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5 Steps for Standing Out as a Successful Canned-Food Business

This news story was published on July 10, 2020.
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The canned-food industry is one you shouldn’t ignore. Sure, there are more glamorous avenues into the food and beverage industry. Yet canned goods present an excellent opportunity to generate a healthy revenue stream. 

That could be underselling the potential profits that are available. According to a report by Grand View Research, the canned-food market is a large one – and it’s only going to continue to grow. By 2025, it is estimated it will be worth over $22 billion in the United States alone.  

Are you ready to carve out your own space in this lucrative market? If so, here are five steps to standing out as a successful canned-food business. 

1. Understand current regulations

Thankfully, a lot of states support small food entrepreneurs who are attempting to get started in the industry. Even so, there are various different regulations that your proposed business needs to meet before you can proceed with canning goods. 

The issue with this is how these laws and regulations vary significantly depending on the state. In addition, the rules can change in the blink of an eye. Make sure to read all government documentation and learn your state’s food production laws. 

2. Carve out a niche

Certain food markets are oversaturated to the point it’s incredibly tough for any newcomer to gain a foothold. For instance, you don’t want to have a canned-food business based around chicken soup or tuna. 

Instead, you should aim to carve out a specific niche. The taste preferences of consumers are always evolving, with distinct and unusual flavors grabbing their attention. As a result, experiment with flavor combinations and attempt to come up with an original – yet tasty – spin on your canned food. 

3. Pick out the right ingredients

There are two important aspects to contemplate when selecting your ingredients: taste quality and cost. 

Yes, you want canned-food which is high-quality and tastes great. However, you have to factor in how much it costs to purchase the best ingredients. If it’s too expensive, your profit margins are going to suffer. This is why it’s vital you find the right balance. 

4. Streamline the manufacturing process

It goes without saying, but the canning process is integral for any successful canned-food business. You want to optimize the production method to save on time, resources, and money. 

To do this, you need to acquire the right equipment to streamline the process. For instance, sensors can often be overlooked, but they’re essential for detecting the temperature and pressure of the contents in each can. This is why you need to contact a temperature and pressure sensors manufacturer to ensure your canned-food is produced with consistency. 

That’s only one example. There are, of course, various pieces of equipment required, and each one requires careful consideration. 

5. Create a brand that stands out

Branding is everything. If you have a drab and boring can that’s sitting on a supermarket shelf, guess what: consumers are going to pick from the alternative options available. Even if you have the best-tasting food on the market, it will often be overlooked if your label isn’t eye-catching. 

Due to this, take the time to craft an impressive brand. A memorable name and professional graphics are a great starting point but also think about including the story behind your business. Customers like to make a personal connection with a business, and giving them an insight into your story helps with that connection. 


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