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Starting a New Career in Nursing

If you are looking for a new career or you are looking to have a career change, then you need to think seriously about joining the nursing profession. The nursing industry welcomes applications from a wide variety of backgrounds, so do not be put off from applying because quite often you will find that life experience is what employers are looking for.

Why Start a New Career?

If you feel that something is missing within your current job or career, then you want to start looking at changing your existing career, because there is no point in staying in a job or industry that you are not happy in. You may even want to start a new career because your interests or circumstances have changed. You may even want to explore an industry that you are interested in joining or have been interested in joining for a while. Whatever the reasons behind your shift or move, starting a new career at any time of your life should be seen as positive and fun.

Why Choose Nursing

If you have a caring nature and personality or if you want to make a visible difference to the lives of others, then nursing is definitely the right industry for you to focus your attention on. If you want to make an impact on the quality of care and on the standards of care in the health industry, then you need to follow a career path in nursing. You will struggle to find another industry or profession that will allow you to have such a big impact on the lives of others. If you feel that you can provide a high level of care and compassion to people from all different walks of life, then a career within nursing will be suitable.

Skills and Qualities a Nurse Should Have

Of course, to become a nurse you need to hold a particular set of skills and qualities. Nursing is challenging and can at times be very tough and hard, but compassion and empathy must be retained at all times. Nurses have very caring natures and personalities, and they are very compassionate. Good nurses see patients as individuals with different and often complex needs and they never see individuals as merely numbers. There are other qualities, skills or characteristics’ that define what a good nurse looks like, some of which are:

  • Empathy – Nurses must show empathy when working and dealing with patients, because patients are feeling vulnerable and perhaps even feeling worried, or maybe a little angry and this is when they need an empathetic approach.
  • Good Listening Skills – Nurses need to have good listening skills, because they will be liaising with other professionals within a care setting (such as a hospital) and they will also be speaking with patients who will need them to listen to what they need and want.
  • Time and Patience – A role in nursing is busy and at times full on, but even when nurses are busy, they still have to adopt a patient stance and they still have to give patients, and other professionals, time and attention (even if they are busy on a ward, or busy with patient care).
  • Balancing and Juggling– A nurse will need to wear many hats when they are at work. A good nurse needs to learn to juggle and balance multiple tasks with ease, even on a long shift. They also need to care for multiple patients with varying needs, alongside balancing the cares and requirements of colleagues and other team members.

Entry Requirements

When it comes to entering the nursing profession, getting qualified and becoming a nurse, you will have to give yourself an adequate amount of time, because getting into nursing will require you to return to education and studying. You need to gain a bachelors or a masters within nursing to land a job within the profession. So, you will need to allow yourself a few years to achieve the necessary and relevant qualifications needed to launch your new career. 

Studying with Ease

Returning to studying after a break can be difficult, especially when you have other commitments to juggle, such as work or other home commitments. Balancing studying, staying calm when studying, and fitting it into your life can be difficult, but that does not mean that it is impossible. Finding a happy balance and focusing on your career and future is important. Studying can be draining, and it can be mentally and physically exhausting, and this is what you need to be prepared for. To make studying easier on yourself, you need to reach out to others and you need to ensure that you have a support system in place. Studying will take a lot out of you and it will require you to compromise on one or more occasions, so having support in place will ensure that you never feel alone.

Finding a Job

When it comes to finding a job, it is necessary to remain open minded. For example, you may have to travel to your first job, as it may be in another town or state. When looking for a job, it is important to consider what your resume currently looks like. Your resume is what prospective employers will see and if your resume does not stand out or impress, then you will struggle to land a position that you want and that you deserve. So, if your resume needs work and needs improvement make sure you do this as soon as possible, and don’t leave it until the last minute or until you start applying for jobs.

Progression and Future Opportunities

The nursing industry offers many opportunities for progression and development, and these opportunities open up the industry and make it all the more appealing. If you wanted to progress on from a registered nurse, you could look at specializing the care that you offer to move to a new department or area, or even look at progressing onto leadership and management. Opportunities and progression can help you achieve a rewarding and successful career.

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