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Witnesses sought in connection with sexual assualt

MASON CITY – A family is asking that potential witnesses help solve a sexual assault case.

According to details given to NIT, on the morning of June 16th, 2012 at about 1:30 AM, a female walking near the downtown area was approached and abducted at knifepoint by a male.

The man, who the family says is African-American (6′-2″ to 6′-4″, 30-35 years of age and well over 200 lbs.), proceeded to take the female (slight build, 5′-4″, Caucasian/Latina), still on foot, north through the city and proceeded through an alley (see photo) just east of North Federal at about the 1300 block.

According to the victim, in that alley, they encountered a male and a female walking their dog.  The victim says that the suspect, from a distance, made verbal remarks to the couple as he continued to walk.  The dog with the couple may have been a pit bull.

The family is hoping any potential witnesses will come forward with any details they may have, as charges in the case are pending.

If you have any information or can help in this case, the family asks that you email  The information will be passed on to the family and their attorney and authorities.


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She could have just gotten off work from somewhere, bar, etc… Places ARE open that late, she could have been left by her friends or maybe her car broke down. STOP coming up with excuses and blaming the victim. Try to show some sympathy and empathy. I sure hope no one in any of your family’s has to ever go through something like this. Ignorant and Arrogant Jerks.

One might think there is sufficient evidence to bring about charges. We don’t however know all of the details. If he was armed, is there a weapon in custody? We know there is sufficient evidence that sexual contact was made.

The family’s quest for the witnesses placing this perpetrator at the scene, would make make quite a solid case in front of a judge or jury.

It’s sad that a victim must go through this. If you were one of the parties who saw this, please step forward. It would be a huge aid in bringing closure to this victim, and convicting this neanderthal. Put yourself in her shoes!

We shuldbe able to walk in Mason and not be in fear. Itjust go to show are court offices are to caught up in everything else than potecting the public. They keep putting these rapist back on th streets.Thats like the sex affenders all ovr th north side or at bg clark. Just wantting for one of are children. If this was your family member you would want them off the streets to. Time we all stand up and take are street back so are children can live safe.

@concerned: Your spelling and grammar says it all. I cnduo’t bvleiee taht I culod aulaclty uesdtannrd waht I was rdnaieg

P.S. I’ll be right back I’m going to walk my bank bag of money to the bank at 1:30am. The bank is between a gangster bar and a liquor store where someone got stabbed a month ago. I’ll be shocked though if something happens to me on my walk there.

Would you morons concentrate on the meat and potatoes of this article?

A young woman was raped at knife point. A some time during this woman’s horrible ordeal, another couple walking their dog in the alley (east side) of the 1300 block of North Federal (so basically, in the alley behind North Side Liquor and Alley Katz) is believed to have seen this young woman with her abductor/attacker. The family is asking for their assistance, if they would come forward.

What the hell is the matter with you people?

Don’t know anything, didn’t see anything cause I stay in my house at 1:30am. I live on the Northside, have a full time 8-5 professional job and concentrate on raising my family. Just sayin’… I’m a guy and you wouldn’t catch me walking around Northside Liquor during the daytime. It’s a shame this happened and the police must do more to keep violent crimes out of Mason City. I’d never say anyone deserved it or caused it and it shouldn’t happen. But, you have to consider all of the circumstances here. If I walk into a lion’s den, I’m probably going to get bit. A young girl walking around Alley Katz and Northside Liquor at 1:30am??? Something’s telling me we don’t know all of the story… or maybe she was just out to buy some bubble gum at 12th St Kum & Go and maybe we should just trust Robin Anderson too. I swear some people just have their rose colored glasses on too much.

It says she was approached somewhere else and that that area is where they encountered the other people after he had taken her/marched her a distance. So just from the details we don’t know where she was originally at.

this rapist needs to be caught before he hurts somebody else! Or gets hurt! I know that if this was one of my family members who was raped he won’t be walking the streets voluntarily! People need to speak up before he takes on more victums.

Poorly written article without important details, poor picture that gives readers the assumption it happened in this area when she was actually taken there after several other locations, poor judgement by the girl out walking anywhere at this time of night, and poor comments walking down that “slippery slope” again making assumptions that we have a serial rapist running all over town. Statistics say they more than likely knew each other. NIT if you’re going to write about it, give us more information so everyone doesn’t go off making assumptions

You really aught not to accuse people making assumptions BLACK KETTLE!

