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We Are Not Nutjobs, We Are Free Thinkers

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We Are not NutJobs, We Are ‘Free Thinkers’!!

I’m sick of being referred to as a Conspiracy Theory Nutjob! First of all, we don’t wear tin foil hats. We aren’t all crazy or stupid and we Don’t think that Elvis is partying with Jimi Hendrix. Some of the smartest people I have ever met would probably be considered “NutJobs” by the typical narrow minded individual. These so called “CrackPots” are people with great jobs, college educations, good circle of friends and family. You see us on a daily basis, we shop and dine at the same places as you, we cook your steak, we teach your children, we install your furnace. The only difference is, We are Not Sheep. We don’t believe everything that we are told by big media corporations with different agendas. We question things we don’t understand rather than just going with the flow. We like to figure things out for ourselves rather than being told what we saw or heard.

You may not like it, but you NEED us!

We are the ones that keep the government and anyone else for that matter, in check. They know We are scrutinizing everything they do and say. They know that because of US, they need to be careful.

Ask yourself this, Do YOU really believe 100% of everything that you are told by your buddies, relatives, co-workers, boss? If you have ever doubted and questioned one of these people, then you are no better than US. And these are people we know and care about…So why should we not question the Government? You don’t really believe everything they say, do you?? Whose slogan was “He kept us out of war!”, Ever heard “No New Taxes,” or “I am Not a Crook!” And these are the ones we know about, so doesn’t that make you wonder what else is going on or who else hasn’t gotten caught yet?

Or Do you just think that ol’ Chris Columbus sailed over here and we’ve all been friends with the natives ever since? Or do you think that all the raping and pillaging over this country ended once we got our 50 states and that life is honest and pure now? Did you know that the first automobile was powered with batteries? Or that a 1906 Ford Model T got the same gas mileage as a 2006 Ford Explorer?

Doesn’t any of that alarm you? Electric cars never gained popularity and are barely making any headway now. Automobile history is full of corruption and cover-ups. Remember the Pinto? It was cheaper to deal with the lawsuits rather than recall and repair. yet, everyone criticizes Toyota all for being the bigger man and fixing their mistakes.

Ever hear of the Streetcar Scandal or wonder why America lacks in mass transit? Yet we have buses and taxis on every corner. Other countries utilize subways and other types of rails for the obvious reasons, why don’t we? Lusitania got us into WW1 and that could have been prevented, the Germans tried to tell us in advance, warning us, literally telling us in newspaper ads that they were going to sink it. But who kept that from our eyes?

What about JFK, finally in 1979 they (The HSCA) concluded that he was probably assassinated due to a conspiracy. Do you think they would have ever gotten to that conclusion if it wasn’t for “nutjobs” like Jim Garrison?

Anyone know how we got into Vietnam, Gulf of Tonklin, riddled with lies the size of mortar rounds. And lets not forget about Iraq and all those weapons of mass destruction that we went to war over…oh, wait that was a lie too!! Osama is dead, no WMD’s, what are we doing there? We should have at least lowered the f’n gas prices by now! Doesn’t anyone see a trend?

If you want to believe everything you hear and read, then why are you getting your news from an alternative source, one that has no agenda. Ever seen the same story on the Globe Gazette but with a completely different spin? Ever watch FOX news and feel dirty afterwards? I guess we should all believe that O.J. didn’t do it, nor did Casey Anthony…right?

BTW, you just took a step in the direction of being a Free Thinker by getting your news from NIT, with any hope you might soon be a WackoLoon too!!

Conspiracy Theorists aren’t nutjobs, we don’t all believe that Tupac is writing new songs with Biggie nor do we think that aliens are walking among us. We read books, we get our news from multiple sources. We double check the bag before leaving the drive thru at Burger King. Because who else is going to look out for us? Who cares about Me or You? The One Percenters??

We like to do our own thinking. We like to come up with our own ideas based on what we know to be true to us. Haven’t we been screwed over enough by someone else? How does that make you feel? We Do Not want to be screwed, We Don’t like being told what to believe in. We have a conscious and we have capable working brains. If something doesn’t seem right to us, we have trouble sleeping at night and we often spend hours doing research to learn more about a controversial topic. We question what does not make sense because we are FREE THINKERS, not Nutjobs or Loons and most definitely we are not SHEEP.

We want Nothing But the Truth so help us God!

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