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Police release information on Oglesby assault and arrest

Mason City police have released the following information regarding a Wednesday arrest of Troy Oglesby, 44, of Mason City (see story from yesterday for more information):

On July 4, 2012 at about 3:15 AM, Mason City police officers were dispatched to 1614 South Harding to take a burglary report from the resident, Troy Ogelsby.

Upon the arrival of officers, Oglesby (pictured at bottom) advised them that an unknown male broke into his house and assaulted him.  Oglesby further advised that that he had fired a gun at the suspect while he was being assaulted in his house.

Upon further investigation, police learned that several windows in a vehicle belonging to Oglesby were broken out, as was the window on the front door of the residence.

The suspect was identified as Kaleb Merle Tyler, 18, of Mason City and that he and Ogelsby know each other very well.

During the investigation, police found that Oglesby fired a gun into the car that Tyler was getting into which was parked down the street, in which 4 juveniles were also in, putting all of them in danger of being fatally wounded.

Kaleb Tyler was arrested and charged with 3rd degree criminal mischief, an aggravated misdemeanor.

Troy Oglesby was arrested and charged with terrorism a class C felony for shooting the gun into a car load of people.

The case is still under investigation and further charges could be filed.

Troy Oglesby

Kaleb Merle Tyler



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50 miles south, are you still on here? would you put some sense in Troy’s head. He Won’t file a civil suit against these people for damages. He thinks the FBI helped him. all they did, was write a letter to the lawyer and police dept. As you know he got the bunt of everything.he is due com pensation. We would appreciate any help anyone can give him. He reads NIT. please help. Thank you.

Mary I doubt if that’s your name. how would you know whats in troys past, he has no police record This is another one of the Tylers trying to make him look bad. Theres only one person that should have been charged and that’s Kalob Tyler. don’t forget after this happened Kalob’s family put him in 5 east at mercy hospital because he said he was going to get a gun and blow Troys head off and then kill himself. Whats worst’ getting a gun to kill someone or throwing a fake grenade across the floor. Kalob already tried to kill Troy with a slug hammer. Where should the charges be. Quit pretending you think Dori is Troys mom. We all know who this is Mary? HaHa what a joke.

Doris I understand with you being Troy’s mother that you want to stand up for you son but come on now. They were both in the wrong and neither of them are angels. Troy has done a lot of messed up stuff as well. Like I commented before about the hand greande. Really who does that? I could go on but I wont. Let him suffer the consequences of his actions and grow up and act like a man.

Auto correct changed some of my words. * Dori, hand grenade

Oops, meant punks- not pinks!! LMFAO

I’m willing to bet, as most pinks do- Tyler was running his mouth about what he was going to do, sledgehammers are rather large and uneasy to conceal! I’m just betting the others parked down the street because they too friggn scared to get out of the car!! Also, clarification of the distance ‘parked down the street’ needs to be acknowledged. I interpret it as someone parked halfway down the block, others may argue could juz be house next door… regardless, facts clearly show tyler went armed and with intent to commit harm -why else wield sledgehammer at 3 AM… if u dont believe sledgehammer be life threatening weapon- have someine hit u with one!! Premeditation is obvious here- should be charged with attempted murder… forcible entry is also classsified as burglary no?criminal mischief should be the LEAST of the charges filed against him, and later dropped or pledge down because he found or pledge guilty to more serious charges!! CORRUPTION IN THIS TOWN RIDICULOUS … makes me sick

Okay observer since your the expert here and all what about where does Blodgett fall in this. As far as I am concern both Ogelsbey and Blodgett were in the right pulling guns. Ogelsbey used his and fired Blodgett never fired his but what does the law say about pulling gun on the carney that took his money. I say give both a medal. They have helped us and maybe the scum that breaks into houses and steal money will now think twice before they try that shit.

Troy did nothing wrong, he was home sleeping like most, the troubled teens were out to get troy. you really cant be that stupid, to say the three waiting in the car knew nothing about what was taking place. We have no justice here any more. I DID MORE TIME ON MY 1ST OWI then Kalab, And he smashed out windows on troys van broke into house and assaulted him…. I would of shot at car too. To many people get off of there crimes, With little or no jail..

Aaaahahahahah…thanks. I think we all needed that

That was supposed to go to the other anonymous but thank you too

“Troy did nothing wrong, he was home sleeping like most, the troubled teens were out to get troy.”

