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Man scuffles with Clear Lake police at traffic stop; two with minor injuries

CLEAR LAKE – A Nora Springs man caused minor injuries to two Clear Lake police officers at a traffic stop early Monday morning.

According to police Chief Greg Peterson, Matthew Leon Regan, age 19, was stopped by Clear Lake police in the 800 or 900 block of 2nd Ave N. at about 2 AM this morning.

“When they went to arrest him he resisted and two of my officers received minor scrapes,” Peterson said today.

Regan has had other recent brushes with the law. He was charged in December of 2011 with conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance when authorities discovered a meth lab in his vehicle.  Regan is represented by Colin Murphy of Clear Lake in that case, which is still in court.


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hey Napoleon Dynamite, you watch too much breaking bad.

Thanks to the Clear Lake police were keeping crap like this guy out of our town. Keep up the good work. A reminder for the people at the lake. If you see someone acting suspicious call the cops. That way we all feel a little safer.

really? arguing over the net again? lame… and as for the police being injured…isn’t that why they issue tazers. give the lil junky some electro-therapy next time

Usually when cops in the area stop you without cause, its the dreaded license plate light! If you get out and look, it seems to come back to life once the ileagal search is over.

Sorry old sock, but a tail light or license plate light burned out is probable cause for a traffic stop. Our courts have confirmed it in many cases in relation to searches.

Yep and if was a real meth Lab… U think he would of gotten out of Jail… Pretty sad to see stupid people talking shit.. if u know this person or not.. Maybe get a job or a real life and worry ur own problems… Just saying…

It was a real meth lab you stupid naive fool.People get outta jail all the time for meth labs.Especially when they snitch off their
buddys like this punk did.I know this for a fact.So put that in your glass pipe smoke it Lisa.

Lisa, you idiot. Look at North Iowa Mugshots… people are arrested and released on a daily basis for drug charges, for rape charges, for burglary charges… everything. They don’t keep everyone in jail until their court date. I know you’re his mom and you feel the need to defend your son, I get that, but don’t be an idiot.

maybe you should wake up Lisa and give that speech to your child. his job was making meth and selling it. we do have jobs and it is OUR right to say what we want. WHY?!?! because WE are footing his bill along with every rum in that jail. Tired of paying for their sorry asses. Exactly dont be an idiot and admit your son is a junkie.

A tail light was out? Those cops must of been bored.

Uh no, it’s called doing their JOB. If they didn’t, you’d complain that they were all sitting around eating dounuts. Hypocrite much?

Kinda like when they caught him with a meth lab because a headlight was out. Damn them bored cops.

I don’t give two shits how he got caught. Headlight…tail light…I don’t care. He got caught and that makes me smile. I hope more cops are bored if that’s what it takes. Bye Bye shaggy. Dumbass.

Think it bad that he has a court case from Dec 2011 still pending.He has been out all this time probably making meth to finance his lawyer.


hopefully he got his a** beat

what was he stopped for?

I think having a tail light out

That guy has “smart-asses punk” written all over him.

The mop head was on his way to see his lawyer I bet!

I say give the little bastard a taste of his own medicine! He wants to play rough, then boys ruff him up!

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