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Bookmeyer commandeers city staff for personal errands

After seeing Mayor Eric Bookmeyer motion to him to move forward, City Administrator Brent Trout advanced upon Publisher Matt Marquardt, telling him he was not invited.  "The people of Mason City are not invited," Trout said.
After seeing Mayor Eric Bookmeyer motion to him to move forward, City Administrator Brent Trout advanced upon Publisher Matt Marquardt last week at a “mayors luncheon”, telling him he was not invited. “The people of Mason City are not invited,” Trout said.

MASON CITY – has learned that Mason City Mayor Eric Bookmeyer instructed staff at City Hall to reserve a room for what was claimed to be his own personal use at the Mason City Public Library.

Last week, on Tuesday, March 26th, Bookmeyer hosted a meeting of mayors, county supervisors and other elected and non-elected public officials at the Mason City Public Library.

Despite the fact that the meeting was listed on the weekly agenda at the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse, City Administrator Brent Trout called the meeting “private” and said that the people of Mason City were “not invited.”

Even as Trout called the meeting private and not open to the public, he confirmed that day that Bookmeyer was “always the mayor” and as such was acting in his capacity as mayor at the meeting, dubbed a “mayors luncheon.”

During the meeting of public officials, Mayor Eric Bookmeyer instructed City Administrator Brent Trout to evict the media from the meeting room, which had long shades drawn over the windows and the door.

In the days that have followed, details of the “mayors luncheon” continue to emerge.

NIT has been informed that Bookmeyer paid for the meeting room out of his own pocket at a cost of $50.  He wrote a personal check to the library to cover the room cost.  Bookmeyer and Trout also claim that Bookmeyer bought all the food and drink that was consumed by the dozen or so guests in the room.

The state of Iowa has strict guidelines that public officials must follow when either accepting or giving a meal or gift with a value greater than $3.00.

Further, despite the fact that Trout and Bookmeyer claim that the meeting was private and fully-funded by Bookmeyer, NIT has confirmed from two sources – one at City Hall and one at the library – that Bookmeyer instructed City Hall staff to call the library and reserve the room for his use.  Why Bookmeyer did not make the call himself was not known.

The incident at the Mason City Public Library involving Bookmeyer and Trout evicting the media and calling police has been referred to the Ombudsman Office in Iowa by multiple North Iowa citizens.  NIT has also been told today that there are other pending cases at the Ombudsman Office involving Eric Bookmeyer.

Other state agencies are being contacted as well.

More on this developing story to come.

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Hey bookmeyer!! Get a job you bum!!

Boycott them. Many of the city council have jobs for companies that they have steered work to with their votes on different projects and budget cuts. The boycott is a an effective method of showing your displeasure with the obvious conflict of interest that many of the city council members are confronted with. It is very effective when the business that you are boycotting don’t know that they are being boycotted. That is the most effective way to show your displeasure with the current city council.

I wouldn’t use any of the companies these people work for. I know I am only one person but why would I do business with someone I do not like how the do city business.

The Mayor is sick. That’s all there is to it!!! We shouldn’t have to tolerate the second drunk mayor in a row. Then this guy with the mean spirit, narcissistic personality disorder….
We deserve better. As long as Trout, the Mayor, Tornquist and Solberg act as a pack— not much will happen. Trout has overstayed his welcome. Tornquist is insane. Solberg doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together… God, we are a mess here.

Just pray that it will all come to a halt real soon!!!!

breeze, couldn’t have stated it better. Matter of fact I don’t dare as everytime I knock somebody Matt threatens to ban my but.

Why on the video did Trout ask one of the mayor’s (couldn’t distinguish name) “did you pay for your lunch today?” And that mayor said, “yes”, is it now being said the Bookmeyer paid for everyone – disturbing – lies are worse than anything in public office.

I’d really like an answer to this question.

What I want to know is, who paid for Bookies lunch at the country club a couple years ago when Todd Blodgett had him there to meet Steve Minert and then a couple months later Bookie gets the Council to give Harley all that money. Our money.

What pisses me off is that they can spend our money on this Blues Zones hype and then not take it seriously themselves. Come on Brent! You are out of freakin’ control with that belly roll. I want to see you lose at least 50 pounds pal.

You act like you have never seen a fat nurse.

lol…I’ve seen groups of nurses smoking on break outside of hospital doors. Here I jog by and they are smoking cigs. However if I ere to go home and vaporize cannabis, I would be the bad guy.

But, ain’t that America for you and me, ain’t that America somthin’ to see, baby…

the word you are looking for is criminal. that’s what people who do crimes are called.

Ya, I guess that would depend on where you live, eh?

Just curious – brick – why are you staying in Iowa – the places where pot is legal are WAY more beautiful with loads more recreational opportunities, etc. I’m not trying to tell you to move, I really am curious.

Ocean – mountains – trees, etc.

Iowa welfare

How do you know where I live, that’s what you should be asking yourself.

:o) – that answers that one.

I’m not confirming or denying that i live here.

By the photo book looks like he’s half in the Bag. Does’nt matter if he or the Lord paid for that party – it was city business and violated Iowa Code -(thats law for you elected POS)

The fuse has been lit on Bookmeyer, and it’s a short fuse. When final evidence is confirmed life around here will change for the better.

The book would’nt make a pimple on Mr. Weavers azz when it comes to human rights for the private citizens of the BLuuuuuue Zoooooooneeeee.

Brent Trout needs blue zones because he’s in the blimp zone.

If the twins are truly as dishonest as most of us believe, I fear that our outrage will only cause them to go further underground with their luncheons and other acts of deception. Then we need a strategy on how to smoke the rats out of the hole. Suggestions?

Mayor bookmeyer is a bully in all regards, he does it at city council meetings with his demeanor and finger gesters. I feel he should just do a Richard Nixon and be done with it. There has to be a better person out there to run our once proud city. Come on mason city people lets put as much pressure on the mayor and make him realize he is no longer wanted.

@ Smoothy … Richard Nixon did a Richard Nixon because the crooked Republitard didn’t have what Bookie has: a legislative body that can put him in check mate. Bookie here has these 6 rubber stamps called Council. We don’t have recalls in Iowa for a crooked mayor. Your right I wish he would of done like Nixon but Beermeister has this get out of Jail free pass with his Council.

Mayor Bookmeyer is giving Mason City a bad name. His behaviour is very unprofessional for a public official. Mason City has become the State joke.

No more unprofessional than Max Weaver’s behavior.

Max Weaver never would have done this. Max’s rantings were always in favor of the people in Mason City. He always watched out for the citizens. And he certainly wouldn’t have gotten a man to play his personal body guard. Eric is not good for Mason City and neither is Brent Trout. I hope the state steps in and files charges against both of them and then we can finally be done with them.

Nichole: Max is the one that told me about NIT a few years ago. I used to see him once in a while in mason city and he would ask what would it take to help mason city. Granted, I never listened to him at a council meeting. But he was always interested in ideas to make things better.

I never remember Max going to these types of events or wearing a red scarf to Washington DC or any of that.

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