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Amosson says Bookmeyer meal was “a gift” as Marquardt calls on Urdahl to resign

Supervisor Bob Amosson on Bookmeyer's "mayors luncheon": "It wasn't an open meeting.  It wasn't an open meeting."
Supervisor Bob Amosson on Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer’s “mayors luncheon”: “It wasn’t an open meeting. It wasn’t an open meeting.”

MASON CITY – On Tuesday morning’s regular agenda for the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors, an agenda item that required a vote by the board was placed under the designated agenda item where the public is allowed to address the board.

Under the board’s agenda item “Correspondence & Communication” the public has been allowed to address the board, ask questions and receive feedback.

At Tuesday’s meeting, a sub-item was added to the agenda under “Correspondence & Communication.”  The agenda item, “Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation” required a vote by the board.

As the agenda item “Correspondence & Communication” was called next on the agenda by Board Chairman Jay Urdahl, he noticed Publisher Matt Marquardt with his arm raised, waiting to be recognized.

Urdahl recognized Marquardt to address the board.

Amosson on Bookmeyer lunch: "It was a gift."
Amosson on Bookmeyer lunch: “It was a gift.”

“I would like to talk about your lunch last week at downtown Mason City,” Marquardt said, referring to an incident last Tuesday where Urdahl and Supervisor Phil Dougherty accepted gift meals from a man and left the eatery without re-imbursing the donor.  NIT has since learned that Dougherty sent $20.00 to the donor to cover his share of the meal, which cost well over $80.00 including the tip.

Urdahl immediately proclaimed “that’s not on the agenda” and then called on the “Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation” agenda item.  Sheriff Kevin Pals immediately began to speak and describe the program to the board.

Marquardt objected but the board and the Sheriff continued discussing the item for a number of minutes.

As their discussion waned, Urdahl joked to Sheriff Pals about Pals retiring as Sheriff as Marquardt again raised his arm and waited to be recognized.

Urdahl, for a second time, recognized Marquardt to to address the board.

Marquardt re-iterated his request to discuss the gift meal issue and Urdahl told Marquardt that he was interrupting the other “presentation.”

Supervisor Jay Urdahl refused to resign Tuesday.
Supervisor Jay Urdahl refused to resign Tuesday.

“How much more do the people of North Iowa owe you, Mr. Urdahl?” Marquardt asked.  “Free mileage re-imbursement.  Cell phone re-imbursement.  $45,000 salary.”

Urdahl then called on Sheriff Pals to begin speaking for a second time, and Pals pointed out a sexual assault proclamation document, which Urdahl then spent the next 2 minutes and 30 seconds reading.

When Urdahl was done reading, the board voted to approve the proclamation.

Marquardt again had his arm raised and waited for the board to recognize him.

Urdahl, for a third time, recognized Marquardt to address the board.

“Mr. Urdahl, you asked the Sheriff when he was going to step down, when are you going to step down?  You’ve taken free meals without re-imbursing, sir.  Maybe you should resign.”

As Marquardt finished his sentence, Supervisor Phil Dougherty called for the meeting to adjourn, and Supervisor Bob Amosson seconded the motion, with Urdahl concurring.

“Excuse me I would like an answer.  How many more free lunches are you set for this week, sir?” Marquardt asked, as the three Supervisors laughed.

“What about you?” Marquardt asked Amosson.  Amosson consumed a free gift lunch purchased for him by Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer on Wednesday, March 27th at the Mason City Public Library.  Urdahl ate the same free lunch that day.

“It was a good lunch!” Amosson proclaimed, in answer to Marquardt’s question.

“Was it a gift from the Mayor?” Marquardt asked.

“I hope so, it was a gift from the Mayor, he said he was gonna take care of it,” Amosson said.

“Are you going to pay back?” Marquardt asked Amosson.

“No I am not,” Amosson declared.  “It wasn’t anything that had to do with this,” he said, motioning around himself to the courthouse.

“It was on the agenda, sir, for the county courthouse,” Marquardt said.

“So?” Amosson said.  “It wasn’t an open meeting.  It wasn’t an open meeting.”

See meeting agenda here.

Watch video of entire dialogue:


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North Iowa Today changed the very landscape of this entire area. It is only natural that the status quo is upset and angry….how dare this brash young man insist on opening doors and exposing coruption that has been ingrained in the system for decades.

Our council is a bad joke, the city hall is infected with gross incompetence, and the supervisors are pissed because NIT found out where they meet for what used to be 15 minutes. Nit deserves a standing ovation.

@Captain Jack-Very well said. This corruption has been going on here in Mason City as long as I can remember. We have had councilmen that tried to clean it up over the years (Nelson, Weaver and Marsters tried) but were intimidated and insulted so much they finally had to quit. I remember them complaining about the Chamber many times. Matt is one of the very few that has had the guts to stand up to these elitist people who consider the rest of us as a bank account to get what they want. Matt has my complete support.

Matt: I read NIT do not buy the glob. I appreciate what you do and why you do it. Keep up the good work in keeping local taxpayers informed on were our tax money is spent and the abuse by both city and county. Hang all the dirty sob’s. Thank Again

don’t they realize all these videos will be looked at by someone in DSM. Each little video is just another shovel of dirt that makes the hole deeper

Alot to do about nothing Matt. Move on. Get a hair cut and get a real job

You may not like any of the individuals that you regularly write about on this site, but I hope you and the readers of this trash realize how big of a disservice your BS is to this community. People that are in office are there because they were voted in. If you dislike it, then do your best to get the vote out for change. Crashing meetings and generally making an Ass out of yourself doesn’t promote change. If anything, it draws attention away from the real issues that you and many others have with our local representation.