If they knew each other, why would they ask for the public’s help? WAKE UP! She could have just gotten off work from somewhere, bar, etc… Places ARE open that late, she could have been left by her friends or maybe her car broke down. STOP coming up with excuses and blaming the victim. Try to show some sympathy and empathy. I sure hope no one in your family has to ever go through something like this. Ignorant and Arrogant Jerks.

Who really cares what the details are and reasons are that she was walking at that time of the morning? The fact is,is that the poor girl was raped at knifepoint by a huge black man who is known to authorities.Where is your peoples apathy?You’re so feakin worried about why she was out that late,WHO CARES-THE GIRL WAS RAPED and the sexual predator that did it is going to get away with it and is going to do it again if somebody doesn’t step up and help.My God,some of you people are so cold blooded.Mason City’s finest,pathetic.

Folks, wake up! We could have a serial rapist on our hands. This is serious stuff and you guys don’t even get it. (Or more likely you just don’t care. Pathetic.)

Really? What’s your basis on this being a serial rapist?

That there have been multiple stories published on here and circulated around town. Could definitely be a coincidence…… could definitely not be. Who knows? You?

Quit blaming the victim for this crime! There is no excuse for sexual assault of any kind.

Thank you, Katie.

Didn’t know mason city had prostitute’s at 1:30 am dam she’s stupid to think it’s safe to be out alone of all things what is this a drug deal gone bad???? Or a slut looking for atention

Details of why she was out arent available. You should be ashamed of yourself for jumping to those types of conclusions.

The women in my family carry pepper spray and a gun if they need to walk somewhere after dark. AND they know how to use both. Just thought I should mention this so all the guys who are looking for trouble are warned that they will definitely find it if they mess with my family.

Where exactly was this? The story says near downtown but doesn’t list a neighborhood and then it says just east of N Federal… 1300 block of what?

Second thought, boy Mason City is really going to the dogs when a 5’4 lady can’t walk down a dark secluded alley at 1:30am and not expect to get into trouble! Geez! Ya know, some people outta be smacked up side the head for the lack of common sense!

Judging from the title of the article, I don’t think she needs to have it explained to her what a bad idea this was. Thanks for being so sensitive though. You’re a peach.

People SHOULD be able to walk wherever and whenever they want. People shouldn’t live in fear, Mason City isn’t the only place going to crap, but it is getting closer to the top of the list.

Does anyone actually read anymore? Or do you just pick out the things that sound good? She was not walking down a dark secluded alley; she was walking close to downtown and was abducted from there. Hopefully people will read this and remember seeing something as he walked with her for a while by the sounds of it.

Sounds like the county attorney is finally doing his job if charges are pending. Cant put a case together overnight.

The breed does too matter! Good Grief, it is a way to identify the couple. Like if they were wearing blue or had a poodle. And I believe I read somewhere an appeal for witnesses around the time of the attack. And when would you walk if you worked 2nd shift or got off work at 1:30??? Could be any of 1000 reasons. Doesn’t anyone think outside the BOX!!!

The way some people around here identify breeds isn’t reliable anyway.

No doubt! Looks like his defenders are finnaly showing up tho. Wondered when they would.

Whose defenders? I just call out idiots.


Never mind Morgan McWilliams statements she said the same thing on NIT. She hangs out with all these shitbags. In our last murder trial she had to tell the jury she slept with half those involved in the case.

What does this have to do with the price of eggs in China?

I’ve always been told, anyone out past midnight is asking for trouble. Not that I’m saying anyone deserves to be hurt, but why is a female out walking the street at 1:30 am? Especially alone? Certainly not a good judgement call…

It’s getting so you can’t wander the streets all hours of the morning in this town!

You know thats true, but i work nights and i see so many girls walking the streets between midnight and 2am that it boggles my mind. It will happen again, these kids are all over at all hours of the day and night now.

This story is from 2.5 months ago, if witnesses were sought, this should have been posted soon after the incident, not now. Plus, the breed of the dog the couple was walking has no bearing on this story at all. Geez ‘o’ petes!

So the incident happened 2.5 months ago and the story just ran today?

FROM NIT STAFF: Please do not name the suspect here. Thank you.

FROM NIT STAFF: That language is not allowed on NIT.

My apologies.

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