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Op-ed: Grand Theft Auto (by Peter Children)

Let’s get the laundry out on the clothes line for all to see. Take it out of the dryer and hang it outside to see if all the stains are washed out.

A short while ago there was a incident that occurred here at the local Mason City Ford dealership; eight individuals were escorted off the premises by the police…the charge was grand theft, that along with various other infractions of the law.  None of which any of you reading this would seek for yourself.

In all subsequent related articles only three pictures appear, and those are of a father and his two sons.  Where then are the other five who were also expelled on that day? What happened to them?  The father and his two sons were arrested and charged; but there is yet to be a trial and conviction.

The scarcity of information being released by the law enforcement authorities has caused runaway speculation that has taken on a life of its own.  Did you know that in communities the hierarchy of government dictates that the Chief of Police works at the pleasure of the mayor; this means the mayor can hire or fire the Chief at will.  This then could cause compromise if one were to think along those lines. The wife of the head  engineer for the city was the bookkeeper for the original owner of this agency for three decades, then stayed on when the business changed hands.  It is now believed that the original owners were comprised financially due directly  to the discovery of theft; this then pretty much forced them out of business as a result.          That tells us the originator of this dealership did not know what hit them until the money was gone.

It is then not a stretch to speculate that the engineer might have approached the mayor and asked for help with the police in regards to his wife.  It is certainly within the realm of possibility; I would have done it if I were in his shoes…who could blame him?  Keep in mind that what I write is purely conjure and without basis. It is not uncommon to “cut a deal” in such matters, to “turn state’s evidence” and bear witness against your one time conspirators in order to lessen the punishment of your own implication.  We’re not plowing new ground here.

This bookkeeper in all likely hood knew more about the day to day dealing of that business than any other individual. She then stayed on with the change of ownership.  In a business such as this where large sums of capital move through it on a daily basis, it is the bookkeeper who is the most central figure in handling those funds. It is the bookkeeper who enters cash in and cash out; without cooperation from that individual it would be almost impossible to conduct fraud of this sort.

Eventually this will all come out in the wash, it’ll all be hung out to dry in a trial which will be open to the public.  Then the sordid details of theft will unfold and the father and is two sons will be theoretically disrobed and exposed; the sordid details of deception will come into the light and label them  as something none of us would want to be at any price……..but what was that final straw, that last deception that tripped them up? What was that mistake that told them it was over and their lives were about to change forever, and that of their extended families as well.  This was a “system” of deception that had gone on for years…and years, that drained the life’s blood from a once vibrant enterprise and brought it to its demise.  What was it like for them that night when they all knew it was over; what went through their minds knowing someone would come for them…..and someone did…..

Peter Children


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