He did something wrong when he left his house and took shots down a street not knowing who was out there. It’s 0315 hours, you cannot say with absolute certainty that some innocent person was not out for a walk can you? No. The law is clear when, and when you cannot shoot a firearm.

There are a lot of questions yet. As reported, the vehicle was down the street, far enough away that he was no longer a visible threat. Does that still legally represent “standing your ground” as law provides? I rather doubt a jury will see it that way. The shooter will likely have to justify why the trigger was pulled.

“you really cant be that stupid, to say the three waiting in the car knew nothing about what was taking place.”

Exactly what did they know? And did what they know equate to facilitation of a criminal act? That is the standard the law provides. And I am sure a jury would require a lot of proof to that extent before they convict.

This whole thing sounds like a dealer/loan shark trying to collect his money.

the lesson to be learned here is get yourself an East German Shepard. They are a guard dog but instead of keeping people out they let them in and keep them in!

A brat named Tyler thought he was Thor

Took a sledgehammer to somebody’s door

The man heard the sound, and squeezed off a round

Next time, he’ll use a larger bore!

Here we’ll try this again
Aaaahahahahah…thanks. I think we all needed that

WOW! So much speculation about reputations, “I know T. Oglesby personally” BLAH BLAH BLAH! The facts released so far are Troys home was broken into, He was assaulted with a sledge hammer at 3 AM, resulting in him firing his gun at this intruder and into the car after said intruder was fleeing the scene. I’m willing to bet that Mr. Oglesby’s adreniline was in overdrive. How DO people react to being attacked in their homes? Then he gets arrested, charged wit terrorism, and this young adult intruder charged with criminal mischief? MISCHIEF? Isn’t that when you egg someones home? This is assault with intention to do great bodily injury or worse! This intruder had an agenda!

Sounds like Stevie knows the whole story.

There has to be alot more to this story than is being told.Troy lost his job of 9 years and where is the harley at haven’t seen it speeding around town lately.Sounds like alot of badluck or karma to me.Stay tuned Mason City this is no isolated case.

What does Troy loosing his job and not riding his Harley around have to do with this case u idiot!!! You don’t know the whole story so stop making accusations .

Stevie does know the whole story. So does Fred and so do I.

They better charge that kid with alot more then what they did so far. If they dont im going to start writing letters and making phone calls to the governor, DCI, sheriffs department and so on until somebody investigates the MCPD for corruption. This is plain ass ridiculous.

I have called the DCI. Waiting for a return call. Thank you. Any help is apreciated

keep calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will also make a call!

please post the number you called for all of us. thanks

The number I called is 515-725-6010. That is the Des Moines office. She said there is an agent who works the MC area and she would get a message to him to call me.

i agree with most of your statements. with the exception of the Governor. he is just as guilty as this kids grandparents. bailing his son out of all that trouble. this situation in MC is basicly the same as the travon martin case in that public media and public demands may get this problem corrected. so everyone… who and how do we have to contact to get the ball rolling.

Fed up with the double standards in this town!


One can reasonably understand defending one’s home from invaders. However, firing down the street at a car filled with other people? That is a crime no matter how you try to dress it up and make it look pretty.

The other comments raised points about the 18 year old chap who broke into the home, and those in the waiting vehicle down the street. How it was determined to be a crime of Criminal Mischief versus Burglary is a judgement call for officers on the scene, and for the State to prove.

Further, I have to wonder if the others in the waiting vehicle had prior knowledge of a crime being committed plays into any sort of charges not being applied.

Still too many questions, and not enough evidence.

Asking you, do you honestly KNOW how you’d react to being attacked in the middle of the night? Would your adreniline be pumping? Or would you remain calm? Thoughts clear? Or confusion mixed with pain after being woken up and assaulted? People react differently under all kinds of stressful situations. Don’t judge his reaction. He did what he did maybe out of FEAR for his life!I’m not saying it was “Right” Just a reaction under horrible circumstances.

Yes it happens fast. First off, I don’t own a gun, and have no desire to own one.

Next, while someone can get into the house, I sleep so lightly, I would hear it in an instant. While I know the exact layout in pitch black, they do not, and as that person finished tripping over everything, I would be safely away.

What ya all stirred up about”it’s just another isolated incident” in Mason City:o)))!!!!

Troy is a terrible person. That’s all i’m going to say, I know him personally. He’s a woman beater and a child abuser.

Anonymous where’s your shit to back that up? Did you see where his record was shown. Put your real name out there and lets see your record. Is this Chris again? Did you hear that shit while you were I’m jail or from his worthless ex?

