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Popular Facebook page “North Iowa Mugshots” removed… will you miss it?

Sent to NIT by man who complained about "mugshots" page.
Sent to NIT by man who complained about “mugshots” page.

NIT – A North Iowa citizen alerted NIT Sunday that due to his persistent complaints and reports to Facebook, a popular – and some would say notorious – Facebook page that reports arrests was removed.

North Iowa Mugshots, with some 20,000 or so followers was taken down this weekend by Facebook. The page has been up for a just a few years, and has been taken down before. It seems to always come back, and always gains thousands of followers in a short time. The page is hated by lawbreakers, and many times, friends and family of those people, due to the sometimes vicious and nasty comments that people leave under the “mugshots” of arrested individuals. Profanity and other degrading remarks are allowed on the page. Although the page had nearly 20,000 followers before being removed this time, the comments seem to have slowed in recent months, down from sometimes hundreds of comments on some posts.

Sunday, a North Iowa man contacted Sunday to explain that his persistent complaints to Facebook about the page was what brought the page down this time. The man who made the complaints was accused of an assault and other crimes, but took a plea deal and served a short prison sentence. He claims that the page admins had threatened him.

“I will say they wished harm upon me and that I should perish in a painful and horrible manor(s),” he told NIT.

Will you miss North Iowa Mugshots, and do you think the page brings out the best – or worst – in people?

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Well, it’s back…. 16,000+ fans strong and going right after the people who tried to shut it down!

@Polio Loco-I told everyone last weekend they were just down temporarily. If you do not like their site (I never look at it personally) just do not go there. If they didn’t get any hits they would soon be gone. The P.C. police in action again. A bunch of whimps who do not have the guts to face anyone but will attack from hiding. The problem is you can find anyone who posts on the internet if you want to to find them bad enough.

Nim is back up today….

I’ve been up on that site and nobody had the the balls to say stuff about me. I forgot how perfect everyone is in Mason City. I wish the people had the stones to say what they type to that person’s face. Everyone that posted on mugshots is a chicken s#!t

Yes Philosophis, is right. All the comments, that people make. Is what gets the page removed. and really serves no purpose. Other then produce a Roman colosseum effect.

I will miss the sight. All I care about on there is who is getting arrested and where so I can avoid the people and the aree.

So amused by those who cried over being featured on that page. It’s not like it’s hard to avoid being on it. Don’t get arrested! It’s not exactly rocket science to figure that out.

Not that it matters but where on the photo of the complaint that was furnished to NIT show the person who complained? throughout the article no name is mentioned either, but yet on the comments he’s called out? I smell something fishy going on…

Well now NIT has no real competition now. A mugshot website here or a mugshot website there…what’s the difference?

Matt, truly I would believe an article published on NIT over the Glob or KIMT!! KIMT seemingly only reports on shit that happens OUTSIDE of Mason City.. And as far as the Glob goes~ just a waste & insult to recycled paper!!

@jojo1girl-Completely agree with your comments on KIMT and the GLOB. If it isn’t about Minnesota it isn’t on KIMT. And, the GLOB is a usless rag. They have a lot of guts claiming to be a news source. If it wasn’t for their contract publishing city and county business they wouldn’t have a thing worth reading other than the obituary’s. If Matt could get the obit’s on here I would cancel by GLOB subscription in a heartbeat. I will anyway if they raise the price to pay for their new/old press.

Not at all, in fact every media outlet does, but you take a snapshot of your front page of your site today, right now and see how many are crime and punishment stories you have, I enjoy your stories when you dig, and search, and find truth. I feel you are better than just posting a bunch of crime blotter stories like a college rag on your front page, just saying.

Matt, don’t lower yourself to your competition, your rebuttal to me says, everybody else is doing it, why can’t I?

I was impressed by the creativity they had to copy and paste a picture of someone and create a mugshot listing for something that was never committed. Sure is funny I never saw the mugshot when one of the admin and his friends got arrested but I guess that’s what friends do for each other right. I will stick to the police scanner that way I know what I am looking at is real. Sad when people try to destroy other people’s lives!

It lets us good folks know the faces of the baddddddddddddddddddd.

I’ll try and be as respectful as possible when I ask this, but doesn’t it seem that all Iowans seem to interest themselves with anymore is who did wrong to who? In the words of BJ Thomas…”hey won’t you play, another somebody done somebody wrong song.” I mean doesn’t that record get old? I realize it serves a useful purpose up to a point…but face it, all anyone seems to care about is cops and robbers.

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I never look at it, but, I heard it was just down temporarily.

Miss it? Absolutely not. It foments hatred and animosity, and serves no useful purpose other than to degrade and gawk. People arrested are not the same as people convicted. It’s a lesson perhaps NIT should learn as well. My prayers lay in the hope that society in general will stop with this love-affair of nasty street crime and wrongdoing. It was started by COPS television show and continues strong on NIT and elsewhere. Focus on the good and you will get good, focus on bad and…

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