@real problem-the only real disservice I see is letting Drunkmeyer and his puppets stay in off ice. We have had officials on the take in this city before but in all my years I have never seen anything as dishonest as what I see from this bunch. They are either dishonest or totally inept. There has always been favortism but they take it to new levels and never cease to amaze me with what they think they can get away with. The real problem is people like you who are willing to let them get away with it.

the real problem wrote: “People that are in office are there because they were voted in. If you dislike it, then do your best to get the vote out for change.” It sounds to me like he has already taken your advice.

Matt, I read the “Glob” as you refer to it, for news. I read this for laughs. I mostly laugh at you and peter. fiction is more entertaining than truth.
Keep up with your conspiracies and fabrications. You are a big part of the city’s problem.

Matt did you just call out EVERY poster on NIT who uses a fictitious name? ” To me, you are just another nameless troll hiding because you have no guts”
Or was this JUST for the posters who disagree with you?

That was my comment above.

Conspiracies? How cant fact/proof be conspiracies?
Everything Matt puts out is the truth!
Matt is what this city needs.

Ya, a REAL job like working for someone else. This is just a message from a sheep that wants you to join the herd.

Multiple sheep are a flock.

are you saying we should tell them to get the flock out of here?

That’s baaaaaaad. 🙂

@ Joe: Mr. Marquardt doesn’t have “a real job”? Since when is owning and running a business not a real job? Maybe Matt doesn’t want to be an average Joe.

@Joe-you are just another establishment lackey. What Matt is doing is running his own business. It’s called small business. And he is doing it on his own. I would be willing to bet he puts in way more hours than you or any of your downtown buddy’s ever thought of.

Looks like his business is in manufacturing and not reporting.

Ha Ha it sure appears that way.

Joe I agree. A lot to do about nothing. There is no cover up or conspiracy going on here. I am not a big fan of this board or what goes on a city hall. I just don’t see this as the news story Matt want’s it to be.

I think that’s fair.

I have yet to talk to anyone that cares about what you think or what you agree with. Troll.

Urdahl won’t resign, he probably already called up his Republitard master Gary Blodgett and ask doc to write out a big check for Jay’s legal defense fund. I bet old doc wrote out one to since his nazi son is guilty as Jay, he paid.

The neanderthal doc’s holocaust-denying son is an apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree. They think that money and political connections can solve their every problem. I am absolutely mortified to know that this arrogant little Nazi is legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon and isn’t in federal prison.

I’ve observed that people laugh during disagreements for two reasons, either they are caught lying and afraid to face the truth or else they don’t have the intellect to comprehend what is being discussed. If the state does some investigating these guys are found guilty I bet they won’t have such a smug smile on their faces.

Monkeys smile when they are frightened. Just sayin’.

Yeah, just sayin, that’s what people usually say when they don’t know what else to say.

It’s really hard to tell what this article is supposed to be about. Crying about someone getting a free lunch or crying about not getting treated with respect. It certainly was not about reporting anything of value.

@ Stop: I beg your pardon? This isn’t about reporting anything of value? Between NIT’s paid subscribers, advertisers, and everyday readers, that’s thousands of people around here, of which I am one. And thank goodness that Mr. Marquardt takes time to look into what’s really going on, and exposes it. Politicians must be held accountable, and I say beaucoup kudos and felicitations to Matt for demanding respect by these good ole boys toward the citizens they are supposed to serve.

I thought that this article was about the powers that be, and free lunches…OH, I must have spaced off, or something…

Matt, maybe if somebody bought you lunch, you would give it up. Enough already.

As a taxpayer and a citizen of Cerro Gordo County and Mason City, I praise Matt for letting the public know the corruption that is going on in North Iowa with our representatives. I did not vote for Jay Urdahl, or Eric Bookmeyer. And I think that the ombudsman and the Attorney General need to come to Mason City and have the county supervisors and the mayor open the books, and go through a complete audit. They also need to check and see if any meetings violations were committed, which I’m sure there were. None of this would have been brought to light of it weren’t for Matt and NIT. Thank you Matt!

hahahahahahahahahaha! I love it!

Kevin Pals SHOULD retire. For years he indoctrinated children to drugs through a misguided DARE program. Yes, he can say he was just doing his job and so can the German soldiers in WW2. At some point he should have realized how wrong and toxic this was. Kevin does not and will never realize this and for that reason he needs to go. He’s still telling lies about cannabis.

Apparently he likes his women employees way to much too!

Kev was a stud as young man for sure. After a shift his patrol car had enough cologne smell in it to kill a man.

Its too bad the husbands are still probably in the dark.

How about if they legalized marijuana, would DARE be OK then?

“For years he indoctrinated children to drugs through a misguided DARE program.”

WHAT? Is this a joke or something? Pals was my DARE officer in the 5th grade…which incidentally was the first time I was offered drugs on the playground. I said no and would like to think DARE was involved in that decision. I wasn’t indoctrinated to anything and would find this comment funny if it wasn’t so misguided. DARE was a great program becuase it brought me into contact with a friendly police officer in a safe setting where I could learn and ask questions. I found a lot of value and look back on that program with fondness.

I find it very odd that pals is a advocate for sexual assault.
Hopefully he does retire soon.

@Anonymous-I think what Pals was advocating was sexual assault awareness. Not sexual assault.

Sorry, that’s what I meant

Talk about self-incrimination by an arrogant politician. Small wonder Bob isn’t running again.

Good questions Matt, but, as you can see they have no intention of giving you an answer. They are playing games, but, at least with you drawing attention to them people might just wake up during the next election and get rid of them.

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