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Hampton woman busted on warrant while visiting jail

MASON CITY – A woman who went to visit a jailbird became one herself this weekend.

Hampton resident Crystal Ann Bell was at the Cerro Gordo county jail Sunday morning, February 12 around 9:14 AM, when jail staff apparently discovered she was wanted on tow valid warrants. Bell was apparently at the jail visiting an inmate, jailers say. Bell was arrested on two outstanding warrants connected to outstanding child support balances.

Bell was immediately taken to jail and is now serving two 29-day jail sentences; she won’t be released, though, until April 11, according to records.

Bell was jailed in Mason City back in July of 2015 for failure to appear in court for child support related cases. She was also busted with illegal drugs and received a suspended fine, suspended jail time and probation. Bell is a convicted felon out of Black Hawk county for forgery.

Bell, Crystal Ann

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Birds of a feather , flock together

I’m out thank u very much and thank God I still have a job.may I mention that the child lives with me and my father and unless I can afford a lawyer there’s nothing I can do to change this child support I’m paying to help raise my child and am expected to pay someone who does nothing for her real great system we have folks c

Good to see you’re out. Hope things get better for you.

Glad I’m not you. Sounds like your life sucks.

I feel for you, once you are in the Child Support Recovery system it takes an act of congress (I am exaggerating a bit) to get out of it no matter how your day to day life has changed. It is a good system to get money out of dead beat parents but if your situation has changed it is hard to get out of the system with out paying a lawyer and going through a lot of legal red tape. Good Luck

Have you tried legal aid? Your position seems special enough, that you might qualify for help. You do not technically need a lawyer to file things at the courthouse. Legal aid should be able to direct you into where to start. Filing fees cost $50-100 usually. I’ve been there. Iowa paternity/child support laws are ridiculous. The courts think so too, but apparently no one thinks they are important enough to change.

That is good advice. My lawyer had me file some of my paperwork myself just to save the fee that he would’ve charge me for doing it.

guess she got a little more time to visit with the inmate she was there to see than she thought she would. You can’t fix stupid folks.

In your case you’re exactly right! You cannot be fixed and you are definitely stupid.

Well – how is she going to pay her child care if she is in jail ?

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