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The Basics of Planning a Wedding

This news story was published on February 20, 2019.
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At some point in your life, you may find yourself in the position where you have to plan a wedding. It could be because someone close to you is getting married, or perhaps you’ve gotten to the stage in life where you’re getting ready to settle down. Another possibility is that you’ve decided to follow the path of an event planner and have a deep love for wedding planning. Whatever the case might be, a lot goes into pulling off the perfect wedding that everyone enjoys. Below are the basics of wedding planning if you need a little help getting started or a few gentle reminders.

Decide on a Theme

To begin with, one of the first things that you should do is come up with a wedding concept. Decide what you want your wedding to be like and what the ideal wedding would look and feel like. If you’ve always imagined your wedding to be a big party, it means you may need to go all out and plan on the extravagant side. However, if you want a ceremony which is small and intimate, you would focus more on elements that matter.

Make a List of Vendors

This step is one that could probably take up the most time as they pull core parts of the wedding together. A good wedding usually consists of delicious food, unlimited drinks, and stunning décor which are commonly provided by vendors.

Pictures are one of the things that the bride and groom look forward to seeing after the wedding. They want to look at those sacred moments captured as it’s often a way to live that special day after it’s passed. Look through the portfolios of different photographers and videographers to see which have the best packages and good track records.

Flowers are another detail that helps bring a wedding to life visually; they can help create an inviting atmosphere as well as a warm ambiance. However, they can also run up a bill! Look for affordable packages or reduce the number of flowers you use. When choosing a wedding florist, ask around and collect pictures of the kind of flowers you want on that day.

Aside from the big toasts, drinks are needed at every wedding ceremony to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated. You should try looking for professional event bartenders or rendering services from companies such as They can help enhance the experience for your guests and make your wedding look well-coordinated.

A professional baker usually provides sweet treats including your wedding cake on the day. To choose the right cake, look at wedding cakes that you would like on the day and then find a baker who is capable of delivering the taste and design you want.

Stick to Budget

Weddings can cost anything from a couple of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don’t want to end up in serious debt, create a budget and, most importantly, stick to it. In order to do this, you might need to give yourself enough time and consider having your wedding outside of popular wedding season. Also, be frugal and open to getting cheaper alternatives without compromising when it comes to quality.


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