. Avatar

    Tom Reply Report comment

    February 18, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Bullshit! Perfect nothing!
    Go back and listen to every talk he has done. NIT of course has it all. He ummms and ahhhs all the time. He is inept to say the least. Talking 101 you never um and ah. Especially inthat capacity. He’s young and dumb and you know the rest. Who with a brain can take that kind of talk seriously? NO ONE! AND who with a brain would believe that nonsense anyway? NO ONE!
    Keep trying though we are here to correct you and them every step of the way.

  2. Avatar

    Anonymous Reply Report comment

    February 16, 2012 at 6:13 am

    Great article Peter. Turncoat blew it but is probably too arrogant to realize it. Oh the price to pay while serving his overinflated master.

  3. Avatar

    Tom Reply Report comment

    February 15, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Ummm ah, I well um ahhhhh. How long past Bookmeyers SHOT CLOCK did he ramble. Maybe not…either it was the most boring ah’s and um’s ever! AND we do not care what he thinks or what Turncoat thinks ever!

    • Avatar

      Perfectionist Reply Report comment

      February 17, 2012 at 3:25 pm

      Hey, maybe he had a bad day, his dog died, etc. Granted I would think he has better public speaking skills then portraited. I will give him a pass, maybe he isnt perfect like you, Tom! Are you up there lobbying your positions? Hhhhmmm, that’s what I thought!