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Op-ed: Use petition to remove Bookmeyer from office (by Peter Children)

I am advocating a petition for removal or recall of Eric Bookmeyer. If you were watching the state of Wisconsin in regard to their governor, Scott Walker, they got 900,000 signatures to recall him from office. How hard can this be? There is certainly enough evidence to more than consider it.

Some of you will think of it as a sobering thought; others will think a little more sobriety is needed….if you get my drift. If truth were to come out, it really isn’t the public display of intoxication that is the most frightening or alarming, it isn’t the fact that he drinks to the point of incoherence and needs to be helped to stand up, no those things can be overlooked. What cannot be overlooked is the vindictiveness and ineptness in what he attempts in his day to day dealings. This man is not qualified for the position he occupies, that is my opinion.

There are strong possibilities that the copious amounts of alcohol he runs through his system has had adverse effects on his mental capacity, that certainly is a possibility. But overall it is my opinion he lacks the normal demeanor to function without malice. With him everything is personal, when in fact it is not. It is about common goals, not personal goals, it is about being open with the community, not secretive and clandestine, it is about listening to the voices of those who live here and may have voted for you; it’s not about shutting down the public form because you are not interested in hearing what those same citizens may have to say.

It is about denying Sandy Servantez merely an interview because he did not get his way in shutting down the Human Rights Commission offices in this city. That was the first signal early on of his vindictiveness…and it did go unseen by me. It was a red flare in the dark of night that told me we had a psychopath on our hands. His continued fixation with HRC by requesting audits and trying to load the commission with his personal appointees only served to add credence to my theory. The mere fact that he would attempt to close it to keep what I believe was a promise to his friend and campaign manager; my theory. This told me he had zero compassion for the downtrodden who depend on this facility, but was more interested in only his needs and what he wanted. Eric wants to prove that he is in charge; unfortunately that is all too evident. The only smart move he ever made in my opinion was to marry a doctor. After that he went down hill in the area of making sound decisions. This guy is reason enough to require testing before anyone can file for public office. On the other hand he put six council persons into a deep trance; that doesn’t mean he’s smart, it just sheds light on those six people, it marks them as suspect in the area of making viable and intelligent decisions.

Lets now make an assumption; lets pretend Eric dumps the sanitation department and eleven or more long time employees are let go. Forget about their families, that is the least of Eric’s concern. Now lets further assume a private trash company is brought in; maybe just by pure chance it is one where Councilwoman Solberg writes their insurance or is connected to in one way or another. This is all conjuncture mind you, not something that would really happen in the real world…you think? Ask yourself this question; what is a councilperson’s vote worth, one that never fails to vote your way every time without fail? What would the premiums be worth on all those trucks? Could that, if it were to come about be considered collusion; warranting a long look by the BCI or states attorney’s office? Nobody votes for what you want without wanting something for themselves…nobody. This is not off the table, this guy thinks only about what he wants, and thinks you are all out to lunch; and maybe you are.

Now you can see what a part time employee can do…if he has assistance from the council. I have no problem with my trash, I put it out and they pick it up. It works so why fix it? The cost is in line, it’s reasonable, the collectors are proficient, but they don’t vote on the council…

Peter Children

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