If Troy is such a great person why did he threaten his 12yr old daughter last year with a hand grenade. Sounds like he should get citizen of the year award.

Mary, how do you know all of this? how do you remember? Thank you for standing up for me.

sincerely, Troys daughter.

And Chris I asked Troy if he knew you. Funny he’s never heard of you.

1. A person commits burglary in the first degree if, while perpetrating a burglary in or upon an occupied structure in which one or more persons are present, any of the following circumstances apply:
b. The person has possession of a dangerous weapon.
c. The person intentionally or recklessly inflicts bodily injury on any person.
2. Burglary in the first degree is a class “B” felony.

Criminal mischief is criminal mischief in the second degree if the cost of replacing, repairing, or restoring the property so damaged, defaced, altered, or destroyed exceeds one thousand dollars but does not exceed ten thousand dollars. Criminal mischief in the second degree is a class “D” felony.

1. The term “property” shall include any land, dwelling, building, conveyance, vehicle, or other temporary or permanent structure whether publicly or privately owned.
2. The term “trespass” shall mean one or more of the following acts:
c. Entering upon or in property for the purpose or with the effect of unduly interfering with the lawful use of the property by others.
d. Being upon or in property and wrongfully using, removing therefrom, altering, damaging, harassing, or placing thereon or therein anything animate or inanimate, without the implied or actual permission of the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession.

When two or more persons, acting in concert, knowingly participate in a public offense, each is responsible for the acts of the other done in furtherance of the commission of the offense or escape therefrom, and each person’s guilt will be the same as that of the person so acting, unless the act was one which the person could not reasonably expect to be done in the furtherance of the commission of the offense.

Any person having knowledge that a public offense has been committed and that a certain person committed it, and who does not stand in the relation of husband or wife to the person who committed the offense, who harbors, aids or conceals the person who committed the offense, with the intent to prevent the apprehension of the person who committed the offense, commits an aggravated misdemeanor if the public offense committed was a felony, or commits a simple misdemeanor if the public offense was a misdemeanor.

I guess I missed the part where it says underestimate the damage to protect a retired police officer’s grandson and DA’s secretary to avoid felony charges.

Apparently forcefully entering one’s home is not burglary if you have connections.

To your job MCPD, it is not up to grandma what he gets charged with. You took an oath to uphold the law.

and then there are still people who wonder why some people dont trust the police. dont forget this one. bring it up at the council meetings. ask your mayor why the favoratism. didnt the mayor just ask for help with (snitching) in situations such as this.

I for one, still remember the current gov. Bumsteads son only got a $35 fine for stealing a government car and killing two people while driving drunk. this was covered up by police and changed when they found out who the kid was. it was originally anounced that the person was drunk but he wasnt charged with it. which makes people think it didnt happen

If I were home sleeping on my couch and someone beat in my door with a sledge hammer then proceeded to hit me with it I would have done the same thing. He is lucky he had a gun. the ones in the car should be charged with accessary, to much more serious crimes, attempted murder? where is justice?

If I were home asleep on my couch and someone beat my door in with a sledgehammer then proceeded to beat me with the hammer, I would have done the same thing. He is lucky he had a gun. The ones in waiting should be charged with accessory to much more serious crimes, attempted murder? Where is the justice?

If the others in the car were juveniles where the hell are the parents and what are these kids doing out at 3am?

I’m sure when they mention more charges they are speaking of Troy

Don’t forget burglary!

Troy Oglesby is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Kaleb needed some good old-fashioned Mason City, IA mentoring.

Further charges could be filed? Further charges better be filed starting with Home Invasion, Felony Assault w/ a weapon and Vandalism to name a few.

and what about the others in the car, don’t tell me that they had no idea what was going on, why aren’t they charged with anything, Juveniles that are learning that they can get away with shit like this, great.

this is a question for the experts as I do not know. can an individual demand certain charges be filed or is it soley up to the officer in this case or any other case?

Individuals can call the cops and give their acct of what happened, providing more info/evidence if asked/discovered.
Then the cops decide how to proceed, investigate or not. Charges are applied as they best for the crime. Further charges can be made if more evidence is found. After that its up to the lawyers & judge on how they handle the charges.
All the individual can do is let their lawyer know how they feel about the charges, and take the advice of their lawyer into consideration.

What more evidence do they need? The invader dropped the weapon used with his name on it. Criminal mischief? Really????

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