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Getting into College: Top Tips

This news story was published on April 24, 2020.
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Whether you’re coming to the end of your high school education, or you have decided to attend college at a later stage in life, the process of applying to colleges can be overwhelming. You may have your eyes on a certain school and are fearful of not being accepted, or you might have no idea about how to go about choosing a university. There’s a lot to consider and do to make your application successful, but these top tips might make things a little easier for you. 


If you’re not focusing on your studies and pushing yourself to achieve the best grades you can, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Remember, you’re applying to an establishment that is all about further education which means you need to prove that you’re dedicated to learning. Each university will have entry requirements; for an example of this, look at the Duke average GPA at CampusReel. There’s nothing wrong with having some down-time and hanging out with your friends, just make sure there’s an equal balance between leisure time and studying.

Extra-Curricular Activities 

If you’re still in high school, consider what additional groups you can get involved with to boost your application. Colleges like to see that students are willing to get involved and are team players. Sports teams are the most common choice for extra-curricular activities, but if you’re not much of an athlete, don’t worry, groups that focus on drama, music, scientific fields and so on, are all things that colleges like to see on applications. 


This might be better for older students who perhaps weren’t involved in clubs or sports at high school as it’s an opportunity to show dedication to others and getting involved with your local community. Find your local charity, soup kitchen or see what initiatives your town council is doing and see how you can help. This is also a suitable option for those still in high school if you have the extra time to commit to these projects. 

Consider Your Goals

It’s important to consider where you want to go in life and what your goals are. Having some understanding of this could help you decide which college is better suited for your needs and what courses you should study. If you’re still in high school, it might be difficult to determine what you want for the rest of your life, but don’t worry. Take the time to think about it and do some research before you start your applications to make sure you’re making the right choice. 

Practice Interviewing

Your written application might be incredible, but you will need to pass a face-to-face interview before you get accepted into college. Many people get nervous during interviews and that’s perfectly natural, but it means that you might not make the best impression. If you’re nervous about your interview, practice with a friend or family member and ask for their feedback. Alternatively, you can ask one of your teachers to help you if you think this would be more beneficial. 

Going to college is an incredible life experience. Follow these tips to help you with the application process and make yours stand out from the others. 

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